Helen targets Nick, Spencer targets Amanda

July 7, 2013

A Recap of Day 17 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Spencer was discussing evicting Elissa this week. He told Andy that the other side of the house would go after Candice, not them, if they got power next week. Andy questioned why they would play with a formula that is working, when they can get out whoever they want with Elissa there. Spencer said that Elissa had agreed to be honest about the MVP, yet she isn't doing that. Andy pointed out that she is being honest with Helen and that's all that matters. Andy then said that America isn't going to do a 180 and start giving MVP to the other side. Andy told Spencer that Amanda and Judd are also on board with keeping Elissa, so it's unlikely that the house is going to flip. Spencer still argued against it, saying that the seven could remain strong without Elissa. However, Spencer did say that they could see how things went at the veto ceremony. Andy said that he would feel much better if Nick or Kaitlin left. Spencer noted that he is worried about McCrae and Amanda flipping. He said that he trusts McCrae more than Amanda since Amanda is always scheming.

12:00-1:00 PM: Helen told Elissa that nominating Nick is their best play. Elissa asked Jessie for her commitment in voting a guy out if she were to put one up, noting that the guys may be together. Jessie was noncommittal. Jessie then told Andy that she wants Elissa to go home because of the whole MVP thing. Andy played along, saying that he agreed.

Helen came up with the idea of saying that Nick is related to a past houseguest, looking to put a bigger target on his back. Elissa mentioned that she saw that Dan Gheesling would be blogging about the season, so Helen decided to run with the story that Nick is related to Dan. She also pondered with the idea of telling people that Nick has a Final 2 deal with Jeremy. Helen told Andy that Elissa had heard from Rachel that Dan was going to have a relative in the house. Andy said that it has to be Nick.

1:00-2:00 PM: Spencer told Jeremy and Howard that it may be in their best interest to have Elissa nominate Amanda so that they can evict her. Spencer argued that it would ensure that the Moving Company gets McCrae back 100%. Spencer explained to Jeremy that it has become very difficult to control their side of the house due to all of Amanda's scheming. Jeremy said that he would consider it but, as of right now, he wants Elissa to go. Spencer said that Amanda poses the greatest threat to the Moving Company. Jeremy told Spencer that he has to consider that Aaryn and Kaitlin can't stand Elissa.

Spencer next went to work on Helen, pushing for Amanda to be nominated. Spencer said that Amanda would be, without a doubt, evicted if she were to be nominated. Helen told Spencer that if Nick is Dan's cousin, MVP will start going to Nick and that worries her. Spencer stuck with the get Amanda out plan, telling Helen that it would be best for their long term games. Spencer pointed out that there is a fracture in their group and that everybody he talks to is concerned with Amanda. Spencer then said that he guarantees that McCrae and Amanda will flip to the other side if Amanda does not leave. Helen was concerned that the guys keep pushing for girls to be nominated. She was not buying into the plan to nominate Amanda.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jeremy told Amanda that three people came to him and said that she is trying to make side deals, so they want her to go up as the MVP nominee. He informed her that two females and one male from her side are targeting her. Amanda told Jeremy that she and McCrae have already decided that Elissa is going home this week. When Amanda pushed for names, Jeremy confirmed that Spencer threw her under the bus and he also mentioned the names of Helen, Candice and Elissa. Elsewhere, Howard and Nick discussed that Elissa needs to go this week. Nick said that Amanda needs to go next week. Howard agreed that Amanda is trouble, saying that she keeps going after Nick and Jeremy.

Amanda told McCrae and Judd about what was going on. Amanda said that she really trusts Elissa. Judd told her that Elissa will not nominate her and that it's a lie. Helen then went to Amanda and told her that she will not be going up. Amanda said that Spencer is worrying her. Helen feels that Spencer may be working with Jeremy to do his dirty work. Helen explained that she told Elissa to nominate Nick. Helen told Amanda and McCrae about her theory that Nick is Dan's cousin, adding that he will get MVP every week if Elissa leaves. Amanda and Helen agreed that Elissa needs to stay. Helen said that Nick is "flying through this game" and also has a Final 2 deal with Jeremy.

After Helen left, Amanda told McCrae that she does not trust Jeremy and that she wants Elissa to stay. McCrae said that they need to trust Jeremy for now. He said that if Spencer is shady, they won't have the votes to keep Elissa. McCrae told Amanda not to talk anymore game. She continued to push for Elissa to stay. McCrae told Amanda that it's not going to happen and that he won't be able to protect her if she keeps doing this. Helen informed Andy about what was going on. He then went to McCrae and Amanda to tell them that they have a foolproof plan with Elissa and that they cannot flip now and vote out one of their own. Once Andy left, McCrae again reiterate that it's done and that Elissa is leaving.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amanda and Elissa went over the plan to nominate Nick. They agreed that Spencer must be working with Nick and Jeremy. Andy was working on Howard, telling him that they have to keep Elissa and that it makes absolutely no sense not to. Howard said that he doesn't trust McCrae with Amanda, and that Amanda is going to flip. Andy said that he trusts Amanda and doesn't think that she will flip. While those two discussed McCrae and Amanda, McCrae was pleading with Jeremy and Spencer to trust that he has Amanda and can control her. He said that he is willing to throw Amanda under the bus when he needs to. Jeremy then went to Howard and asked who he despises the most in the house. Howard said that the only person in the house that makes him uncomfortable is Amanda.

8:00-9:00 PM: Aaryn told both Jessie and GinaMarie that she is starting to get really annoyed with Kaitlin. Aaryn said that her connection with Kaitlin may end up messing up her game. Aaryn told GinaMarie that she cannot even get a second to talk game with Jeremy because he and Kaitlin are always together. Aaryn went on to say that they have to figure out a way to get Kaitlin out without her knowing. GinaMarie went to Nick to tell him about the fracture in the Aaryn and Kaitlin relationship. GinaMarie was concerned that it would mess up their games. She said that she really cares about Aaryn and wants to protect her, Nick and Jeremy.

Aaryn then went to Andy and said that she is concerned that what Jeremy and Kaitlin do reflects back on her. She said that she now realizes that she cannot let Jeremy tell her what to do. She explained that Jeremy makes deals and won't even tell her what they are, while acting like she is disposable. Aaryn and Andy agreed to have each other's backs moving forward.

9:00-10:00 PM: The next person that Aaryn spoke to about her concerns was Jessie. Jessie said that she strongly believes that the only person that Jeremy cares about is Kaitlin. Aaryn said that they need to make Jeremy believe that they have 100% trust in him and that they have no doubts in him, even though they are on to him. The two then discussed the game plan moving forward. Aaryn said that they could use Spencer and Howard. Jessie mentioned Judd as well. Jessie asked what happened to Amanda needing to leave. Aaryn said that she is afraid of Amanda. Jessie explained that they are too strong together and that they need to be broken up.

11:00-12:00 AM: Helen and Andy discussed that they don't even need Spencer's vote, seeing as they think that they have Andy, Howard, Judd, McCrae, Amanda and Candice. They also both agreed that they can trust Aaryn to stick to her word and keep them safe in the future. Helen told Elissa to stay calm and let Andy gather the votes for her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Candice told Helen and Elissa that GinaMarie is going to flip when Nick leaves on Thursday. Helen said that GinaMarie will want to leave with him. Helen then told the girls that if they get power they need to take out a guy, rather than letting the guys stay solid while the girls fight amongst each other. Helen hoped that one of the guys would get the blood on their hands and take out Jeremy, so that there would be conflict amongst them.

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