Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 60 Recap- Three neighbours and three others are up for eviction

November 6, 2014

Skye told Priya that Ryan had called her out on making comments about David not being evicted yet, questioning how she thinks that makes David feel. Shortly thereafter, Big Brother announced that the boys and girls can once again sleep in the same room if they so choose, as he wants everyone to sleep with who they are most comfortable with. David then made a comment that he and Skye will be in different rooms, given that they were told to stay with who they are comfortable with. Skye told the girls that Ryan is a hypocrite for allowing that comment to be made, and felt similarly about David. Lina felt that the guys were trying to make each other laugh. Priya agreed and said that they are trying to suck up to Richard and Tom. Meanwhile, David told Ryan and Travis that Skye is really getting to him because all that she thinks about is herself and she is so selfish. David then went to the diary room to tell Big Brother that he does not see eye to eye with Skye and that he is over her attitude.

Leo spoke to Skye and told her that she has been different ever since he got back from the sanctuary. He told her that she was right the other night when she said that they are not married and are not boyfriend and girlfriend, but she has been different and he is not going to chase her around the house to hang out. Skye told Leo not to leave her. It was then time for the weekly task to continue. Tom and Travis had to decorate a three tiered cake, which they failed to do. Penny and Richard were next up. Their task was “how to be a reptile handler”. There were plenty of plastic snakes and other reptiles for demonstration. Penny told Richard that she hates snakes. Big Brother then sent the ninjas in with a live python. They placed it on Penny. Penny and Richard passed the task. David’s task was “how to decommission old electrical devices”. He was given an old DVD player to demonstrate with. He told the others to always check that there is nothing in it before you destroy. He then played it and a video of Skye’s family came up. David then proceeded to destroy the player, passing the task. Big Brother gather the housemates in the lounge to inform them that the weekly task is over. They received 8 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down. It was revealed that they were allowed two thumbs down and have failed the task.

It was then time for nominations. Big Brother said that each of the housemates will nominate and can be nominated. The nominations went as follows:


Penny - 3 points - Leo said that Penny is over the top and too full on.
Ryan - 2 points - Leo felt that Ryan is maneuvering himself around everyone in order to position himself in the game.


Ryan - 3 points - Lina said that Ryan is creating a pack mentality which leads to the boys talking about inappropriate things.
Tom - 2 points - Lina felt that Tom has been making jokes at the expense of others.


Penny - 3 points - Ryan said that Penny is really well liked and makes people laugh, so it’s a strategic nomination.
Tom - 2 points - Ryan again said that Tom is really well liked, so he needs to get the new housemates nominated.


Leo - 3 points - Penny feels that Leo is not super friendly.
Tom - 2 points - Penny finds it hard to have conversation with Tom since he is always with the boys.


Leo - 4 points - Travis said that it was a strategic move in hope of him not getting nominated.
Lina - 1 point - Travis didn’t like that Lina spoke for the house and told him that he and Aisha are one in the house.


Lina - 3 points - Tom felt that getting Lina nominated would give him the best chance to move on.
Richard - 2 points - Tom again felt that this was the best way to keep himself in the game if he is nominated against intruders.


Leo - 2 points - Priya wanted to be up against someone that she is more popular than.
Richard - 3 points - Priya said that they do not need another David in the house.


Tom - 4 points - Richard said that he is not strong enough to take down an original housemate, so he needs Tom to be nominated.
David - 1 point - Richard finds David to be bossy.


David - 3 points - Skye said that she wants David gone and wants to break David and Ryan up, as she thinks that she cannot beat him within the house.
Ryan - 2 points - Skye finds Ryan to be a threat to her.


David has 12 points, given that he is HoH. He can use his points to view where housemates are on the tally board. David asked to see where he is for one point. David asked to reveal Ryan’s name next. He then asked to reveal Skye’s name, followed by Priya’s name.

Skye - 2 points
Skye - 3 points
Priya - 3 points

Tom - 10 points - NOMINATED
Leo - 9 points - NOMINATED
Ryan - 7 points - NOMINATED
Penny - 6 points - NOMINATED
Richard - 5 points - NOMINATED
Skye - 5 points - NOMINATED
Lina - 4 points
David - 4 points
Priya - 3 points

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