Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 66 Recap- Richard is evicted; Skye and Priya are punished

November 12, 2014

During Tom’s parting message he said that he is going for the underdog to win Big Brother 2014 and is going with Priya. He also accused Lina of creating a divide between the boys and the girls. Travis then spoke with Leo and David, telling them that he would be disappointed if the intruders were not nominated because it would leave a bitter taste in his mouth if they were to get to the end after not having been there for anywhere near as long as the originals. Travis then spoke to Priya and Skye, who were both trying to get information out of him as to his power play. Big Brother warned Travis that he cannot give up this information as it may be viewed as information for the outside world. He also warned the girls to stop prying. Skye continued to do so, asking if it was Leo and then if she would be “happy” or “ecstatic” by the news. Travis told her that she would be happy.

Skye and Priya were then brought to the diary room. Big Brother informed them that they are both guilty of badgering Travis for information. They were both punished with three nomination points. Priya told Skye that they cannot reveal this or else they become easy targets. Later on, Big Brother put the housemates on pause and then brought in “Chloe” who is said to be David’s imaginary fan. She approached David and told him that she wants to go on a date with him and has given her number to Big Brother. The housemates were all cracking up the whole while. David told the housemates that if Chloe is real he will take her out for dinner. Ryan went to the diary room and called it the best thing that he has seen in his Big Brother experience. David told Big Brother that it was nice to finally put a face to the name. He said that he will definitely take her out for dinner and have a chat with her. Sonia informed the viewers that Chloe is a fictitious character that earned the chance to enter the house.

Big Brother again put the housemates on pause. Skye’s mother and sister then entered the backyard. Skye was in the bedroom at the time. Big Brother to go on slow motion to the backyard. Skye was eventually put on pause just short of her family. Her family hugged her before they left the yard. Sonia crossed live to the house and told them that it was time to save one nominee. She revealed that Leo is safe. Sonia then saved Ryan and Penny, leaving Richard and Skye as the two remaining nominees. It was then announced that it was time for Richard to go.

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