Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 74 Recap- Travis reveals Skye's attraction to Ryan

November 20, 2014

Lina spoke to Skye about fishing for compliments all of the time. Lina explained that in China it is all about modesty and that people do not act that way. Lina questioned whether or not people have ever told Skye that she can be perceived as acting in that way. Skye said that they have not but she can see how people perceive her to be fishing for compliments even though she is really just looking for another opinion. Lina then told Priya about her talk with Skye. Priya said that she acts that way sometimes as well, though Lina felt that she did not notice it with Priya.

Skye went to Travis and told him that Lina is annoying her and that she does not find her interesting. Skye pointed out that Lina is so opinionated and is always negative. Skye felt that Lina was constantly judging her because Lina is so educated while she is not. Travis said that he feels the same way. Once Lina broke up the conversation, Skye went to Penny to voice her frustrations over Lina. Skye did not appreciate that Lina tries to sway people’s opinions to match her own.

Penny and Skye were paired up for the Christmas task. Penny mentioned that she took offence to Lina questioning how genuine she is in the house. Skye brought up how her discussion with Lina went. Penny explained that she had a similar experience with Priya. Penny told Skye that it’s just the two of them now, as Priya and Lina have gotten closer and are now together. Afterwards, the four original housemates sat outside of the treehouse together. Skye said that it feels so right being the four of them together. Ryan and Priya said that they would be happy if they ended up being the Final 4. The housemates were then called inside to watch a video of what happened to the presents that they had been wrapping as a part of this week’s task. Jason, dressed as Santa, brought the gifts to a children’s hospital. The housemates were told that they passed this week’s task.

As a reward for passing the task, Big Brother supplied the housemates with a Christmas feast. The housemates were given plenty of food, including turkey, prawns and all of the trimmings. Big Brother then called Penny to the diary room. He informed her that her job is to give the houseguests a full makeover. He instructed her to go to the parlour room to find a clothing rack full items. Penny then went to work on giving her fellow housemates a makeover. Big Brother gave the housemates a chance to discuss some topics that have been bothering them. Travis joked with Skye, in front of the whole house, that she has been going boy crazy, moving from Jake to Leo and then now to liking Ryan.

Priya told Skye that she would be so annoyed by Travis letting that secret out if she were Skye. Priya noted that it was a very powerful piece of information that could effect her relationship with Ryan. Skye felt that it was so embarrassing. Skye told Big Brother that she thought that Travis was her best friend and that she thought that she could trust him with information. Ryan told Big Brother that he was a bit surprised to hear of Skye's feelings towards him. Ryan joked that Leo has been gone for three days now so his bed should be warming up soon.

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