Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 37 Recap - Travis is fake evicted; Sam is evicted

October 14, 2014

Ben spoke to Sonia on stage, telling everyone that he is going to have a secret mission. Ben explained that the evicted housemate that leaves in the fake eviction will get to hang out with him in the sanctuary. Big Brother then showed a conversation between Aisha and Lawson. They discussed their differences from a couple of night’s before. Lawson told Aisha that she handles things terribly and had apologized to everyone but him. Aisha told Lawson that it’s because she has an issue with him. She told Lawson that she feels so strongly about what is going on between Cat and Lawson and does not feel that what he is doing is right. She suggested that there are feelings that are going both ways between the two of them and she feels sorry for Lawson’s girlfriend. Lawson told Aisha that he understands that but added that she does not know his situation on the outside. Aisha agreed and said that all that she knows is that there is a girl on the outside that doesn’t have a say in things and there is a girl in the house that has genuine feelings for him. Aisha felt that Lawson was developing feelings but was having an internal battle over deciding what to do. Ultimately, Lawson said that he does not know where they should go from here.

Sonia informed the audience that the housemate that received the most votes to save will be evicted first, as that will be the fake eviction. Sonia crossed live to the house and informed the housemates that tonight will be a double eviction. Sonia then got straight into it, telling the housemates that the two nominees with the least votes to save will be evicted. She announced that it was time to go for Travis. Aisha broke down crying when she heard the news. Travis was escorted to the sanctuary. Sonia informed Travis that he was not evicted and that it was simply a fake eviction. Travis asked why him. Sonia told him that it was because he had the most votes to save. Travis was told that he will be in the sanctuary for some time and will find out more shortly. They then flashed back to Sandra getting an offer from Big Brother in the diary room. She was allowed to take one of two items that were placed in front of her, those being Skye’s makeup bag and a bag of coffee. Sandra said that Skye got herself into this situation. She proceeded to take the coffee. Sandra then had to tell Skye what she had done. Skye said that she does not care and has survived this long without the makeup.

Big Brother spoke to Travis about his fake eviction. He told Travis that this week the housemates will nominate as normal and have no idea that he is still in the game, so that means that for the first time he will not be nominated next week. Travis was happy to hear that. Big Brother then told Travis that he will have a special privilege that will strengthen his chances of winning the game. It was explained that Travis will spend several days in the sanctuary and will have time to reflect on what it is about his personality that keeps getting him nominated. Travis then found out that Ben will be joining him, when Ben walked in the door. Big Brother told the two that Ben’s job is to make sure that Travis returns to the game as a transformed guy. It was then time for the real eviction to take place. The housemates found out that Sam had been evicted. Sonia revealed the voting percentages to Sam. He received only 7% of the votes to save. The rest of the percentages were as follows: Sandra 9%, Lawson 13%, Priya 16%, Jason 18% and Travis 37%. Sonia filled Sam in on the fake eviction that took place.

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