Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 72 Recap- David is evicted

November 18, 2014

Following Leo’s eviction, Skye spoke to Big Brother in the diary room and told him that she is grateful to have survived. Skye explained that the joy of surviving is always greater than the grief that she has for the person that is leaving. The housemates were shown Leo’s parting message. Leo said that the two housemates that meant the most to him were Skye and David. Leo told Skye that she made his Big Brother experience what it was for him and that he will never regret the time that they shared together. As for David, Leo said that David is so unique and that he needed someone like that in the game. Leo felt that the bickering between Priya and David was causing the most disharmony within the house. Leo felt that the Final 3 would be Travis, Ryan and Skye, with Travis winning the game.

Priya informed Lina that Skye had came up to her prior to the eviction and whispered to her that she would like for Leo to be evicted. The girls discussed that Skye did not look sad at all to see Leo go. Lina and Priya continued to talk things over, discussing that the "cool kids" in the house are Ryan, Skye and David. Lina believed that there is nothing that makes those housemates any cooler than the others. Skye and Priya then discussed that Ryan has now begun to flirt with Skye more now that Leo is gone. Skye felt that Ryan’s way of flirting was being mean to the girl, though she admitted that she really liked it.

Sonia crossed live to the house to inform them that a housemate that received enough votes to save is Ryan. The next housemate to be saved was Skye, leaving the eviction options as David and Priya. When Sonia next spoke to the housemates it was time to evict another housemate. Sonia revealed that the housemate that received the fewest votes to save and that has been evicted is David. Once David made his way on stage to speak to Sonia, David was informed that Chloe is not real. Sonia told David that the girl that came in to the house won a competition to come play the part of Chloe, though she actually was attracted to him.

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