David is evicted, Aaryn wins HoH

July 3, 2013

A Recap of Day 13 in the Big Brother 15 House

6:00-7:00 PM: The first live eviction of the season took place tonight. As planned, David received 7 votes, Elissa received 5 votes and Jessie received 0 votes. The HoH competition was done in randomly selected pairs. The pairings were as follows: Elissa and Andy, Nick and Judd, GinaMarie and Candice, Aaryn and Jeremy, Kaitlin and Amanda, Helen and Spencer, and Howard and Jessie.

7:00-8:00 PM: The HoH competition came down to a battle between two pairs: Andy and Elissa and Jeremy and Aaryn. Andy told Elissa that he could touch the ball in the jug. Also immediately after saying that, Jeremy reached in, got the ball, and won the competition for he and Aaryn. The two had to choose between them to determine who would be crowned the new HoH, and they decided to give that title to Aaryn. As HoH, Aaryn was given the power to select the have-nots for the week. She chose Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice.

Helen spoke with Howard, mentioning that Candice had asked her why Spencer told her to vote out Elissa. Howard said that he would talk to him, cause he thought that it was going to be David. She then asked Howard if she thought that Spencer could be playing them. Howard said that he didn't think so and that Spencer may have told Candice to play it off. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Spencer was putting on a show to try to make it clear that he voted for Elissa to stay and Candice did not. In front of Aaryn, he grilled Candice on the situation. He asked her who was talking about voting to evict David, and claimed that David would have been with him until the end. Candice was adamant that she voted to evict Elissa (which she did).

Elissa and Helen were discussing that it is inevitable that Aaryn will nominate the two of them. Elissa said that if any of them get the MVP, they need to nominate Jeremy. Helen felt that it was too risky of a plan, suggesting that Jeremy be backdoored instead. She thinks that nominating someone like GinaMarie is smarter. While Elissa and Helen were planning for a potential MVP win, Kaitlin was freaking out. She feels as though she will be the one going home this week. Kaitlin expects Elissa to win MVP and come at her for being the closest ally to Jeremy. She continually said, throughout the night, that the game is rigged in Elissa's favour and she will get MVP whether the fans vote for her or not.

Aaryn explained to GinaMarie that Elissa must have promised that she would always be MVP and only come after them. GinaMarie said that it's like the game is fixed. Aaryn noted that Elissa will get MVP every week because of her (Brenchel's) fans. A short while later, Aaryn had a change of heart. She was now convinced that there is no way that Elissa will win MVP after America has seen her over the past week. She said that there are "9 million" Big Brother fans and maybe 100,000 Brenchel fans. Aaryn even went so far as to say you can't get MVP forever, you crazy bitch, to Elissa.

8:00-9:00 PM: People began going up to Aaryn and explaining what happened in terms of the vote. Judd admitted to voting to evict David. Andy also admitted to it, saying that he wasn't getting the reassurance that he needed from David. He told Aaryn that Elissa would not be after him, so he had to do it. Aaryn accepted that and said that she would not target Andy if Andy does not come after her. Next up was Candice. She told Aaryn that Spencer came to her and said to vote to evict Elissa, so she did. Candice was quite sure that Spencer, Kaitlin, Jeremy and GinaMarie voted to evict Elissa, but that is one more vote than she received. Aaryn was still puzzled over what had happened, but told Candice that she believes her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Candice was determined to get to the bottom of things, again approaching Helen about the voting situation. Candice said that the five votes to evict Elissa were Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, herself and her person (Spencer), if her person is telling the truth. The girls then began putting the pieces together. Helen wondered if Spencer and Jeremy could be working together, using them to do their dirty work and throw the house off. Candice then said that she wonders if there is a boy super group that they don't know about. She told Helen that if that's the case, the girls need to make a super group too.

Helen noted that the boys may be using the girls to take the other girls out, and that they only kept Elissa cause they knew that she would be the main target. Candice went on to say that she is now unsure if she believes Spencer, and that Nick is a wildcard and would have been smart to keep Elissa around. Candice also threw Howard's name out there as a potential member of the boy group. She even mentioned that it's possible that they did not all vote the same, knowing that they had the numbers regardless.

10:00-11:00 PM: Helen eventually spoke with Spencer to ask who the 7th vote to evict David was. She asked him if it was Nick. Covering for Nick, Spencer said that Candice is doing what exactly what he told her to do; vote for David, but swear that you voted for Elissa. Throughout the night, Spencer made sure to tell both Helen and Candice that they need to stop talking about the vote or else they are risking exposing things.

Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin briefly discussed potential nominations for the week. Elissa's name is one that came up constantly. There was some debate as to whether or not they should make her an initial nominee, as that would guarantee her a spot in the veto competition. The name that was coming up the second most was Helen's. Jeremy told Aaryn that he knows for a fact that he saw Helen smiling when David walked out, so you have to put up Elissa and Helen. Kaitlin added that Helen is a sure vote for Elissa to stay, so taking a vote away from her is an added benefit. Jeremy suggested that they think things over before making a final decision.

Jeremy told Spencer that he's not going anywhere this week. Spencer wants Jeremy to throw it out there that he really trusts Spencer. He stressed that it's important that Jeremy vouches for him in order to create doubt in the minds of people. Jeremy told him that the girls aren't even mad at Spencer. He said that they are more upset with Judd. Both guys agreed that McCrae is scaring the shit out of them, cause Amanda could blow up the Moving Company if McCrae slips up. Spencer and Jeremy said that Elissa needs to go this week, followed by Amanda next week.

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