Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 65 Recap- Tom is the first neigbour to be evicted

November 11, 2014

As part of this week’s task, the housemates were told to pause. When they did so, robbers entered the house and stole Priya’s money along with tons of clothes and makeup. They also tried to steal Ned. Next up, Priya’s husband was brought in to the diary room as part of the task. Once Priya made it there, Big Brother told her to rewind. This happened again before Big Brother let Priya pause while in front of her husband. He hugged and kissed her before being told to leave. Big Brother then asked Travis to choose the two smartest housemates. He chose Richard and Priya. They were told that Travis will need to spell six words correctly to get the stolen items back. Priya and Richard were tasked with helping Travis learn the words. The words he had to spell were flamingo, intruder, sanctuary, massive, melancholy and burglary. He correctly spelled the first five words before spelling burglary incorrectly as “burgulary”. Big Brother then gave Travis one more chance, telling him to spell Aisha. Travis spelled Aisha correctly.

Sonia entered the house as part of the task. All of the housemates were on freeze. She told then that it was time for her to go back to the stage because an eviction is on the way. Travis was then called to the power room. Travis had three dishes in front of him, each with different sized portions of his mother’s lasagna. Sonia told him that if he eats the small piece, she will call Aisha and he can ask her any two questions. He could eat the medium piece and get to ask one question. If he eats the largest piece he will get to ask no questions. Travis went for the smallest sized lasagna in order to ask Aisha two questions. Travis asked if Aisha is going to move to Melbourne to live with him. Aisha said yes. Travis then asked who the three most popular housemates left that are likely to win Big Brother according to Sportsbet. Aisha said Travis, Skye and Ryan. It was then time for the eviction. Sonia announced that it was time for Tom to go.

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