Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 50 Recap- Four neighbours move in

October 27, 2014

It was announced that Ryan is the new Head of House for the week. Meanwhile, “the four from next door” moved in to the sanctuary. The new housemates are Tom, Penny, Richard and Lina. The new housemates were enjoying the pool and the original housemates overheard them. The housemates wondered if it was Leo and Skye that were in the sanctuary, though they quickly dismissed that thought. Skye was then informed of the news. She asked if the others had tried to communicate with them. The houseguests then began communicating with each other across the wall. The new housemates told them that they are the new neighbours. Lawson went to the diary room and Big Brother informed him that there are people in the sanctuary. Big Brother said that new neighbours had just moved in and he could invite them over on Lawson’s behalf. Lawson said that he would like that. Big Brother then informed the new neighbours that the housemates have invited them over and would like to meet them. Lawson told his fellow housemates that they will be hosting the neighbours for dinner. David said that the place has become mundane and that he is looking forward to this.

Big Brother informed the neighbours that it was time for them to enter the Big Brother house. The housemates heard them on the way over and welcomed them. Big Brother said that the housemates have no idea why they received the new neighbours and that they wont be finding out any time soon. Lawson told Penny that he had a girlfriend on the outside but she broke up with him a week before he came into the house, though they got back together. He then explained that he has fallen for and gotten feelings for Cat since being in the house. He added that they are the disharmony in the house at the moment. The neighbours went to the diary room and spoke to Big Brother. Lina said that the housemates are very inquisitive. Tom noted that David is a hawk and is watching and analyzing everything. Richard felt that Priya was the same way, while the girls mentioned that Priya and Leo act that way too.

Priya asked Richard what their purpose of coming on the show was. Richard said that he is there to win. Lawson asked him who he would say that he wont get along with based on first impressions. Richard said Leo because he has yet to speak with him. Lawson asked Lina what she wants out of the experience. She said that she wants a job because she had to quit her job to come in to the house. Lina went to the diary room and told Big Brother that it has been interesting thus far and that it’s hard to gauge whether or not the housemates see them as a threat. Big Brother asked Lina if she sees herself becoming a full fledged housemate, to which Lina said that she would like to think so. Big Brother then spoke to Richard and asked if there is anyone that he has gravitated towards. Richard threw out the names of Travis, Priya, Marina and Cat. David asked Tom if he is walking in with a game plan. Tom said that he understands how hard it is to win as an intruder, so he would like to have fun and be himself while enjoying the experience.

Big Brother told the housemates that it’s time to bid farewell to the four from next door. The housemates have no idea as to whether or not they will see them again. Lina told Tom that she can’t wait to get to know David. Tom said that he had a chat with David and felt that he is a genuine guy and is definitely playing the game. Richard felt that nobody was unfriendly but said that he initially had a weird vibe from Lawson before he had a good chat with him. David told Big Brother that he would like if he could trade four of the housemates for the four neighbours, while Priya told Big Brother that she is not looking forward to seeing the neighbours again since they are just more people that she would have to beat. Skye told Big Brother that Penny is a lot like herself and that’s why she found her so hilarious. Skye told Big Brother that Penny is a bit spaced out like her. Leo felt that Penny would be a stronger player than Lina, while both Priya and David felt the opposite way. Skye said that she would like to keep Lina. Priya told the others that her decision as to who to keep would not be based on personality, but rather based on how strong they would be.

The housemates learned of their new weekly task. Ryan said that the there is only one rule; “if you snooze, you lose”. Only four housemates can be asleep at any one time. If a fifth housemate falls asleep for even 10 seconds the housemates will lose a life. They have a predetermined number of lives that will be revealed when the task concludes. The housemates are also now only allowed to sleep in the “snooze room”. The light will remain off in that room at all times. Big Brother instructed Travis and Marina to go to “the comfort zone”. Once inside, Big Brother told them that it’s the most comfortable room that Big Brother has ever built. Big Brother encouraged them to fall asleep, though they would lose a life if they fell asleep. Travis brought up that others think that they have a flirty relationship but he feels that he has put it to bed and that Aisha is 100% okay with it. Travis said that he would actually like to leave the room right now because of how others may perceive it. Big Brother asked what the problem is. Travis said that he is uncomfortable in a romantic room with Marina while Aisha is outside. Marina said that she doesn’t want Aisha thinking anything.

Aisha eventually got the chance to go in the comfort zone with Travis and Marina. Travis told Aisha how he felt that it was too romantic to be there with Marina. Aisha said that she wouldn’t have felt that way if she were there with another guy. Aisha said that it’s not bad at all and there are going to be times when Travis and Marina have to be together alone. The other housemates did not feel that Travis handled the situation particularly well. David told Big Brother that it’s the stupidest thing ever that Travis has to have his girlfriend there in order to feel comfortable about completing a task given by Big Brother. Meanwhile, Skye and Leo discussed their relationship. Leo felt that they were the only two that have a realistic shot at being together outside of the house. Skye disagreed and said that Travis loves Aisha. Leo felt that Travis did not truly love Aisha. It was time for some of the housemates to head to bed. Cat and Lawson got under the covers in the normal bedroom, which caused Big Brother to remind them that if they snooze they lose. The others quickly rushed to the bedroom and told them to get out of bed.

Hours after her interaction with Travis, Marina began to cry about how her boyfriend may be perceiving things do to the way that Travis handled things. Priya encouraged her to speak to Travis. Marina said that she will but will do so in front of everyone. Big Brother invited Aisha to the diary room, giving her a blanket, pillow, hot chocolate and cookies. After a while, Aisha said that she is beginning to feel sleepy. Big Brother said that he is just trying to give her a comfortable diary room environment. There was also a harp in the diary room. Big Brother suggested that she sit back, relax and listen while getting away from the rigours of the task. Big Brother also brought Skye, Travis and Priya to the diary room, looking to bait them into falling asleep. Priya fell asleep in the diary room chair.

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