Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 33 Recap - The housemates discuss the Cat and Lawson relationship

October 10, 2014

Cat told Lawson that she is hoping that he does not go home. Lawson was concerned that he is up against a strong group and felt as those you cannot go from not being nominated to at the top of the list without having done anything. Lawson and Cat believed that Sandra feels as though Cat nominated her. Cat said that she did not give Sandra a single point. Seeing as it is against the room, Lawson told Cat that he didn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile, Aisha told Travis that she feels frustrated with Lawson because every bad feeling that she has had in the house has come from Lawson. She said that she feels bad for having those feelings but she is sick of him. Aisha also said that she feels guilty and as though she owes Lawson the $20,000 because he makes her feel as though he did everything on his own to earn the money for them.

Lawson went to the diary room and told Big Brother that the sleep did him wonders and he feels much better today than he did yesterday. He believes that even though he has let a lot of people down his mom would still be proud of him. Lawson felt that it was best to move forward and learn from his mistakes. Given that Skye was repeatedly warned about wearing her microphone, Big Brother called Skye and Cat to the diary room. Skye was informed that she has been caught not wearing her microphone no fewer than 37 times since her arrival in the house. Big Brother told Cat to escort her to the dressing room and collect all of Skye’s makeup to bring it back to the diary room immediately. Big Brother would return the makeup once he feels that Skye has got the message that wearing your microphone is a fundamental rule. No one is allowed to lend Skye any makeup.

Big Brother told Cat that she is receiving one nomination point for having told Lawson that she did not nominate Sandra. Skye told Big Brother that she can see a divide within the house. She said that she would like to see Sandra be evicted, because Sandra says that she wants to make an effort to be a part of the girl group but then she hangs out with the guys. Travis and Aisha were discussing their relationship with the others. Travis felt that the only thing that could split a relationship up is a girl. The topic quickly turned to cheating. Sandra said that cheating is the worst thing for her and if someone cheated she would be done. Travis felt that if someone cheats they have a flaw in their personality. Cat spoke up and said that she doesn’t even think that cheating is the worst thing that a guy can do in a relationship. After Cat left the room, the others began to talk about the Cat and Lawson relationship. Sandra said that it makes her sad because Lawson has a girlfriend. Aisha felt that both were at fault, while Priya placed more of the blame on Lawson. Skye agreed. Travis thought that Cat was setting herself up for a broken heart. Aisha figured that Cat, being the 31 year old divorcee, should know better. The houseguests figured that Cat and Lawson would be best off to wait until they are on the outside to decide what they want.

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