Aaryn nominates Elissa and Helen, Elissa is again the MVP

July 5, 2013

A Recap of Day 15 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Kaitlin warned Jeremy that nominating Elissa and Helen together will only make them get closer and work together, not fight like he thinks. Kaitlin was concerned that she will be nominated as the MVP nominee and will go home. Jeremy told her not to worry, since they have got it in the bag and it will be a landslide vote against Elissa. Kaitlin then spoke with Aaryn and told her that she is not going to use the veto on herself if she goes up, as it would cause Jeremy to go home. Aaryn and Kaitlin revealed that they have some concerns about Nick, stating that they believe that he is orchestrating everything and is on the other side of the house and just using their side to get info.

Nick told Spencer that they need the house to "polarize", or else too much power is going to go to Jeremy. Nick had concerns about Amanda wanting him out, but Spencer told him that she wants Jeremy out since she views him as the total package. Spencer pointed out that due to the numbers, whoever Amanda wants out this week is going to go home. Therefore, Spencer suggested that they get Aaryn to tell Amanda that they want Elissa out.

12:00-1:00 PM: Kaitlin again raised concerns that Elissa will be nominating her, this time telling McCrae and Aaryn. Kaitlin said that if they put Helen and Elissa on the block together, those two will work together to get her out. Kaitlin explained that Elissa wants Jeremy out and that she is the closest thing to Jeremy, so she is in danger. McCrae suggested that the girls make a deal with Helen, telling her that they will keep her off the block if she doesn't try to save Elissa. McCrae also suggested nominating Candice next to Elissa, saying that it would help to ensure that the MVP nominee doesn't get any votes. Aaryn said that that's a brilliant idea. There was some concern that Candice would be evicted over Elissa. McCrae told the girls that they could bring everyone up to the HoH room and make a deal where Elissa goes this week and Candice goes next week. Jeremy later told Aaryn and Kaitlin that nominating Candice is not smart, because she will not win the veto. Jeremy still feels that it is best to have Helen nominated next to Elissa.

1:00-2:00 PM: McCrae went to Amanda to let her know that Candice has been telling people, such as Kaitlin, that she orchestrated the whole plan to blindside David. McCrae then went to Jeremy to tell him that he will be voting to keep him no matter what. Jeremy said that he needs to make sure that Amanda does the same. McCrae assured him that Amanda will be keeping him. McCrae told Amanda that Jeremy is in his back pocket and that he wants to keep him around. He said that Jeremy really trusts him.

It was now time for Jeremy to begin talking to all of the houseguests. He told Judd that people have been telling him that Judd is relaying information to Elissa, so he is not happy. Judd denied it, saying that he only talks to Elissa when people are around. Jeremy warned Judd that he will be coming after anyone that doesn't vote to evict Elissa this week. Jeremy explained that Elissa wants to get all of the guys out of the house, so it's dangerous to keep her around. Judd said that he wants to be solid with Jeremy and that he trusts Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin but is not so sure about Nick. Jeremy said that he will take Judd far in the game as long as he votes to evict Elissa.

Howard told Jeremy that he would nominate someone that would not lose to Elissa in the veto competition, such as Helen or Candice. He said that Helen is the only one that he knows that is "buddy buddy" with Elissa. Kaitlin again made it known that she is not happy with the idea of nominating Helen. Kaitlin said that it seals her fate and that she will go home this week. Kaitlin added that nominating Helen will only make Elissa stronger. Aaryn said that it has to be done.

Candice explained to Aaryn that she voted to evict Elissa. She said that Spencer came up to her and said that Elissa was being voted out. As for who to nominate, Candice suggested Nick since he is close to Aaryn and still went against her and voted David out. Jeremy asked Candice to vote Elissa out. She said that she is cool with it and that she already did it last week. Andy was next up and noted that Nick has been acting sketchy. Both Jeremy and Aaryn agreed. Andy said that they could nominate Nick and force him to pick a side. He also suggested that Candice and Helen are safe options to nominate next to Elissa. Aaryn and Jeremy assured Andy that he is at the bottom of their list of targets.

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda was next up. Jeremy told her that they could make a Final 4 with Aaryn and McCrae. Amanda said that they will protect them as long as they are receiving the same protection in return. McCrae said that they will be capable of running shit if they align. All four agreed that they can make it to the end if they stick together. Minutes later, Jeremy told Judd that the two of them could make very far if they stick with Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Kaitlin was still very pessimistic about the plan to nominate Helen. Jeremy called her an emotional bomb and said that she is acting like Jessie. He told her that she needs to calm down. Aaryn said that Kaitlin is freaking her out. Kaitlin told Jeremy that he has no control over the game. Jeremy promised her that he has "got this shit on lockdown right now".

Nick spoke with Aaryn, letting her know that his plan for the first week was to be very quiet in order to see who would tell the truth and who wouldn't. He said that he has put all of his eggs in one basket and that he will only be seen speaking to those people, since he knows who was truthful with him during the first week. Nick said that nominating Helen is a good plan.

3:00-4:00 PM: Helen approached Jeremy and Aaryn with some honesty, saying that she expects that they will want to nominate someone who is tougher than Elissa and that it will likely be her. Aaryn assured Helen that no one will be campaigning against her if she is indeed nominated. It was made clear that Elissa is the target. Helen said that she is ready to go on the block. The three then agreed that they can work together once Elissa is gone, getting the less competitive people out of the house.

5:00-6:00 PM: McCrae told Amanda that he wants her to trust him and vote the way that he wants her to. Amanda is expecting everyone to vote Jeremy out if he goes up as the MVP nominee. Amanda was concerned that Spencer is using Candice to throw her (Amanda) under the bus. McCrae told Amanda that she needs to be nice to Spencer because they can use him. Amanda then said that she wants to get rid of Nick because he is a wildcard. She added that she doesn't care about going after GinaMarie, Candice, Spencer or Elissa.

7:00-8:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen for eviction. Helen told Elissa that she hopes that they get the MVP and that she has a few tricks up her sleeve even if they don't end up getting it. Elissa said that it makes her sad that Aaryn wants everyone in the house to be mean to her. She wondered who Aaryn would blame if after she is evicted. Jeremy is confident that Elissa is going home no matter what, regardless of who the MVP nominee is. Aaryn said that Candice will be the replacement nominee if Elissa wins the veto.

8:00-9:00 PM: Helen went to Aaryn and let her know that she wants everyone to think that they are pissed off at each other. In the event that Elissa wins the veto and Aaryn keeps Helen stay in the game, Helen said that they could move forward from there. Helen and Aaryn agreed that they can be of benefit to each other in the game. Aaryn said that others don't seem to understand the idea of working together without talking.

9:00-10:00 PM: Candice told Helen that she has a feeling that Jeremy and Nick voted to evict David. Candice explained that the votes to evict Elissa were definitely her, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and likely Spencer. Candice mentioned that Jeremy isn't smart enough to concoct a plan but Nick is.

10:00-11:00 PM: Elissa was voted the MVP for the second straight week. She went to Helen and told her the good news. Helen was excited. Helen suggested that Jeremy is the best bet for the MVP nominee. Both Helen and Elissa agreed to keep things secret this week. Andy went to Helen and told her to have Elissa nominate Jeremy. If Jeremy wins the veto, Andy said that Kaitlin can go up. Helen said that she will keep him posted if Elissa gets MVP. Elissa again went to Helen, suggesting that nominating Nick could be a good idea. Helen told her that she needs to nominate Jeremy. Helen said that they can play their hearts out for veto. Worst case scenario, Jeremy wins the veto. Elissa said that Nick is going to be nominated if Jeremy wins the veto. Helen questioned if it would be better to take out Kaitlin in order to weaken Jeremy. Elissa stuck with her initial thought and said that Nick needs to go if Jeremy wins the veto.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amanda confronted Jessie about her comments last night, specifically when she went to McCrae and told him that she will be with him when Amanda leaves. Amanda said that Jessie is forcing her way to the outside of the house by crossing boundaries with the guys in the house. Jessie explained that she is naturally gravitating towards McCrae because he is familiar to her. Amanda told her not to. Amanda said that every girl in the house has had a problem with Jessie. Amanda warned Jessie to chill out, not try to steal and maneuver each other's men away. Jessie eventually apologized, after a lengthy lecture from Amanda. Amanda gave her one last warning, telling her not to flirt with McCrae at all. Amanda then went to McCrae that he should never be having a one on one conversation with Jessie. Amanda said that Jessie clearly has ulterior motives, so it makes it look like McCrae has no loyalty when he goes and talks to Jessie. In the event that Jessie sits next to McCrae, Amanda told him to move.

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