Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 71 Recap- Leo is evicted; A new task begins

November 17, 2014

The housemates discussed that Leo has become a new Leo. Travis felt that Leo always tried to answer things methodically in order to come across nicely. Ryan told Big Brother that Leo has lost it and he is looking forward to seeing the decline of Leo’s mood. Skye approached Leo and asked him if something is wrong because he is acting different. Leo assured Skye that there is nothing different. Skye thought that Leo was trying to act in a certain manner in order to prove a point, though Leo shot that down and said that his actions have nothing to do with Skye and that she should not make everything about her. Skye wondered where this new Leo has come from. Leo told Skye that he is being him and that he is going to say and do what he wants. They eventually ended the discussion with Skye saying that she doesn’t feel as though Leo cares about her and with Leo telling Skye to do whatever she wants, whether it be showing affection towards him or not.

The housemates then played a game where they took their spot in the hot seat and had to answer numerous questions. David asked if the Leo from the past two days if the honest Leo. Leo said that it is the honest Leo and then told Ryan that he was not pretending to be someone that he is not. He explained that it was simply different facets of the same person. Skye asked about Leo’s feelings towards her. Leo responded by saying that he gives back what he receives, later telling Priya that what he dislikes about Skye is that she puts herself first a lot of times. Priya later asked Skye how she feels about Leo. Skye simply said that Leo is being different. Once Leo asked her to elaborate, Skye said that things are naturally coming to an end.

The housemates got their new weekly task. It is a Christmas factory themed task. Skye and Ryan were tasked with creating Christmas crackers with jokes inside. David and Lina needed to fill stockings and keep the conversation flowing throughout the whole time. David later revealed that Big Brother rewarded him with a night in the sanctuary. He chose Penny to join him for a dinner date. What the others don’t know is that David is taking part in a secret task. If he can pull it off he will get to find out how his favourite football team is doing. David must demonstrate the effectiveness of the air fresheners. First up, David needed to hide a sardine in his suit and hope that Penny did not notice anything fishy. David then had to put a large fish inside of his suit pocket. David then had to place another fish inside of his suit. Penny failed to pick up on the smell of the fish. Big Brother told David that he passed with flying colours. He was then informed that his favourite football team sits in 12th place.

Sonia then crossed live to inform the houseguests that there will be one eviction tonight, one tomorrow and that she will leave them guessing about the rest but 7 need to go in the next 9 days. Sonia then revealed that the housemate that received the least votes to save and will be evicted is Leo.

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