Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 38 Recap - Skye wins $5,000; Nominations are made

October 15, 2014

Skye told Big Brother that it was time for her to receive a power play. She was told that the treasure chest in front of her contains 50 coins and 45 of them are filled with chocolate but 5 of them are filled with gold and are worth $1,000 each. Skye was told that she will have 60 seconds to find as many gold coins as she can, however Big Brother has put together a 60 second clip that shows all of her nominations. If she chooses to search for the gold, Big Brother will play the clip of her nominations to all of the other housemates. Skye was told that if it took her 20 seconds to find the 5 gold coins then Big Brother would play 20 seconds of her nominations to the housemates. If she fails to find all 5 gold coins, Big Brother will play the entire clip. Big Brother said that he does not want Skye’s answer now and will call her back to the power room later.

Ben was talking to Travis and asked him why he thinks that he is nominated every single week. Travis said that he has dropped in nomination points every single week. He wondered if it was because of the dishes or not being able to cook. Ben explained that he had to rely on kindness to be fed, as he could not cook at all either. Big Brother then flashed back to the aftermath of last night’s evictions. Aisha told the girls that it sucks because Travis was a good person. Sandra broke down crying after Sam was evicted. Big Brother played Travis’ parting message to the housemates. Travis told Aisha that she surprises him every day and makes him happier the more time he spends with her. Travis told Aisha that he can’t see himself being happy without her in his life. Travis told the rest of the housemates to not buy into Big Brother’s ploys to tear them apart, also wishing them the best of luck moving forward. It was then time for Sam’s parting message. Sam told Sandra that he never thought that he would make a connection like the one that he made with her. Sam then said that Marina is causing the most disharmony in the house and is a poor liar. Sam advised the others to watch out for her.

Aisha went to the diary room to tell Big Brother that she lost that person that will be there for you 110% whether you are right or wrong. She also felt that she had lost that person that will give her compliments every single day and make her feel special. Sandra told Big Brother that she can’t even imagine waking up tomorrow without Sam. She said that even if she were to win the game Sam would still be the best thing to come out of this. Marina told Big Brother that she feels as though she did not get a chance to know Sam and that his goodbye message was harsh. She felt as though Sam was always confrontational with her and would put her on the spot. Sonia crossed live to speak to Ben and Travis. Ben said that he is trying his best to transform Travis, working on his posture and vocabulary. Sonia asked Travis what he has learned from Ben. Travis said how to be kind and sweet like a gentleman.

It was then time to nominate. Even though Travis was fake evicted, he was still able to nominate. Cat also started off with one penalty point due to talking about nominations. Nominations went as follows:


Sandra - 3 points - Travis does not like the way that Sandra is handling things with Marina.
Jason - 2 points - Travis said that it was a strategical move to try to get a strong character nominated.


Priya - 3 points - Leo said that Priya does not contribute to the conversations much.
Sandra - 2 points - Leo felt that Sandra was isolating people that she likes from the rest of the house.


Ryan - 3 points - Cat pointed out that Ryan is the only person that hasn’t experience what it’s like to be nominated.
Leo - 2 points - Cat noted that Leo came in as an intruder and everybody loves him so he is at a strategic advantage.


Aisha - 3 points - Lawson felt that Aisha did not handle herself well during their falling out.
Priya - 2 points - Lawson believes that they are not getting along very well.


Cat - 4 points - Aisha felt that Cat was trying to throw her under the bus to Sam.
Ryan - 1 point - Aisha believes that Ryan is ungrateful with regards to never having been nominated.


Priya - 3 points - Ryan thought that Priya was being too controlling over him in the kitchen.
Skye - 2 points - Ryan pointed out that Skye said that she wanted to be treated like an adult and then acted in a poor manner.


Priya - 3 points - Sandra did not like that Priya put potatoes in the food instead of vegetables like she had asked Priya to.
Aisha - 2 points - Sandra was not a fan of Aisha calling Leo out while using personal attacks.


Jason - 4 points - David felt that if he gave Jason 4 points he would leapfrog ahead of him on the nomination board.
Leo - 1 point - David again said that this was done to get Leo ahead of him on the nomination board. David also found Leo’s accent to be annoying.


Ryan - 3 points - Priya explained that Ryan attracts himself to the people that he finds to be the strongest in the game.
Sandra - 2 points - Priya said that Sandra made a racist remark towards Marina.


Sandra - 3 points - Jason said that Sandra told the girls that he is fake and is playing things up for the cameras.
David - 2 points - Jason said that he is struggling to make any type of connection with David.


Skye’s nomination super power was that she will have 12 nomination points. She was offered the chance to reveal the names on the tally board at the cost of 1 point per name. Skye asked to see herself. Skye then asked to reveal Ryan. Skye then asked to see David and was happy to see that he is not nominated. Next up, Skye asked to see Sandra. Skye asked to see Leo and then Aisha. She was upset to see that Aisha is nominated.

Skye then decided to nominate.

David - 2 points - Skye wanted to bump Aisha down so that she would not be nominated.
David - 2 points - Skye said that she loves David but he is annoying.

Skye then asked to see Priya and Jason, using her final two nomination points.

The final nomination tally board was as follows:

Priya - 11 points - NOMINATED
Sandra - 10 points - NOMINATED
Ryan - 7 points - NOMINATED
David - 6 points - NOMINATED
Jason - 6 points - NOMINATED
Aisha - 5 points
Cat - 5 points
Leo - 3 points
Skye - 2 points

It was then time for Skye’s power play. Skye accepted it and was given 60 seconds to find the gold coins. Skye found all 5 gold coins in a time of 54 seconds. Big Brother congratulated her on winning $5,000. Skye told Big Brother that he will now play 54 seconds of her nominations to the entire house. Skye was told to head to the lounge to enjoy the show with the rest of her housemates. Big Brother informed the housemates that Skye is $5,000 richer, however win came at a cost. Big Brother then began playing her nominations for all to see. Big Brother then revealed that the housemates up for eviction this week are Priya, Sandra, Ryan, David and Jason.

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