Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 59 Recap- Fallout from the double eviction

November 5, 2014

Things picked up after Aisha and Cat’s evictions. Skye pointed out that her best friend is gone. Travis told Tom not to worry about coming in late and having stayed longer than Aisha, as if an original housemate is meant to win they will win regardless of who comes in. Travis told Big Brother that he will now be thinking for himself since he doesn’t have to worry about how Aisha is thinking or feeling. The housemates listened to Aisha’s parting message. Aisha told Priya that she is a strong woman and she feels so lucky to have had her in the house with her. Aisha then thanked Travis for making her Big Brother experience one that she will never want to change. She said that she is more proud of being seen as a couple with him than of anything in the experience. She told Ryan and David not to feel that they have to stir the pot all the time, as issues will come up on their own. Aisha said that she believes that Skye will win the game and said that as much as she wants Travis to win, she wants a girl to win.

Cat’s parting message was played next. Cat said that she appreciates the friendships that she developed with Leo and Priya. Cat figured that David was on track to win the game, saying that he came in as an underdog and made some changes that could leave him very popular on the outside. David went to the diary room and told Big Brother that Cat is speculating like they all do, but he obviously wants to win the game. Skye told Big Brother that no one would have put David in the spot that he is in now when they first came into the house. Skye said that if she had things her way then David would have been gone a long time ago and Aisha would still be there.

Lina told Richard that she feels as though Ryan is the alpha male and that everyone in the house does everything that they can in order to impress him. Lina felt that if Ryan said “jump” the guys would say “how high?”. She felt that Ryan has a presence about him because he is not doing anything on purpose to act in that way. Richard said that he can’t figure David out. Lina thought that David goes along with Ryan and they have each other’s backs 100% but David can think independently as well. Cat told Skye that Leo may look dumb if she is in the house talking about Ryan while Leo is in the sanctuary talking about how much he misses Skye. Priya agreed and told Skye that Leo definitely missed her. Skye said that she is not leading Leo on, as she does have feelings for him. Aisha pointed out that the feelings may not be as strong as even Skye thought, given that she is having feelings for Ryan. Cat agreed and likened it to Skye having feelings for Jake early on after he had left the house.

Afterwards, Priya and Skye spoke alone. Skye said that Cat made her feel so bad, even though she is the one that just hooked up with a guy that has a girlfriend on the outside. Skye felt that it was hypocritical of Cat to be judging her after what she has been doing with Lawson. Skye didn’t understand how Cat could say that she is making Leo feel like a fool after she has done exactly that to Lawson’s girlfriend. Skye told Priya that she is now done with Cat and that their relationship cannot be mended so hopefully Cat will be evicted. Skye then went to the other girls and asked them to never tell Leo about what she had said about Ryan while Leo was in the sanctuary. Meanwhile, Priya asked Leo if he would be upset if Skye started hooking up with someone else in the house. Leo said that he thinks that he would be if Skye started hooking up with Ryan.

For Lina’s “How To” challenge, she was sent to chat up “a Canadian” and charm him. Big Brother said that no one can know that she is taking part in the task but she can flirt or do whatever she wants with Leo. Lina went to Leo and began asking if he sees any differences in the flirting style between the Australians and the Canadians. Lina continued to ask question after question. Big Brother eventually called Lina and Leo to the diary room. Lina successfully passed her task. Leo said that he knew that she was on a challenge and pointed out that it was the most awkward time of his life. Priya and David were later called to the diary room as part of the task. Big Brother said that a sufficient quantity of real tears streaming down Priya’s face are what is needed to pass the challenge. Big Brother said that David is there to help make Priya cry. David talked about how much Priya must miss her husband. Priya eventually began tearing up and they passed the challenge.

Skye, Travis and Lina discussed who is running the house. Travis felt that David and Ryan were in control. Lina pointed out that Tom is involved now too. Skye thought that the three guys are together, but questioned why people think so highly of David. Lina didn’t appreciate how the guys sat around and made crude remarks to girls. Travis said that he has not listened to Ryan from the beginning, so Ryan will not be able to make him do anything now. Travis jokingly asked if the girls want him to take back over the house. Skye said that Travis and Ryan are competing against each other, both wanting to be the alpha male. Lina agreed with Skye. Travis said that he has only been back for a day, so he has not seen that group of guys together but even if it’s the three of those guys it leaves the three of them, Leo, Priya, Penny and Richard to take them on.

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