A slow day followed by an explosive night

June 30, 2013

A Recap of Day 10 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Andy touched base with McCrae and Amanda, with all of them voicing their displeasure with Aaryn. Andy believes that Jeremy and Kaitlin will cool it if you cut the head off of the snake by evicting Aaryn next week. McCrae said that he can see Aaryn going home next week. If he wins HoH, Andy has said that he will not be afraid to draw the battle line against her. Amanda felt that Aaryn will be broken once David leaves, at which point they should turn their focus to breaking up Jeremy and Kaitlin.

Amanda again brought up that they are saving the most valuable player in the game (Elissa). McCrae added that as long as they have MVP, it won't matter who wins HoH. Judd then raised a concern that the MVP process might be changed. McCrae agreed and also has concerns that the conditions for winning MVP will change.

2:00-3:00 PM: Nick and McCrae quickly spoke about the Moving Company alliance. Nick explained his loyalty by saying that if he goes down like a sinking ship because of blind faith in the Moving Company, he doesn't even care. McCrae pointed out that Jeremy may be targeted by his side of the house, but he can tell them that Jeremy is vocal that you always know where he's at and that makes him less of a threat. Both men were concerned that they may end up exposing their numbers, because it seems as though only Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie will end up voting Elissa out. As he discussed with Jeremy last night, Nick mentioned that they need to go radio silent up until the eviction in order to confuse people. In addition to that, Nick is going to make an effort to be seen with the Blondetourage.

3:00-4:00 PM: Just like she promised, Elissa has continued to come clean about being Rachel's sister to those in her alliance. A day after telling Andy, she told Spencer and Howard. When asked if she won MVP, she also admitted to that. Helen entered the room and raised concern over need Candice's vote in order to ensure that McCrae does not have to break a tie. Spencer told her not to worry and not to talk to Candice about it, cause he would take care of it. Once Howard and Spencer were alone, Spencer informed him that he is not actually going to talk to Candice. Given that Jeremy and Nick will be voting to evict David, they do not actually need Candice's vote. If all goes according to plan, David will be evicted by a vote of 7-5.

4:00-5:00 PM: Aaryn and Kaitlin met up and discussed the whole Elissa situation. Both are getting vibes that Elissa won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Aaryn said that as long as Elissa is there, she will keep getting MVP and will keep nominating her. Kaitlin said that they need to get rid of her. Aaryn said that even if they get rid of Elissa, she will likely come back. Aaryn continued to voice her frustrations by saying that it wouldn't be fair if she was sent home by Elissa, and it would change her opinion of the game. She believes that Big Brother is putting everything in Elissa's favour and simply put the rest of the houseguests in the house to terrorize them. As for the other houseguests, the girls agreed that McCrae, Amanda, Spencer and Judd are those that they would like to see stick around the longest, outside of their Boats and Hoes alliance.

12:00-1:00 AM: As usual, Big Brother provided the houseguests will little alcohol considering the number of people in the house. The have-nots were allowed to eat and drink at midnight, so the plan was to save it until they could enjoy it as well. Jeremy decided to steal the bottle of red wine, and drank it all (along with a little help of a couple others in his alliance). When midnight rolled around, Candice, Helen and Elissa kept asking if anyone knew where the red wine went. Everyone remained fairly silent for the most part.

Jeremy was out by the hot tub and was told by Aaryn that people were talking shit about the wine being missing. Jeremy asked if she wanted him to take all the heat and admit to drinking it all himself. He then went into the kitchen and said "I was the one that popped the red wine and drank it" and "I drank the shit out of it, and I feel great and I don't give a f*ck!" He also added that if the rest of them aren't going to be considerate, then he's not going to be considerate.

Amanda then went outside and spoke with Jeremy, as there was a misunderstanding between the two. Jeremy had thought that Amanda was going around telling them what happened with the wine. Things got heated between them for a bit, with Amanda ending up crying. Kaitlin was fed up with how Jeremy was acting, wondering why he's yelling at everyone for being inconsiderate when they haven't done anything to him. She went outside and asked Jeremy to come talk to her. He eventually came inside to speak with her, but not before she asked "are you just going to ignore me, or are you going to man up and grow a pair?"

Kaitlin sat him down and told him that was the most irrational thing that he could have done. She questioned what inconsiderate things they had done to Jeremy, to which he replied "talked shit, mean-mugged". Kaitlin quickly fired back saying "that's everything we've done!" Kaitlin went on to say that he created more of a disturbance than Elissa has ever done and that David will now be going home because of it. All that Jeremy kept saying in reply was "we'll see".

1:00-2:00 AM: Aaryn and Candice also got into it again, something that stems back to Aaryn thinking that Candice sat on her hat. Candice told her that for the 50th time, she did not sit on her hat and if Aaryn doesn't want to accept her apology, that's fine. Aaryn was not having any of it. Candice went on to sarcastically say that she is the "Mad Hatter" and sat on her $10 hat. This infuriated Aaryn even more. Candice let Aaryn know that if she is trying to get to her hosting career by being the villain and getting in people's faces, it's not a good strategy. She ended things by telling Aaryn to eat crow when she goes back and watches it on TV.

Jeremy eventually went and pulled Helen aside, apologizing for the way that he approached things. Helen was crying almost immediately after Jeremy had come into the kitchen and owned up to drinking all of the wine. She said that she came there to play, wanted to have fun and want to have an experience of a lifetime. She pointed out that Jeremy's mom is going to watch this, and asked if that makes him feel good. Jeremy continued to apologize, saying that he didn't want to blame the alcohol but he was a little drunk. He also said that he's just a 23 year old boy and still has some growing up to do. He explained that he has heard some things about Helen talking about him, and also felt as though she had been giving him dirty looks. The two of them eventually squashed everything and moved on.

Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Amanda, Andy and McCrae were going over what had happened. Amanda was disgusted with Jeremy's behaviour and feels as though he bullies people. Aaryn was also taking a lot of heat for this and other incidents. Andy said that he had never seen Helen so happy as when she was about to be able to eat, but Aaryn came in with a bitchy look in her eyes and shit all over it. Helen made her way back up to the HoH room, where they continued to discuss Aaryn's behaviour. The consensus is that Aaryn needs to home next. Helen said that if Jeremy wins HoH, she will tell him that he needs to nominate Aaryn and that they will not vote out Elissa.

2:00-3:00 AM: Nick and McCrae, and later Spencer, discussed what had just went down. Nick was loving it. He said that this is perfect and "thank you Jeremy for being so emotional." McCrae pointed out that his main concern is that they may now have to save Jeremy next week seeing as he put an even bigger target on his back. All three guys voiced their displeasure with Aaryn and said that she needs to go next week. McCrae said that he has already began planting the seeds to help make that happen.

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