Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 51 Recap- Marina is evicted; Ryan swaps the neighbours with four original housemates

October 28, 2014

Big Brother called Ryan to the power room in order to receive a power play. Big Brother said that if used wisely this power play will give Ryan an enormous advantage in the game. It was then explained that the neighbours will be moving in and four housemates will be moving out. Who moves out is up to Ryan, as his he will select which four housemates must give up their spot in the house indefinitely. Those four will leave the house following the eviction and will become the neighbours, living in the sanctuary. Ryan has to choose two males and two females. Ryan asked if he would be able to put himself in the sanctuary, but Big Brother told him no and that that would be a silly thing to do.

The neighbours visited for breakfast. Priya told Big Brother that she doesn’t think that it’s a time to make friends when they are so close to the finish line. Priya reiterated that she would rather keep people that she can beat over those that she would get along with. Skye felt that it was hard to talk with the neighbours and that she cannot be bothered with them at this point in the game when she is so comfortable. Ryan and Lawson said that they understand where she is coming from. Skye said that Penny loses concentration so easily, while Lawson felt that Richard is a listener and not much of a talker. Priya pointed out that she doesn’t mind having neighbours but doesn’t like the ones that visit too often. Skye advised Aisha to speak with Lina, as Lina mentioned that Skye, Travis and Aisha are fun while the others are all thinkers.

Priya and Lawson were called to the comfort zone, a place where Big Brother tempts the housemates in order to see if they can stay awake. Lawson felt that Travis looked like an idiot for saying that the room was romantic. Meanwhile, the neighbours continued to chat and Lina revealed that Travis would be her type. She suggested that she would be willing to try to separate Travis and Aisha, though she was unsure of whether or not she could pull it off. The neighbours came back for dinner. Leo asked Lina if she has figured out that there will be two of them staying and two of them going. He suggested that it is a pretty common thing based on people’s judgments and based on the past seasons of Big Brother. Lina simply said “we’ll see”. Leo asked what she predicts, to which she said that all four of them will be thrown in to the house. At dinner, Lina went to work on Travis as she had said that she would.

Later on, Travis and Aisha revisited the topic of Travis’ relationship with Marina being flirtatious. Travis went to Leo to ask him if he told Skye that his relationship with Marina is flirtatious. Leo said that he didn’t perpetuate that theory and was not behind it, though Leo admitted to saying it. Skye was in the room and then told Priya and Marina that Travis is an attention seeker yet he says that he doesn’t like attention seekers. Skye said that the moral of the story is that Aisha only sees Travis and Travis only sees Aisha. Skye admitted that she is so annoyed because she would be loyal to both of them until the end but she does not know if they are on the same wavelength now. Skye believed that she and Leo were brought into this only because Travis wanted to deflect the drama on to someone else other than himself. Skye then told Big Brother that she realizes that Aisha and Travis are one player and she has to watch out for it.

It was then time for Sonia to reveal who received enough votes to be saved. Sonia said that Leo is safe. Along with Leo, she also revealed that David, Travis and Skye are safe. Sonia spoke to Cat’s twin sister to see how she felt about the Cat and Lawson relationship. Rebecca said that she is torn because Lawson brings comfort to Cat but at the same time it is creating a lot of controversy. Rebecca said that she can see that Cat is having internal battles about what to do with Lawson, especially because the feelings are on both ends. Rebecca believes that the feelings are genuine and said that she hopes that they could last on the outside. Sonia then crossed back live to the house in order to reveal that Priya received enough voted to be saved, meaning that either Cat or Marina will be evicted. She then revealed that Marina has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother then informed the housemates that this week there will be no nominations, as the neighbours are safe and the rest of the house is up for eviction. Big Brother then told the neighbours that they have been officially upgraded and now live in the Big Brother house. However, Big Brother said that Ryan will be selecting two male and female housemates to live in the sanctuary indefinitely. Ryan chose to send Priya, Travis, Cat and Leo to the sanctuary. Ryan said that he wanted to mix things up by splitting up the couples in order to give them a dynamic group again.

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