Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 73 Recap- The housemates react to David's eviction

November 19, 2014

After David’s eviction, Big Brother informed the Final 6 that voting lines are now open but Australia is no longer voting to save. Australia is voting for who they want to win Big Brother 2014. Ryan and Travis discussed that David’s eviction was a shock to them, with Travis feeling that Priya would have left first. Ryan noted that it’s a weird feeling to have walked in to the game with Travis and then to be the last two guys in the house. Priya told Big Brother that seeing David go was a bit bittersweet because it was the closing of a chapter in her Big Brother experience.

David’s parting message was played for the housemates. He said that the two people closest to him were Travis and Penny. David explained that Penny was a breath of fresh air and stood out from the other girls because she is exactly what he would look for in a friend. David told Priya that she is the housemate causing the most disharmony in the house. David said that nobody will beat Ryan and that he is going to be the winner of Big Brother 2014. David called Ryan the most genuine guy that he has ever met.

The rest of the episode focused on Big Brother asking the housemates questions from the viewers. Each housemate had their turn in the diary room to be asked the questions by Big Brother.

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