Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 43 Recap - Cat and Lawson's relationship goes to another level

October 20, 2014

Cat told Jason that she was unsure about how today would go, now that she had a chat with Lawson and agreed to give each other space. Skye then asked Cat how she is going in terms of staying away from Lawson. Skye told Cat that she can tell that it is making her unhappy. Cat admitted that she is unhappy. Skye said that she does not like it. Big Brother told Travis that he is about to go back into the house. Big Brother then told Lawson that it is time for his greatest trick yet, making someone magically appear inside of the Big Brother house. It was then time to head outside with the rest of the housemates. They soon experienced the return of Travis. Travis told the housemates that he is back and that it was a fake eviction. Priya welcomed Travis back, telling him that it’s 6 on 6 now. Priya believes that the house is divided, with her, Travis, Aisha, Jason, Skye and Cat on the one side.

Big Brother announced that Skye’s reign as Head of House is over. Skye then informed the housemates that Australia has chosen Priya to be the new HoH. Priya told Big Brother that Sandra has a loyal alliance going on at the moment, as both David and Ryan are her puppy dogs. Priya felt that Lawson would not betray them either, so she felt the need to target and break up that alliance. The housemates learned of their next task. They will be creating a band and will need to perform their single live to Australia. The housemates need to audition for the band, with one male and one female becoming the lead singer afterwards. It was then time for auditions to begin. After auditions, the housemates votes for Skye and David as the female and male leads for the band. David told the others that they need a band manager and a band creative director. The housemates that filled those respective roles were Jason and Ryan.

The housemates enjoyed a party to welcome Travis back. The housemates played a game with each other, asking questions. David asked Lawson if he thinks that he has a relationship with his girlfriend outside of this game. Lawson said no. Priya asked if Lawson would choose his girlfriend or Cat. Lawson said that it would be Cat. Cat asked Lawson if he wanted to kiss her right now, which he said yes to. Priya then asked if Lawson is okay with being called a cheater, because that is what is going to be happening. Lawson told her that he has accepted that. Aisha asked if Lawson is proud of the way that he has handled himself. Lawson admitted that he has made mistakes but said that he is owning everything that he has done. Big Brother told Priya that she can take someone to the sanctuary. Priya said that she would love to be fair and take the one person that has not been there overnight, so she is taking Sandra. Lawson and Cat then had a talk. Lawson said that he likes Cat a lot, and more than he thought that he would. Cat admitted that she is falling in early stages of love for Lawson. Lawson then kissed Cat.

Cat told Lawson that they are in trouble together and that he does not have to face it alone. Lawson said that he hopes not and that as long as she faces it with him when they leave, he doesn’t care. Lawson told Cat that he has wanted to tell her that he loves her but it’s a weird thing to say. Cat then told Lawson that she loves him and feels that she is falling in love. Lawson assured Cat that he would never tell her that he loves her if it was not 100% real. A number of housemates walked in on Cat and Lawson while this was all going on. The next morning, Jason told Big Brother that he completely disagrees with what is happening between Cat and Lawson because he cannot condone cheating. Cat asked Lawson if she is now allowed to kiss him whenever she wants. Lawson said that he would like that. Lawson told Big Brother that he feels like a bad person and knows that what he is doing is wrong. Lawson admitted that he did not think that he would fall for Cat. Lawson explained that the mistake is cheating, though the feelings for Cat are not a mistake as he cannot help it. Lawson told Skye that his girlfriend deserves the chance to blast him and end it with him. Skye asked if he is cheating. Lawson said “essentially yes”.

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