Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 8 Recap - Two pairs are swapped in advance of a $30,000 task

September 15, 2014

Big Brother called heads of house Dion and Jason to the power room and told them that tomorrow Big Brother will launch the biggest task in Big Brother history. The pairs will compete against each other in knockout heats until there is only one pair remaining. The winning pair will win $30,000. Big Brother said that nominations are fast approaching and that pairs are nominating as pairs and can only nominate pairs. Big Brother then informed Jason and Dion that their power play is swapping two pairs by taking a housemate from two different pairs and swapping them in order to weaken the pairs and increase their odds at winning $30,000. Priya and Katie were not allowed to be swapped due to their immunity pass. Big Brother said that tonight’s swap will be permanent.

Sonia crossed live to the house and informed the housemates that it will be a snap eviction. She said that for the past week the housemates have all been nominated, though Priya and Katie bought immunity so they are safe, but one pair is being evicted. Sonia then told them that “It’s time to…it’s time to go and take a chill pill because I’m kidding!”. Shortly thereafter, Big Brother flashed back to the morning after the dinner party, including Dion and Jason’s morning in the sanctuary. Skye told Lisa that she kissed Jake last night and he wasn’t a very good kisser and now there is no mystery. Skye and Lisa then discussed Travis and Aisha kissing. They both agreed that Travis will get with anything and they didn’t expect that from Aisha. Aisha told some others that she doesn’t want to jump in and start being a couple with Travis.

David asked Lisa if he could have a minute of her time. She said that she is still a little bit emotional. David said that he heard a lot through the grapevine and understands that he upset her, so he would like to apologize. He said that he doesn’t want to talk about it now but he would love for her to come and talk to him about it at some point. Lisa questioned what David is sorry for, since he was saying that he didn’t know what he did and asked if he is just sorry that he got busted. Lisa said that she found David’s behaviour to be inappropriate and added that it shows the type of person that he is, so he is not someone that she would associate with. David said that he totally understands why Lisa is upset. David told Lisa that he preferred Cat’s breasts but didn’t want to say that at the pool because they were both there. Lisa said that she does not want David talking about her as a means to get in to the boys group. David said that he apologizes completely and doesn’t like to see a lady upset.

Skye went to the diary room and said that it’s really nice having a crush on someone, calling it the best thing ever. She said that it’s so awkward now with Jake, though she doesn’t know if it’s because she is talking about it so much. Big Brother asked if Skye is attracted to Jake. Skye confirmed that she is. She said that she would like for Jake to send her to sleep with a rap each night. Jason then spoke to Skye and Aisha. They talked about boys. Skye said that Jake is her type, while Aisha said that Travis is her type. Sonia spoke to Dion and Jason in the Power Room. Sonia asked what their strategy is in terms of the pair swap. Dion said that creating more imperfect pairs is the goal. Jason said that they are looking at the strongest pairings while pushing the weakest ones to the side. Sonia informed the two that she is launching a poll to ask the viewers which pair is their biggest competition for the $30,000, then she will get back to them. She said that the competition will involve a combination of mental and physical abilities.

Big Brother called Priya and Katie to the diary room. He said that Big Brother's property was destroyed, in the form of a pillow, so they will be punished. It was Katie that destroyed it but they were punished as a pair. They were then banished to the fish bowl and were told to separate coloured confetti into two boxes using tweezers. While in the fishbowl, Priya said that they should not waste their nomination points on a couple that they know that everyone else will nominate. She felt that everyone would nominate Gemma and Jake, so they should target the next couple. Priya felt that Gemma and Jake were not a threat to them. Katie agreed, though she said that Gemma is the person in the house that she would least like to stay with.

Sonia then revealed the results of the poll. 53% felt that Travis and Ryan are the strongest pair in the house. Skye and Lisa were second at 20%. Jake and Gemma were last with only 5% of the vote. Sonia then informed Jason and Dion that Travis and Ryan were voted as the strongest pair. Jason said that they had definitely selected them as one of the strongest pairs in the house. A short while later, Big Brother asked if Jason and Dion had made their decision. They said yes. They were then told to go to the garden to face their housemates. Big Brother then informed the housemates that Dion and Jason made a game changing power play based on the biggest task in Big Brother history, “The Perfect Pair” task, which will take place over the next week and will award the winner $30,000. Big Brother then informed the others that Dion and Jason will permanently swap two pairs. Dion and Jason revealed that they have swapped Cat with Ryan, making the new pairs Ryan and Sam and Cat and Travis. Sonia revealed that tomorrow we will meet two new housemates. Sonia also said that nominations are around the corner and what the housemates don’t know is that only one member of the evicted pair will go home. It was explained that the housemates will decide which of the two goes home and they will do so face to face.

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