Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 7 Recap - Jason and Dion are the new HoH

September 14, 2014

Big Brother called Priya and Katie to the diary room. The girls were informed that their reign as the heads of house is about to come to an end. They were then told to open the envelope next to them. Inside of it was an immunity pass. Big Brother said that it could be theirs and it would prevent them from being nominated, making it impossible for them to be the first pair evicted. They were told that they could purchases the immunity pass and were then asked how much they were willing to pay for it. Priya thought that they didn’t need. Katie disagreed and said that it would be a definite saviour. Priya said that she does not want to spend too much on it. They offered $200 each, which led to Big Brother saying that he was trying not to laugh. Katie asked if $1,500 between them would be enough. Big Brother said to double it and they will have a deal. Priya questioned who Katie thinks would nominate them. Katie said everyone because it would be an easy out. Priya tried to negotiate Big Brother downward to $1,250 each, but Big Brother would not budge. The girls then accepted the pass at a price of $1,500 each.

Katie and Priya rejoined their fellow housemates, who saw their immunity pass. Big Brother then announced that Katie and Priya’s reign as heads of house has come to an end. They were told that from now on the Australian public will decide which pair has the power. Priya and Katie then informed their fellow housemates that Dion and Jason are the next heads of house. All of the housemates were then called to the diary room. Big Brother told them that in order to celebrate the new heads of house, they will be having a dinner party. Dion and Jason chose Lisa and Skye to cook dinner for the night. It was then revealed that the heads of house can take two housemates in to the power room to talk tactics to get particular people nominated. They had 15 minutes to tell each other what they are thinking. Dion and Jason chose to bring Travis and Ryan to the power room. Travis suggested that they say who they are actually going to nominate, then those people will get more points.

Ryan said that he would be voting for Gemma and Jake to be nominated at this point. Travis said that Priya is one of the first people that he would want gone, though he gets along with her partner Katie. Both he and Ryan said the same thing about Gemma and Jake, saying that they get along with Jake really well but not with Gemma. Jason said that you don’t want to keep people around that get on your nerves, so he would nominate people that he doesn’t get along with. He revealed that Gemma is the person that he has not got along with. Travis felt that Gemma does not fit in with the group. Jason too said that he gets along really well with Jake. Travis said that if David and Sandra, Lisa and Skye or Cat and Sam were to go it would be “no skin off of his nose”. They discussed if they have to nominate “3, 2 and 1”, Cat and Sam would be 3, Gemma and Jake would be 2 and David and Sandra would be 1.

Lisa informed Skye that Katie had told her that Jake has a little crush on Skye. Skye said that she thinks that she is feeling the same but she didn’t want that to be said because it would make things awkward. Big Brother informed the housemates that it is time to prepare for the party. The boys were told that their accessories are in the bedroom, while the girls were told that theirs are in the parlour. The girls began discussing the guys. Skye said that she finds Jakes to be the cutest. In the other room, Jake ranked the top three girls in order as Lisa, Skye and Aisha. Sam said that if they were ranking them based on who they would marry he would go with Cat number one, followed by Sandra. The girls could overhead the guys’ conversation, and Lisa heard the guys talking about her and told Skye that David mentioned that he told her that her boobs are good but they really aren’t. Lisa later said that she is now upset and told Katie that she feels that they should not have listened to the guys’ conversation. Lisa explained that she didn’t like David but she had made an effort, yet her first impressions seem to be right. Sandra later informed the guys that Lisa was upset about David’s comment. It got back to David.

At the dinner party, Jason and Dion were the hosts for the night. Dion said that they had some tough times over the past few days but they pulled through it together and can enjoy their massive feast. A dinner topic was whether or not it is okay to get ahead in the game. Dion said that he would not lie at all. Jake felt that lying to protect people was okay. Travis said that he would be more upset with someone lying to them to protect their feelings than if they had told the truth. Cat said that lying is part of human nature and shows intelligence. She pointed out that they will all lie in this house but you have to have your own moral compass to decide how far to go. The housemates then got some music played for them and had a dance party. They played some party games and then Jason took the cover off of the spa and most of the housemates got in.

A number of the housemates kissed, some due to dares. The housemates that kissed included Skye and Jake, Travis and Aisha, Ryan and Katie and Skye and Aisha. In the diary room, Skye said that she wishes that the kiss did not happen last night and questioned why it had to happen so soon. Ryan was joking with Travis in the diary about his kisses with Aisha, saying that Travis is in love with her and is calling her an “11”. Big Brother informed Jason and Dion that they will be leaving the house and spending the night in the sanctuary, which is a secluded oasis in which they can pamper themselves. Sandra told David that they will definitely be nominated. David agreed but then said that he isn’t so sure because everyone loves Sandra. She was still not feeling too good about it, saying that the girls have not connected with David enough.

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