Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 39 Recap - Drama after nominations

October 16, 2014

After watching Skye’s nominations, Ryan told Sandra and David that the real Skye was talking there and said that she is playing the game. Ryan told them that he had previously been biting his tongue with Skye but he will not be doing it any longer. He believes that Skye is a lot smarter than he had originally thought. David agreed that Skye is not a dumb blonde, saying that she knows exactly what she is doing in this game. Lawson felt that what would be detrimental to Skye is that she spoke perfectly while nominating, as opposed to being unable to hold a conversation with them. Skye spoke to Jason and Priya to let them know that she has their backs, along with Aisha and Cat.

Sandra told Big Brother that it pisses her off that Skye got $5,000 and is probably going to spend it on nail polish. Sandra was also upset that Skye got chocolate and got her makeup back. She questioned if Australia wants her to act like an idiot. At dinner, David pointed out that they all know that Skye is a game player. He said that it should no longer be “Strategy David” because it should be “Strategy Skye”. Skye was upset at the comment, but Cat and Jason assured her that David would have said that about whomever it was that had their nominations shown. Ryan then told Skye that he doesn’t understand what it is that she doesn’t like about him. Skye said that he feels as though everything that she says is an attack. Ryan disagreed and then said the same for Skye. Ryan told her that he feels as though every time they talk he thinks that he has to justify himself. Skye told Ryan not to talk to her then. Ryan said that’s fine if that’s what Skye wants.

The two kept going at it, with Skye telling Ryan that he is so condescending. Skye told Sandra that she is throwing a tantrum too, as there are others up for eviction and no one else has reacted as badly as her. She felt that it would be looked at differently if it were her that acted the way that Sandra is. Sandra said that she doesn’t really give a shit how others feel. Ryan told Skye that it’s disrespectful to say that it looks that way to other people, bringing them into it. Ryan, Sandra and David then walked off. Skye pointed out that they are laughing about it right now and that’s what she is talking about with them. Priya said that it’s immature. Ryan told Sandra and David that Skye is a disrespectful girl. Ryan thought that there was now a divide in the house. He pointed out that Jason is playing it all diplomatically and did not say a word during it all. Sandra said that she will not even talk to Skye, while Ryan said that he will not let her walk all over him.

Priya told Skye that she thinks that Leo’s entire relationship with her is fake and that he is doing it because he will get something out of it. Aisha told Skye that Leo is doing what he needs to do and is flying under the radar. Priya advised her to not get emotionally involved. Skye spoke to Ryan again, telling him that she feels as though he is not giving her a chance. Skye felt as though people assume that she is dumb and wont even talk to her, not even giving her a chance to prove herself. Cat pulled Lawson aside for a chat. She told him that it’s obvious how she feels but she feels as though she oversteps her boundaries. Cat revealed that she either wants to be all in or not at all, but knows that Lawson is in a position where he cannot be all in. Cat suggested that she has to be in the “nothing at all” mindset because of that. Lawson agreed that he cannot be all in. Lawson asked Cat what she would like. Cat said that she needs to find a way to only be a friend, but she doesn’t know how to do that. Lawson suggested that maybe they should not spend time together. Lawson told Big Brother that he has feelings for Cat but doesn’t know what they are. He admitted that there is still a person that he loves on the outside.

Skye told Leo that someone told her something and she has been thinking about it and it kind of makes sense. Skye pointed out that people have said that they think that he is trying to start a fake relationship with her to get him further in the game. Leo questioned if she is listening to them. Skye said that Leo knows that she is popular on the outside. Leo told her that this is not the Skye show and that hanging out with her is not a way to guarantee airtime or anything. Skye said that they should just forget that they had this conversation, because she cannot afford to lose friends. Leo said that he cannot forget because it’s huge. Skye revealed to Leo that it was Priya that had suggested that Leo was using her. Leo said that he knew that it was Priya. The radio task came to an end. The housemates passed the task. Big Brother congratulated the housemates for reaching the halfway point, rewarding them with the opportunity to write a letter to their loved ones.

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