Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 52 Recap- The housemates react to the swap

October 29, 2014

Big Brother flashed back prior to Tuesday’s eviction. Big Brother asked the four next door if they would like an original housemate to join them for breakfast. They chose David. The neighbours asked if David sees Skye as a big threat. David said that Skye is a huge threat and that he would break up Travis and Aisha, likely voting out Travis. David also informed them that Priya likes to talk so you have to be careful with what you tell her. The neighbours then joined the housemates next door. Travis pointed out that Priya had lost them a life in their task by falling asleep over a cup of coffee. David felt that Priya had then went on the defensive, so he called her out on that. Priya took offence to it and said that she is just telling the truth. Priya later pulled David aside and said that she felt like shit because she had four guys chanting “defence” at her over what David had meant as a joke. Priya said that the new housemates will believe what he said because they don’t know any better. David apologized and cited cultural differences between them, explaining that not everything he says is a dig at her. Priya felt that David was belittling her and the fact that she did so in return was justified.

Priya and David then spoke to Travis, Tom and Richard about them chanting “defence” at Priya. Priya explained that she and David have known each other for a long time and banter, so it was disrespectful for the others to join in and chant at her when they don’t even know her. Tom said that he thought that they were joking around and he is sorry for offending her. Richard also apologized to Priya, saying that it was not his intention to make her feel that way at all. Richard told Big Brother that he did not see any problem with what went down. Priya then spoke to Big Brother and said that Richard’s reaction was quite interesting to her, as he was not fully convinced with what she had to say to him. Travis told Ryan that Priya brought the four guys together and lectured them as though she was in a classroom. Ryan and Travis agreed that there was no way that the guys were trying to disrespect a woman. Travis felt that Priya was putting on a facade for the new housemates.

Ryan was given a power play, being allowed to let two housemates go to the comfort zone for a one hour power nap that will not count towards the task. Ryan chose himself along with Cat. Big Brother informed them that their power naps can be redeemed right now and that the alarm will go off in exactly one hour. Skye then went to the diary room and began crying, saying that Travis told her that if she doesn’t stop being sleepy she is going to get booted out. It was then time for the eviction and the swapping of the four next door for four original housemates. Ryan chose to send Travis, Leo, Cat and Priya to the sanctuary. Ryan told Big Brother that the general consensus is that he made the right decision by splitting up the couples since it has been getting quite boring in the house, as noted by the new housemates. Big Brother asked Lawson how he is feeling about the swap. Lawson said that he feels good and as though he has been refreshed at this point because he was struggling to make conversation with the original housemates but is enjoying the new ones.

Big Brother asked Priya how she feels about being in the sanctuary. Priya said that she doesn’t particularly get along with any of them but it could be an opportunity for them to make an alliance or strengthen their bonds. Travis said that Ryan should be hoping that he is not given power in the next couple of weeks if he is still there, as he will be looking to get even. Meanwhile, back in the house the former four from next door told Ryan that what he did was brilliant. Ryan agreed and pointed out that hit had gotten very boring before the neighbours moved in.

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