Jeremy gets nominated and wins the veto

July 6, 2013

A Recap of Day 16 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: A day after Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen for eviction, it was time for MVP's nominee to be revealed. The MVP (Elissa) chose to nominate Jeremy. The players were also selected for the veto competition. Aaryn (HoH), Elissa (nom), Helen (nom), Jeremy (nom), Nick and Amanda will play for veto.

Immediately after players were picked, Elissa tried to cut a deal with Nick. She insinuated that she had again won MVP, telling Nick that he will go up as a replacement nominee unless he throws the veto. Elissa offered to keep Nick safe for this week and next week if he threw the veto competition. She mentioned that Jeremy had wiped his butt with her hat, and asked Nick if he condones bullying women. Nick said no. Elissa said that they need to get him out then. Nick told her that he needed 30 minutes to think about the offer.

1:00-2:00 PM: The feeds returned and we found out that Jeremy had won the Power of Veto. Jeremy was telling people that they better vote for Elissa to go, cause he's coming for whoever doesn't vote her out. Meanwhile, in the have-not room, Elissa and Helen were discussing who should be the replacement nominee. Helen said that it has got to be the one person that you know that the house would vote out for sure, that being Kaitlin. She added that they don't know if Nick actually threw the competition, but they have to honour that deal not to nominate him. Spencer came by and said that Kaitlin is the only thing keeping Jeremy sane, so take away his sanity. Candice seconded that thought.

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda joined the discussion in the HoH room, where everyone was saying how terrible Elissa is at competitions. Amanda was about to say that it almost would make sense to keep her, but she stopped herself in mid-thought. Aaryn and Jeremy realized this and asked her if that's what she was thinking. Amanda said yes, but she doesn't know if it would make sense. Jeremy then told her that if anything goes down, he's going to be suspicious of her because of that comment. Once Amanda left the room, Aaryn commented that it had to have been Amanda that orchestrated the whole plan to evict David. They figured that Amanda feels safe with Elissa and was working with her until now, as she just got the wakeup call that she needed.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amanda revealed her concerns with evicting Elissa, telling McCrae that she feels as though it is really dangerous compromising controlling the third nomination every week. McCrae's counter argument was that they are in a good spot with Jeremy right now, and that they will be able to skate through next week if they don't ruffle and feathers. If they choose a side now, they would have to be ready to battle it out immediately. McCrae is confident that the other side of the house would target people like Candice and Jess next if Elissa leaves.

Andy then joined in on the conversation and said that he was just told that if they flip, they will be on Jeremy's radar. He said that he is so over hearing that they will be targeted if they don't vote the way that Jeremy wants. Andy presented the two scenarios. Scenario one: they vote to evict whoever Elissa nominates in Jeremy's place. If they go that route, he said that they have to be ready for war. Scenario two: take out Elissa in order to ensure that the other side won't suspect anything, which will make them go after Candice and Jess. McCrae supported the latter of the two options, saying that they can make Jeremy feel comfortable for a couple weeks before getting him out when he's at a vulnerable point.

Amanda continued to argue in favour of Elissa staying, saying that the MVP will be an unknown if she leaves. Amanda feels that this would make them turn on each other. McCrae reassured her that they are in a good position, no matter who wins HoH, if Elissa leaves. He told her that the target will stay off of her as long as she continues to lay low, follow him and let him get the blood on his hands. Amanda finally gave in, saying that they can get rid of Elissa. McCrae told her not to tell anyone yet.

5:00-6:00 PM: Andy told Helen that, if they show their hand by voting to keep Elissa, the other side will know. Helen said that it won't matter if they know, and explained that they will have the numbers moving forward. Andy told her that he has gotten in such a good position with Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie that it could greatly benefit their side if he stays in their good books. Helen said that she's on the block, so it's not helping her. Andy told her that the other side is currently after Candice and Nick, but that the targets could easily switch to them if they were to keep Elissa. He argued that appeasing the other side for one week would benefit them in the long run.

Andy made it clear that his mind was not made up, and he was merely presenting the argument for evicting Elissa. He said that it's a matter of exposing their alliance now or in a couple of weeks. Helen was concerned that they may no longer have an alliance if Jeremy gets his way and is controlling the house. Helen went so far as to say that she should just go align with Aaryn now if they aren't going to take advantage of the numbers that they have. Helen then turned her focus to the MVP. She told Andy that America will not understand why they would take Elissa out, and thus will start giving MVP to Jeremy and Aaryn. She said that you cannot forget that America is playing this game too and you cannot lose the MVP or else you are in trouble. Helen said that she wants no part of being in an alliance that would do this to America, again adding that she would go to Aaryn's side in a second.

Elissa and Helen discussed who the replacement nominee should be. Helen suggested that Elissa consider nominating Nick cause people fear the wrath of Jeremy. Helen told Elissa that she is not confident that they would be able to get the votes to evict Kaitlin. Elissa felt bad going back on her word to Nick. Helen told her that, if it meant staying in the house, she would do it. Candice joined in and said that she feels as though Nick and Jeremy may be together. She said that they need to sever that pair. Candice is on board with removing the guys out so that the girls can dominate, something that Elissa has also been pushing for. Candice told Elissa that the only way that she is going to stay is by nominating someone that is a bigger threat than her, which is a guy.

6:00-7:00 PM: Following a talk with Candice, Aaryn and Kaitlin began questioning Jeremy's loyalty. They wondered if Jeremy could possibly have voted David out. Kaitlin let Aaryn know that Jeremy had given her a heads up that David may have been going home. Aaryn said that her gut was really sick about Jeremy when David's eviction went down. The girls then discussed that Jeremy is quick to shut down any discussion about last week's vote. Even though they had their suspicions that something was up with Jeremy, the girls agreed that they cannot let on and also that they would like to give Jeremy more credit than that. An eventual talk with Jeremy seemed to settle their concerns for the time being.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jeremy made his way around the house to track down his fellow Moving Company members, one by one. He told each of them that he has crunched the numbers and that there is no reason for Elissa to stay, regardless of what kind of scheming may be going on throughout the house. Jeremy said that he will be out of the Moving Company if Elissa stays, cause that would mean that one of them would had to have turned. Everyone in the alliance was in agreement with Jeremy, reassuring him that they have his back and will support him 100% in evicting Elissa.

9:00-10:00 PM: Helen let Elissa know that she may have to nominate Nick cause she doesn't believe that Kaitlin would go home over her. Helen said that the house has been throwing around the option of voting to evict Elissa, but she is going to squash that idea as quickly as she can. Helen's pitch is going to be that America will start giving the MVP to Jeremy since he keeps winning competitions and is the underdog.

There was much debate as to who should be evicted. Amanda, McCrae, Howard, Andy and Judd all had discussions about it. The two Moving Company members, Howard and McCrae, were continually pushing for Elissa to leave. They argued that it will keep them off of Jeremy's radar and benefit the alliance in the long run. Andy played it down the middle and argued both sides. On the opposing end was Amanda and Judd. Amanda was the most vocal in opposing the idea to evict Elissa. She said that Elissa is too valuable as the MVP. Amanda added that, as long as Elissa is around, they will control the third nominee and Elissa will always be nominated, leaving only one spot for one of them to be nominated it. If Elissa leaves, Amanda feels that it's very possible that three of them will end up being nominated at once.

10:00-11:00 PM: Helen moved forward with her campaign, telling Spencer (and later Howard) that they are screwed if Elissa goes and Jeremy starts winning MVP. Spencer said that he has faith in everyone on their side getting MVP. Helen argued that she doesn't even want MVP, as that would cause the others to vote her out just like they are doing to Elissa. Helen has continually pushed for a Final 5 with Howard, Spencer, McCrae and Andy. Spencer eventually got Helen to open up to the idea of evicting Elissa when the topic of the McCrae and Amanda dynamic came up. Spencer shares in Helen's concern when it comes to Amanda. Helen said that the only way that she would be okay with Elissa leaving is if there is an agreement that next week Amanda will be the third nominee and will be evicted. Both Spencer and Howard were down with that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Despite McCrae continually telling Amanda that Elissa needs to go, Amanda has not yet given up pushing to keep her. Amanda and Andy got together and discussed that they are sick of the bullying from Jeremy's side. Both agreed that they want Elissa to stay. Andy told Amanda that Jeremy said that she and McCrae are their first target, only adding fuel to Amanda's fire.

2:00-3:00 AM: Judd and Andy discussed that they are in favour of keeping Elissa. Andy said "why get rid of Elissa when she is such an asset right now?". Andy also brought up Helen's point that America will be upset with them if they evict Elissa. Andy said that Spencer, Howard and McCrae are the ones opposed to keeping Elissa, leading Judd to say that "it sounds like they have an alliance with the other side". Andy and Judd agreed that keeping Elissa is so advantageous due to the MVP twist. Andy said that there is a lot to think about, but Judd disagreed. He thinks that it's a clear cut decision to keep Elissa. He is scared that people have jumped to the other side of the house, cause he can't comprehend why they wouldn't want to keep Elissa.

Candice told Helen that she is concerned that there is an all boy alliance running the house. She believes that Jeremy and Nick are at the centre of it. She also believes that Jeremy voted to evict David. Helen suggested that Candice needs to tell Aaryn about this. Candice said that Kaitlin needs to go first. Candice said that she, Helen and Elissa need to get on board and find a way to bring Aaryn to their side by showing her that Jeremy is working against her. Helen noted that Aaryn will not want to join their side until Elissa is gone.

Helen said that the guys are getting exactly what they want by having the girls fight amongst themselves. Candice is on board with a girl alliance but discussed that Elissa rubs people the wrong way and needs to learn to shut up or else she does not want to work with her. Candice feels that GinaMarie is being too emotional and needs to go, cause they won't be able to work with her. In the end, Candice knows that they need to make a girl alliance. Her concern is the way that the girls act towards each other, playing right into the hands of the guys. Candice said that the guys are all going to get to the end, while the only girls that get there will be the ones that are in the showmances. Candice also proposed, to Helen, the idea of an alliance between herself, Helen, Elissa, Spencer and Howard, but she is concerned that Spencer is already in the guy alliance.

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