GinaMarie says she's packing up and leaving

July 1, 2013

A Recap of Day 11 in the Big Brother 15 House

3:00-4:00 PM: GinaMarie began breaking down this afternoon, telling Aaryn that she doesn't like her body and wants to cover it, but she has no clothes. She was frustrated that she had to wear shorts as a result of it, and noted that she has issues with her body that no one realizes. GinaMarie was angry that Big Brother did not give her all of the clothes that she brought with her. Aaryn, and later Amanda, said that GinaMarie could borrow clothes any time. It should be noted that this is likely the case with many, if not all of the houseguests. They screen the clothes and don't let some get through. Reasons for doing so include that the logos on the clothes, holding some back for when the houseguest wins HoH, amongst others.

5:00-6:00 PM: Spencer spoke to both Helen and Andy, separately, to get a feel for what they are thinking. Both times, Spencer noted his concerns with Amanda. He said that he's not getting a good feeling about her, and thinks that she could try to break off from the group. Spencer feels that she would take McCrae and possibly Judd, to do their own thing. When it comes to Amanda, the consensus within the alliance is that she needs to be the first of their own to go.

It was noted by Spencer that McCrae will be 100% with them once Amanda is out of the picture. He also questioned why everyone talks about the showmances, but fails to say anything about Amanda and McCrae who have slept together each night. Throughout both conversations, Spencer began planting the seeds to help keep his fellow moving company member, Jeremy, safe. He explained that Jeremy can be useful to them if you take out his allies. During her talk with Spencer, Helen proposed a Final 5 between herself, Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Howard.

7:00-8:00 PM: David asked Aaryn if she knows for a fact that he is safe this week. In reply, Aaryn said "yeah". She told him that they will still be the top targets in the house for the rest of the season, cause they are together and cause they hate her. She noted that the remaining person will only be half as strong when the other leaves, so the house will try to break them up. Aaryn believes that she will be targeted before David, given that the house wants to work with him as opposed to her who is coming after them.

Helen again proposed her Final 5 deal, this time with Spencer, Howard and Andy in the room. McCrae is the fifth houseguest that she wants involved. She told them that they can make it to Final 5 then, at Final 4, "don't Brigade me". After Spencer and Howard left the room, Andy pointed out that Jeremy seems to be starting to trust Helen. He asked Helen to let him know that he is on the same page as her. Helen said that, after Wednesday, Jeremy will start to realize that Aaryn isn't the person that he needs to be with to go far in this game. They agreed that Jeremy may be someone that can help them down the line. Helen said that she wants to try to get close to Nick in order to figure him out. Andy said that he wants Nick out immediately, as his gut feeling tells him that Nick is trouble.

8:00-9:00 PM: While Andy and Nick were out on the hammock, GinaMarie came over and told Andy that she can't stay any longer, is done and wants to go back to her normal life. She said that she doesn't have her clothes, doesn't get her makeup, doesn't have her curling iron and doesn't feel like her. Nick, who she is crushing on, got up to try to console her. She was crying at this point, continually saying "I want to go home". She then said "I'm f*cking packing leaving". GinaMarie asked Nick to tell her it's okay that she leaves. He told her that she can't leave and that he has nobody right now.

Nick had taken her inside to and asked her what had changed since yesterday. She explained that she is on an emotional roller coaster and was annoyed by the whole "Jess thing". Jessie has been criticized by a number of the girls for flirting with all of the guys, and GinaMarie felt that there was something going on with Nick and Jessie. Nick said that he needs to tell Jess to cool it, cause he's not looking for anybody right now. GinaMarie replied by jokingly saying "shit, that means I'm out". Before wrapping up there conversation, Nick said "please just know that I am just being the nice guy and she (Jessie) f*cking irritates the shit out of me." GinaMarie told Nick that he is sweet, and thanked him for cheering her up. She remains in the house.

11:00-12:00 AM: Aaryn sat David down to have a talk in excess of an hour. She expressed her frustratin that David has not opened up to her at all. She said that while she is attracted to him, she needs more than that if she is going to get into the relationship that he is pushing for. She continually pressed him for answers as to what his goals are in life. Aaryn explained that she has huge goals, yet David hasn't told her anything about what he wants to do with his life. David remained fairly quiet throughout it all, not knowing what to say. Aaryn let him know that she needs to be with someone that knows what they want in life. She said that they are an alliance, but nothing more at this point cause she feels like she doesn't know him. David pleaded with her to not give up on him yet.

Aaryn said that things will remain the same, but they will not move forward at all. At one point, she mentioned that she and Jeremy have more in common than she and David. Earlier in the day, she and Kaitlin discussed that they messed up in picking their showmances. Aaryn noted that she is more like Jeremy, while Kaitlin felt that she is more like David. After wrapping up her talking with David, Aaryn spoke to GinaMarie, telling her about her talk with David (who she mistakenly called Jeremy). She told GinaMarie about what had happened and said that she felt bad, cause she was not trying to be a bitch but feels that she "busted his balls". GinaMarie said the two might end up being together after this, to which Aaryn replied "no, we're not going to be."

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