Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 79 Recap- The Final 3 is set after a triple eviction

November 25, 2014

Sonia spoke to the Final 6 and told them that one of them will win Big Brother 2014 but tonight they will be cutting the house in half. She announced that tonight will be a triple eviction. Sonia then revealed that Australia will choose their winner tomorrow. Travis and Priya discussed what had happened last night during Travis’s “Travia” game. Travis told Priya that he gave a dig to her just like he did to everyone else, though she acted like a spoiled sport and couldn’t take it. Travis said that he would never act the way that Priya did during one of her comedy shows. Priya pointed out that it is continually the pot calling the kettle black and that Travis cannot take what he gives either. Travis said that he learned his lesson not to try to involve spoiled brats. Priya said that she learned her lesson not to feed in to people that are desperate for attention, adding that Travis has nothing left ever since Aisha has left the house.

Big Brother gave the housemates a mission, telling Penny that she had one hour to get all of the housemates up and moving, using every room inside of the house and playing a role in a dance. The housemates dressed up like pop stars prior to beginning their performance. Later, Big Brother had the housemates nominate who they would like to see win Big Brother. The nominations went as follows:

Travis - Skye (3 points), Ryan (2 points).
Penny - Ryan (3 points), Travis (2 points).
Skye - Travis (3 points), Priya (2 points).
Ryan - Travis (3 points), Penny (2 points).
Lina - Priya (3 points), Penny (2 points).
Priya - Skye (3 points), Lina (2 points).

Final results: Travis 8, Skye 6, Priya 5, Ryan 5, Penny 4, Lina 2.

It was then time for the first eviction of the night. The housemate that received the fewest votes to win and that was evicted from the Big Brother house was Lina. After Lina spoke with Sonia, it was time for the second eviction of the night. Finishing in the 5th place was Penny. Finally, after Penny spoke with Sonia, the third eviction of the night took place. Priya was evicted from the Big Brother house, meaning that the Final 3 are Ryan, Skye and Travis.

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