Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 36 Recap - An intruder enters and Skye is the new HoH

October 13, 2014

Jason awoke to find the intruder asleep in the fishbowl. He ran to his fellow housemates and told them that they need to find the prince and have someone give her a kiss to see if she wakes up since she is the sleeping beauty. Leo kissed her and she woke up, introducing herself as Marina. She informed the housemates that she is Russian but she has lived in Kazahstan, then New Zealand and Australia. Sandra told Big Brother that she has massive respect for anyone that comes in as an intruder. She felt that Marina was tough and could handle it. Jason thought that it was a much needed injection into the house. Leo asked if she is there to win the money or for the experience. Marina said that she wants to bring out a side of them that she has not seen. Skye felt that Marina was a very confident and sweet girl, adding that she loves her. Leo told Big Brother that he is really excited about Marina being there because he is no longer the new guy. He hoped that it would be the next step towards making him part of the group.

Big Brother announced that Cat’s reign as Head of House was over. Cat then informed the housemates that Australia has voted Skye as the new HoH. Jason and Aisha agreed that they cannot stand that Cat continues to give head massages and act this way towards Lawson. Aisha felt that Cat’s actions are saying enough for her to know to back off from liking Cat. Big Brother told the housemates that to celebrate the new HoH and new housemate Marina, they are all invited to a picnic under the stars. While the girls were getting ready, Marina questioned what is going on with Cat and Lawson. Cat said that she has huge feelings for Lawson and wants to kiss him all the time but cannot because he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sam asked the guys which girl they think is the most strategic. Jason said that it is Cat. Based on Jason’s explanation, Lawson thought Jason would be the most strategic male. David felt that Priya was the most strategic. Travis and Sam felt that Skye is smarter than she acts. Ryan disagreed, saying that it would be so tough to put on an act for six weeks.

Skye brought Priya and Jason with her to the treehouse to talk strategy. Skye and Priya agreed that Ryan is the person that is flying under the radar. Priya felt that Ryan had been very opinionated of late and that his alliance with Sandra and Sam would start to hurt his game as it is keeping him away from the rest of the house. Skye felt that Cat was playing both sides without knowing it. Jason felt that she wanted to be on both sides. Priya agreed and said that it’s going to burn her. Ryan and Travis made heat of the moment comments about each other’s family, leading to tension between the two. Ryan told Travis that he is lucky that they are not on the outside. Travis later approached Ryan to talk but Ryan said that he will not right now. Ryan told the other guys that he is done with Travis and is not afraid to tell him what he thinks since he would not have a genuine friendship with Travis on the outside. Meanwhile, Travis told Aisha that Ryan commented first and he feels as though Ryan baited him into saying something since he would not have said it first. Travis then told Big Brother that boys will be boys. He said that if someone baits him he will come back even harder.

Aisha told Ryan that Travis knows what he did was wrong but it is up to the two of them to fix things, as it is not anyone else’s battle. Lawson cut in and told Aisha that it is not her fight either. Aisha that went off on Lawson, telling him not to come at her when she is trying to have a civil conversation with Ryan. Ryan told everyone that they need to relax. Aisha walked off and called Lawson a weak human. Big Brother then broke the tension by saying “Sooo…who’s up for limbo?”. Lawson told Big Brother that Aisha is a really lovely girl but he doesn’t know where this person came from. He felt that possibly it was Travis. Aisha told Big Brother that she lost her cool, though Lawson was intentionally trying to get a rile out of her and she let him have it. David and Sandra were in the hot tub. David and Sandra were about to make out but David felt that Sandra backed off so he refused. Leo then joined them and made out with Sandra.

Travis again asked Ryan if they can talk. Ryan said that the should leave it until the morning. He said that he will not hold a grudge. Travis admitted that what he said was out of line but he was baited and went too far with it. Travis said that he is the lesser person and felt that Ryan was making fun of him so he said something that he knew would get to Ryan. Ryan said that they are really different people and would likely not be mates on the outside. He did tell Travis that they can probably get passed this and will look back on it and laugh about it someday. Ryan then told Big Brother that Travis is likely feeling left out, because he has isolated himself due to hanging out with Aisha and because people can only handle so much of Travis. Skye then had her chance to take someone to the sanctuary. Skye chose to bring Aisha. Leo said that he is relieved that Skye did not pick him, because he did not want to have to deal with the backlash and have to explain himself. Aisha told Skye that she wishes that she did not let Lawson get to her. Skye assured Aisha that it is okay, saying that he is a professional illusionist.

The housemates learned that their new task is to make them all broadcasters on BB World Service radio. They were told that to pass the task they will need to be engaging, adhere to the broadcasting standards and to have no dead air. Travis, Ryan and Leo were the first to take part in the task with their segment called “You’ve Got Male”. Sandra was next up with her segment called “50 Shades of Sandra”. Once they returned from the sanctuary, Skye and Aisha learned of the kiss between Leo and Sandra. Leo pulled Aisha aside to talk to her about what is happening between he and Skye, as he did not know how Skye feels. Aisha told Leo that he could see it in Skye’s eyes that she likes him. Travis asked Skye how she feels about Sandra having kissed Leo. Skye pointed out that she hasn’t even kissed Leo and that it turned her off of him a bit that he kissed Sandra. Leo continued his talk with Aisha, saying that whatever happens between he and Skye needs to happen organically. Travis encouraged Skye to hook up with Leo if she wants to, saying that it’s only a kiss. At night, while Skye and Leo were in bed, Leo asked Skye if she really cares that he kissed Sandra. She said no. Leo said that it should not be a big deal. Skye questioned what if it eventually turned into something more. Leo said that it would never happen.

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