Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 46 Recap- Seven housemates are nominated for eviction

October 23, 2014

Things picked up after Jason’s eviction. Travis went to the diary room and told Big Brother that he is happy and proud of himself for turning down the $25,000. Travis explained that a lot of his decision was based on the fact that he is not a quitter. Travis pointed out that there are only 10 people left and they are going to start dropping like flies, so hopefully it is not him or Aisha. The housemates got to see Jason’s parting message. He told Priya that they connected from the very first day and have an unbreakable bond. Jason said that she is extremely trustworthy and he will miss her so much. Secondly, Jason told Aisha that they get along so well and she has a beautiful heart. As for those creating the most disharmony in the house, Jason pointed to Cat and Lawson. Jason noted that they are clearly now in a relationship and there are a number of people that are quite uncomfortable about it. Lawson was taken aback by the relationship comment, saying to “pump the brakes”. Jason pointed out that there is a girl on the outside who is hurting with a broken heart.

After hearing Jason’s parting message, Cat said that it hurts because Jason lied to her face and said that he doesn’t have a problem with her and Lawson. Lawson said the same. He told the group that if anyone feels that way about him and Cat he would be happy to talk about it with them. Aisha told Big Brother that the message from Jason clearly rattled Lawson. She was glad that it did that because she felt that that’s what it should do. On the other hand, Aisha said that she looked over at Cat and she was at peace during it. Aisha thought that Cat needed to give Lawson a break and not be in his face all of the time, as Lawson has broken someone’s heart and Cat doesn’t care and her morals have gone out the window. Lawson told Cat that everything that Jason said was correct and people are entitled to their opinions. He thought that what they are doing is wrong. Cat then went to the diary room. She told Big Brother that what Jason said is not something that she doesn’t expect to hear but it’s hard to be the cause of someone hurting. Cat said that it’s hard to fight those feelings every day, knowing that she is hurting someone. Meanwhile, Lawson told Leo and Skye that he knows what he is doing is wrong and that people think that he should stop doing it, though he goes back to Cat because she makes him feel better about things.

While in the sanctuary, Travis and Aisha discussed Travis flirting with Marina. Travis said that he will not listen to it anymore because he knows that he does not have a flirtatious relationship with Marina. Leo and David discussed that they don’t know how well the Aisha and Travis relationship will hold up outside of the house. David and Skye were called to the diary room. The other housemates were in the recording studio looking in. Big Brother told the two that they were selected for an online web chat. Big Brother told the other housemates that the questions will come from them and that they can ask them anything that they like. The housemates messed with David, as Lawson and Sam had done previously, making him feel as though the girls were all over him. Lawson went to the diary room and told Big Brother that poor David has no clue and doesn’t know that anything is up. Big Brother told the housemates that there are only 10 of them remaining and that the 5 housemates with the most nomination points tonight will face eviction.

Nominations went as follows:


David - 3 points - Skye said that David is obviously a big player in the game and is rude at times.
Ryan - 2 points - Skye nominated Ryan for being the most saved housemate last week, saying that he is a threat to her in this game.


Priya - 3 points - Leo felt that Priya was not being herself and was trying to forge a relationship with Aisha, Skye and Travis to get further in the game.
Marina - 2 points - Leo believed that Marina is only getting close to people that she felt would benefit her in the game.


Travis - 3 points - Ryan said that Travis is constantly hooking up with Aisha in front of everyone.
Aisha - 2 points - Ryan said that it takes two to tango and she is on the other end of it.


Travis - 3 points - Cat said that Travis returning to the house created some disharmony.
Priya - 2 points - Cat felt that she could not 100% trust Priya after hearing Jason’s parting message to her.


Skye - 4 points - Lawson said that “Skye is getting too big for her boots”.
Priya - 1 point - Lawson said that they are not seeing eye to eye and Priya has a go at him just to get back at him.


Priya - 3 points - David said that he has never seen anyone in this game with the power get nominated, so he will stick to it.
Marina - 2 points - David called Marina “Priya’s right hand lady”.


Leo - 3 points - Marina said that Leo is quite pick with who he wants to have conversations with.
Lawson - 2 points - Marina called Lawson very up and down and said that he is playing the game very well.


Cat - 3 points - Aisha noted that Cat has selfish morals and doesn’t let Lawson grieve, as she is always there.
Leo - 2 points - Aisha felt that Leo wants this to be the Leo show.


Leo - 3 points - Travis said that Leo lied to his face about saying that he did not tell Skye he has a flirtatious relationship with Marina.
Cat - 2 points - Travis does not agree with what Lawson and Cat are doing. He felt that Cat is the one initiating the contact with Lawson.


Priya had 12 points and was able to use the points to nominate or to reveal names on the tally board at a cost of one point per name. Priya asked to reveal her own name. She also asked to see Travis’ name.

Travis - 1 point
David - 1 point
Skye - 1 point
Skye - 1 point
David - 1 point
Lawson - 1 point
Leo - 1 point
Aisha - 1 point
Marina - 1 point

The final nomination results are as follows:

Leo - 9 points - NOMINATED
Priya - 9 points - NOMINATED
Travis - 7 points - NOMINATED
Skye - 6 points - NOMINATED
Cat - 5 points - NOMINATED
Marina - 5 points - NOMINATED
David - 5 points - NOMINATED
Aisha - 3 points
Lawson - 3 points
Ryan - 2 points

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