Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 58 Recap- Aisha and Cat leave in the double eviction

November 4, 2014

Things picked up after Lawson’s eviction. Cat told Big Brother that the hardest part is that Lawson is the person that she normally turns to whens he cries but now she doesn’t know who to turn to and doesn’t want to cry anymore. David and Priya discussed the neighbours, feeling that Richard is a genius based on his educational background and that Tom is a really genuine guy. It was then time for Lawson’s parting message. He said that he came into this game with Aisha and even though they have had their ups and downs she has been there to listen and care about him. He then spoke about Cat, saying that he never expected to feel the way that he feels about her. Lawson felt that the biggest issue in the house is the four new housemates since they have nothing else to talk about but them, clarifying that it is not met in a negative light. Lawson predicted that Ryan is on track to win Big Brother, seeing as Ryan stays cool and out of the drama, neglecting to gossip.

Ryan told Big Brother that the thought of the new housemates having a free ride late into the game is the biggest issue in the house, though he admitted that he is loving their company. The housemates got their new task, which is the “How To” challenge. Housemates will have to be an expert at things that they have no idea about. First up is Penny, who will have to teach the others about pottery. Penny cannot stop her demonstration until Big Brother decides that she has either passed or failed. The majority of the housemates will have to pass their individual tasks in order for them to pass this week’s task. Penny failed her challenge. Lina then had her challenge, which is “how to apply a full face of makeup wearing boxing gloves”. Lina passed her challenge. Richard and Ryan were called to the diary room to test their dating skills in the “How To” task. In order to pass, Richard and Ryan must answer “Little Sister’s” questions until she is satisfied. Richard and Ryan successfully passed their challenge.

Big Brother then flashed back to when the four next door reentered the house. Skye told Leo that she voted for Priya to come over because she liked Priya’s plea. Leo said that it’s crap that she would not vote for him to come over for a visit. Skye said that she really missed Leo but obviously wasn’t struggling as much, though she admitted to feeling bad about it. Leo said that he is not upset at Skye at all but said that he should have known better so he is upset at himself. Skye pleaded with Leo to tell her how he is feeling, though Leo would not since he said that she would not understand. Leo later told Skye that it makes him look like a dumbass now that she did not vote for him to come over when he is over there talking about her. Skye told Leo that he is a human being and is not some God that cannot be struck down my lightning. She suggested that maybe he can take this as a lesson and getting taken down a notch, seeing as Leo said that he does not get burned like this.

Sonia crossed live to the house and told the housemates that it is time for an eviction. She clarified that they are evicting in no particular order. It was then that Sonia announced that it is time for Aisha to go. Following Aisha’s eviction interview with Sonia, it was time for the second half of the double eviction. Sonia revealed that the second housemate that has been evicted is Cat. During Cat’s eviction interview, Lawson joined her on stage. Lawson explained to cat that he has been doing media for about 15 hours since his eviction and that it is not going to be an easy ride for the two of them. He said that he did not want to have her go through it alone. Sonia asked about what had gone on with Lawson’s girlfriend. Lawson revealed that she did not want to speak with him as of yet.

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