Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 67 Recap- Family and Friends Nominate

November 13, 2014

The housemates got the chance to hear Richard’s parting message. He felt that Skye is causing the most disharmony in the house, as he feels that Skye needs to do more to contribute around the house. He told the housemates that the biggest issue in the house is the constant rehashing of old arguments because it kills the atmosphere in the house. Finally, Richard said that he feels as though Priya is the favourite to win the game.

It was time for the housemates’ friends and family to nominate. Nominations went as follows:

Melvin (David’s father)

Leo - 1 point - Melvin said that he has trouble trying to lose weight and yet he always sees Leo eating.
Priya - 4 points - Melvin said that Priya was deceitful when she planted the seed that David was throwing Ryan under the bus.

Sue (Penny’s mother)

Leo - 2 points - Sue said that Leo is not playing sun safe.
Travis - 3 points - Sue felt that Travis could have organized recycling and composting with the power that he has.

Michael (Lina’s boyfriend)

David - 3 points - Michael said that David is the least genuine housemate and is getting quite arrogant.
Ryan - 2 points - Michael said that it was purely a strategic move because Ryan has a great chance to win the game.

Johnny (Leo’s friend)

Skye - 2 points - Johnny said that Skye is a threat to Leo winning the game.
David - 3 points - Johnny felt that David is a threat to Leo because he plays strategically.

Abbey (Ryan’s sister)

Priya - 3 points - Abbey felt that Priya is rallying troops against Ryan.
Lina - 2 points - Abbey believed that Lina was rallying the troops against Ryan as well.

Cheryl (Travis’ mother)

Ryan - 3 points - Cheryl said that Ryan has nominated Travis most weeks.
Leo - 2 points - Cheryl felt that Leo was a dark horse and has been getting close to Skye to increase his popularity.

Bhushan (Priya’s husband)

David - 3 points - Bhushan said that David grinds his gears when he argues with Priya.
Ryan - 2 points - Bhushan felt that Ryan had a very easy ride through the game.

Kayla (Skye’s sister)

David - points - Kayla said that she doesn’t like David’s smart attitude and doesn’t think that Skye would appreciate it either.
Lina - points - Kayla said that you have to be up for nominations to have the full experience.

Priya and Skye received 3 nomination points for breaking the rules. The final nomination tally board is as follows:

David - 16 points - NOMINATED
Priya - 10 points - NOMINATED
Ryan - 9 points - NOMINATED
Leo - 5 points - NOMINATED
Skye - 5 points - NOMINATED
Travis - 3 points
Lina - 3 points
Penny - 0 points

The remote control task came to a conclusion. Big Brother informed the housemates that they reacted well to the task but there were a few questionable moments. Ultimately the housemates did well enough to pass the task.

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