Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 80 Recap- Ryan Ginns Wins Big Brother 2014

November 26, 2014

Sonia briefly spoke to the Final 3 before the rest of the housemates joined her out on stage. The voting graph was shown 30 minutes prior to the voting lines closing. The percentages were 36%, 33% and 31%, though the names associated with those percentages were not revealed. Sonia asked each of the evicted housemates who they think will win Big Brother 2014. The results were as follows:

Ryan (13): Cat, Lisa, Katie, Lawson, Marina, Dion, Jake, Gemma, Tom, Sandra, Sam, David, Penny
Travis (3): Aisha, Leo, Travis.
Skye (3): Jason, Richard, Priya.

Big Brother showed the Final 3 housemates a recap of all of the news and events that took place in the outside world while they were isolated inside of the Big Brother house. A short while later, Sonia checked in with the housemates again and told them that the votes have been verified and that it is time to reveal which of them has finished in 3rd place. With the 3rd highest number of votes to win, Skye was evicted from the Big Brother house. Skye told Sonia that she is disappointed that she did not win but said that she is so proud of herself for getting as far as she did. Skye was rewarded with $5,000 cash in addition to the $5,000 that she won from her power play.

Sonia then spoke to the Final 2 and said that it was time to reveal the winner of Big Brother 2014. Ryan was crowned the winner, meaning that he will take home the $200,000 grand prize. Ryan and Travis celebrated and reminisced together before Travis left the Big Brother house. Ryan’s family then joined Ryan in the backyard as Travis made his way on stage to join Sonia. Travis told Sonia that he had no regrets about turning down the $50,000 with Aisha, saying that money was never a driving factor and that he feels like a winner anyway. Sonia informed Travis that he will be getting $10,000 cash.

Big Brother told Ryan that it was now time for him to leave the Big Brother house. Ryan made his way on stage to join Sonia and all of his fellow housemates. Ryan told Sonia that he is in total shock at the moment. Sonia asked Ryan what he attributes his popularity to. Ryan said that he has no idea but people must be able to relate to his dry sense of humour.

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