Big Brother Australia 2014 - Day 9 Recap - The "Perfect Pair" task begins

September 16, 2014

After having his partner swapped, Travis said that he is happy that he has Cat as a partner but is shattered that he is no longer with Ryan. In the diary room, Cat said that she had a very similar bond with Sam to the one that Travis and Ryan had. Cat and Travis agreed that each other would be one of the first people that they would want to be paired with. Ryan called it a very interesting move on the boys’ behalf. He mentioned that he is happy that he is with Sam since he gets along with him well. Ryan said that it’s a game and what goes around comes around. Big Brother then flashed back to 15 hours earlier. Sandra told Aisha and Lisa that David was pissing her off. She then went to the diary room and told Big Brother that she is frustrated because she is getting annoyed with David all of the time and it is bringing out a bad side of her. Sandra explained that she resents David because she feels partly responsible for his actions, and she can see why he annoys people since he takes jokes too far. David was then in the diary room and said that he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Sandra pulled David aside to tell him that she wants to stay there as long as possible, and she hates that she is getting annoyed with him for how people react to what he does. David said that he feels as though there is nothing that he can do to make some people like him. Sandra agreed and said that she would not change him. David pointed out that people, including Sandra, make snide remarks at him no matter what he says. Not too long after, Sandra commented that she needs to exercise and questioned if people have seen her thighs. David said it’s exercise, not a magic wand. Travis told David that that’s not how you speak to women. Big Brother introduced the housemates to their two new housemates, two poodles named Ned and Kelly. Dion and Jason chose Lisa and Skye to be the caregivers for the dogs, meaning that they will be responsible for grooming and feeding them.

Skye told Cat and Aisha that she doesn’t know if Jake likes her. Aisha told her that he does, while Cat said that it is so obvious as Jake is always looking to find out where she is. Meanwhile, Katie was telling Lisa and Sandra that Jake doesn’t like her but she really likes him. Katie mentioned that Skye had wanted her to find out if Jake liked her. Katie said that Jake told her that Skye is “not there” and is always doing makeup. Skye told Jason, Cat and Aisha that she is getting butterflies over Jake. Jason offered to have a casual chat with Jake in order to get to the bottom of things. Jason then asked Jake if he is crushing on anyone. Jake said that he is not really crushing on Skye at all because he is “not really about that”. He explained that he is not super keen to get stuck in a relationship after a week. Jake said that Skye seems to be in a bit of another world.

David saw Sandra with some cleaning supplies and gave her a word of advice, saying that last year people went on a cleaning spree and got voted out for it. Sandra was irritated by the comment. David pleaded with her to give him one more chance. Sandra said that she cannot not give him one more chance. She then began crying to Sam and Lawson, telling them that the game is so much harder in pairs because she and David affect each other’s games. Ryan told David that Sandra is so self-conscious and that all that she wants to do is be loved by someone. He advised her to be super kind to her because she will not take advice no matter what. David said that he is heartbroken that she is upset and it hurts even more that she won’t even talk to him.

The Perfect Pair task began. The housemates will battle in knockout style matchups until only one pair is remaining. That pair will win $30,000. The first round matchups are as follows:

Katie and Priya vs Sandra and David

Lisa and Skye vs Aisha and Lawson

Cat and Travis vs Jake and Gemma

Dion and Jason vs Ryan and Sam

In the first matchup, Sandra and David defeated Katie and Priya on a tiebreaker question. The task left Skye upset, as the housemates voted that she was more likely to marry for money than was Lisa. She said that it hurts that people feel that way. Lisa questioned Skye about why she has been weird with her of late. She asked if it was because she talks to Jake. Skye said that she is not being weird with her. Lisa told Skye that she cannot snap at her and get angry at her for no reason. Skye was crying and told Lisa that she is getting frustrated and annoyed with people. Meanwhile, Travis and Cat agreed that Jason and Dion set the bar with their decision to swap their partners. Travis told Ryan that they should just become a foursome with their new partners. Nominations will take place tomorrow.

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