Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 4 Recap - Tensions rise over the money that Katie and Priya took

September 11, 2014

Big Brother’s Diner opened in the morning and had coffee on the menu for $30 per coffee. Sandra had been craving coffee, as it was said that she drinks six cups per day. Skye told Priya that she would not to spend any of the money on food if she was in Priya’s position. Katie bought Sandra a coffee for $30 but clarified that she will not be doing so every single morning. Katie began telling some of the housemates that her spending budget for the food is $1,000. Katie let Priya know that she had purchased a cup of coffee for Sandra. Priya did ask the others if they wanted one, though nobody else did and Priya did not purchase anything. Big Brother then announced to the viewers that they are now able to vote for the next heads of house to determine who will put in power. While Priya was in the shower, her purse with the $10,000 was taken. Jake hid it. Priya assumed that it was Lawson and went to him to say that Big Brother is asking for it back. Lawson said that he does not know where it is.

Katie went to the diary room to tell Big Brother that he is not doing a good job of watching over the housemates. Katie asked Big Brother if he has some sort of security device that she could attach to her money purse. Katie said that she will be mad if she has to share her money with Priya because she lost hers. Katie told Big Brother that from the moment that the money was mentioned, Priya had her mind set on taking it and she is not willing to let any of it go. Lisa and Jake then went to find a better hiding spot for the money, putting it in the flowers in the kitchen. Lisa asked Priya how much the information that would lead to getting her money back would be worth to her. Priya said that she is not doing that but she was willing to spend $1,000 to $2,000 on food.

The other housemates joked that they should hold out for another day. Priya said that she is going to look for the money herself and is not willing to barter. Katie then pulled Priya aside to ask about their spending budget. She felt that they were not on the same page and needed to make a budget. Priya said that she was thinking $1,000 and then thought $100 per person, so somewhere from $1,600 to $2,000. Katie told Priya that she was thinking that they should go with a budget of $1,000 and make it be known. Katie told Priya that she felt as though she had manipulated and persuaded her to take the money, as there was no point in time in which Priya thought about not taking the money. Priya said that that was not the case.

Priya eventually found the $10,000 of hers that was hidden. Big Brother then spoke to Katie and Priya in the diary room and asked them if they had told their fellow housemates that the $20,000 came out of the prize money. Katie said that she had told some people, while Priya said that she had not. Big Brother said that they should gather everyone around and tell them that the prize money now sits at $230,000 due to the deduction of the $20,000 that they claimed. Priya and Katie then gathered all of the housemates and told them that the money will be deducted from the final prize money. The houseguests then sat around the dinner table and discussed their ideal meals. Sam said that his would be a rack of ribs, fries and coleslaw. Big Brother’s Diner then opened and had just that available, at a price of $100 per person. Katie told the housemates to remember that it is only night one. Travis asked if there would be opportunities to get extra money. Katie said no, and then Katie and Priya declined to purchase any of the ribs.

Lisa said that she would have bought four plates of food and let anyone who was hungry eat some of it. Cat wondered if they looked so selfish, as some people have no food but they are complaining after one day. Jake said that they got a very vital piece of information when they found out that the $20,000 came from the prize money, so he would be spending it whenever people wanted food. Sam questioned why Katie and Priya left that piece of information out from the beginning. Sam then brought it up in front of Katie and Priya. Katie said that it was an emotional situation and it genuinely slipped her mind. She pointed out that nobody has even thanked them for offering $100 for meals. When Sam learned that the other alternative was to not take any money and to have food for the week, he said that they should not be thanking them for pocketing money.

Meanwhile, in the other, Travis suggested that they call a team meeting and get the girls to understand that even if they spend $1,000 per day they still get to leave with $7,000 each. Cat was crying and said that people are acting like they are dying. Skye agreed and said that she is so with Cat on that. Travis pointed out that $6,400 would get each housemate four meals. He then went to Katie and Priya with the idea. Katie said that she is happy to take $7,000 home or $5,000 home but that is not the issue. She said that her budget is staying as is at this point because people should not be expecting anything from them because it is their money. Katie then told Travis that she is happy to up the budget to $2,400 to give everyone three meals, though she said that Priya will not be. Katie told Travis that she will make Priya do it since she made her take the money. Katie mentioned that she will not have a conversation with Sam after the way that he talked to her. Katie told Priya about the plan to spend $2,400 each. Priya said that they will have to talk about it, while Katie said that she just wants to get the decision over with. Priya told Katie that they should hold off until tomorrow morning. Travis told the others that Katie is on board but she felt attacked. Sam understood and then went to Katie and apologized for coming across as though he was attacking her. Katie said that it was fine.

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