Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 64 Recap- The housemates vote Travis as the new HoH

November 10, 2014

Big Brother informed the housemates that this week there is no public vote as to who will be the Head of House. Big Brother said that the housemates will each vote for two people, giving two points to the person that they most favour and one point to the person that they next favour. The housemate with the most will be the new HoH.

The voting went as follows:

David - Ryan (2) and Tom (1).
Leo - Skye (2) and Richard (1).
Skye - Leo (2) and Travis (1).
Ryan - David (2) and Tom (1).
Lina - Travis (2) and Penny (1).
Penny - Richard (2) and Lina (1).
Priya - Travis (2) and Lina (1).
Richard - Lina (2) and David (1).
Tom - Ryan (2) and Penny (1).
Travis - Richard (2) and Priya (1).

Totals: Travis 5, Richard 5, Lina 4, Ryan 4, David 3, Leo 2, Tom 2, Skye 2, Penny 2, Priya 1.

Big Brother award David, the reigning HoH, one extra point in order to break the tie. David awarded the bonus point to Travis. David let Big Brother know that he wants to see how Travis’ character handles the power, wondering if he will speak up more than he already does or if he will use it against people.

Travis told Big Brother that he reckons that people in the past have used the power against him, specifically pointing out Ryan as one of those people. Travis said that he can use his power to get back at those people or to reward the people that have treated him well. Travis told Priya and Lina that he will likely be taking David with him to the sanctuary. Travis clarified that it is not being done in order to team up with David, but rather to get in his head and see where he is at. He assured the girls that he will not use the power against them.

The housemates were given their weekly task. It is the remote control task. Housemates must react to the various functions, those being pause, rewind and fast forward. Travis and Priya discussed that they feel as though Ryan and David are not as close as people assume them to be. Travis said that if they don’t keep close then they will be on their own. Priya then spoke to Big Brother about it, saying that the rumour is that Ryan feels that David threw him under the bus at nominations. Priya said that she is glad that it is on Ryan’s mind that David may possibly be against him. Priya let Big Brother know that she will do what she can to split those two up, as they are not good when they are together.

Tom told Priya and then Big Brother that he is becoming annoyed with Skye. Tom said to Priya that Skye has an arrogance about her and is always talking about herself. Big Brother then spoke to Skye and said that he senses that Skye feels picked on by Tom. Skye acknowledged that Tom makes some rude comments sometimes. At dinner, the housemates discussed if they would be annoyed if an intruder won Big Brother. Ryan said that he would be. Priya said that she would not be annoyed, which prompted Ryan to say that he does not believe her. Travis said that he would be annoyed, but he would be annoyed just the same if Skye won since it’s not him. Skye’s opinion was that she would prefer for a girl intruder to win if one were to win, though she would like to be at the end with Priya.

After dinner, David told Priya that the way that she speaks to people is in the role of a teacher and as though she has authority over them. Priya took offence to it and said that David brings this up every time they talk. Priya said that teaching is not about belittling people and she has never talked down to a student. David explained that the teachers that he had talked down to him, and when Priya talks to him he sees those characteristics. Priya told Big Brother that David calls her out on being authoritative and belittling yet she has seen him acting that way and has never attributed it to his profession like he did to her. Tom pointed out that the reason that they are arguing is that they are actually so similar. Big Brother then told Travis that it was time to head to the sanctuary. Travis decided to take David.

After returning from the sanctuary, Travis told Leo, Priya and Skye that he doesn’t think that David realizes the affect that isolating himself by hanging out with only a couple of people has. Travis said that he would like for the group that he was speaking with to be at the end together. Leo agreed and said that what he does from now until then will be to try to make that happen. Skye agreed. Priya said that she will have their backs as well. As part of this week’s task, when the housemates were on pause, a group of people came into the house for a house tour. The tour guide called Leo and Skye the pride of the Gold Coast, which made them believe that they are being portrayed as a couple on the outside. Skye and Leo agreed that they will just roll with it. Priya later told Skye that if she is going to do that then she has to be all in or else it will reflect poorly on Skye.

Big Brother told the housemates that they are going to take part in a race, with the winner getting a 600 gram filet steak. The housemates had to race to retrieve it, though once they began Big Brother told them that they must go in slow motion. Big Brother then subsequently told numerous housemates to pause, whenever they took the lead in the race. Richard was the one to eventually get the steak.

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