Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 45 Recap- Travis and Aisha turn down $50K; Jason is evicted

October 22, 2014

The episode picked up after last night’s eviction. Big Brother asked Ryan about his thoughts on the decision that Aisha and Travis are faced with. Ryan felt that Travis’ heart is in the game and that Aisha also really wants to be there until the end. David also said that Travis is far too invested in the game to walk away from it, so he thought that Travis would talk Aisha in to staying. Aisha and Travis headed off to the sanctuary to think about the decision that they are faced with. Aisha told Travis that her initial thought is to stay, while Travis said that his is to leave. Travis said that he is already a winner if he leaves with $25,000 and Aisha. Jason told Priya that if Travis and Aisha stay there is a 1 in 3 chance that they go and he figures that David is very strong. Ryan told David that he would be baffled if Priya was not the one to go.

The housemates were preparing for a live performance. Lawson and Jason were battling it out for the role of understudy in the band. The others chose Lawson, which upset and confused Jason. Jason then went off to practice again. The others told Jason that he did really well that time but they still voted for Lawson. Ryan then told Jason that he is way better than Lawson but they were just telling him that he is not. The Caged Flamingos then performed live. Sonia said that the viewers can vote live to decide whether or not the housemates pass the task. Travis and Aisha continued discussing their upcoming decision. Travis said that if they passed up the money and were then nominated, he would find out who nominated them and they would be dead. Aisha felt the same, seeing as they would have left the prize money untouched. Skye and Priya discussed that they want to be in the top three. Priya said the two of them and Jason or Aisha.

Big Brother called Jason and Marina to the diary room. He then told Marina that her dog has passed away. Marina began crying and said that she knew it and told Sandra that she could feel it last night. Big Brother spoke to Ryan about the rumour going around that he is cursed. Ryan admitted that Katie, Lisa, Sam and Sandra all left when they were close to him. Aisha and Travis continued their discussion. Travis questioned if it’s worth staying and then being voted out in a couple of weeks and finishing 6th. Aisha said yes because you cannot put a price on how you feel. Sonia then crossed live to the house. Travis told Sonia that they felt that it would be a slap in the face of the Australian public if they left, so they considered that. Sonia then asked Aisha and Travis for their decision. Aisha revealed to Sonia that they have decided to stay. Sonia then announced that Jason has been evicted. Sonia revealed the vote to save results. Ryan had 38.3%, David 18.4%, Priya 17.6%, Jason 16.9% and Sandra 8.8%.

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