The racism continues on, McCrae reveals the Moving Company

July 11, 2013

A Recap of Day 21 in the Big Brother 15 House

6:00-7:00 PM: Nick was blindsided when a number of his fellow Moving Company members voted to evict him. Helen went on to win Head of Household.

7:00-8:00 PM: Helen was talking to Jessie, along with Elissa and Candice, and was looking to get to bottom of things. Helen was upset that someone did not vote right. Jessie swore that she voted to evict Nick. Amanda believed her and said that whoever did it planned to pin it on Jessie but it's not going to work. Andy said that he had told Howard and Spencer that Jessie was on board, so he figures that one of them decided to try to frame her for flipping. Kaitlin told Aaryn that the two of them and GinaMarie will be the nominees, as the rest of the house will try to backdoor Jeremy.

GinaMarie was crushed that Nick was evicted. She was sobbing under the covers, saying that she liked him so much and they were getting closer. Howard came to console her and told her that he was the 4th vote to evict Elissa. GinaMarie then continued to sob as she went to talk to Kaitlin and Aaryn. She said that she really liked Nick and now he is going to find someone else to be with outside of the house. All three girls agreed that they don't even want to be there anymore. Aaryn and Kaitlin said that the house is full of cowards, seeing as all they are doing is targeting the strong players. Aaryn told Amanda that it was personal that Amanda decided to lie to her about the vote, as it made her look like a fool to everyone. Amanda explained that it was strictly game and that she felt safer with Elissa than with Nick. Aaryn felt that it was unfair that Elissa was kept around solely because she will win MVP and evict everyone that she does not like.

Spencer asked Andy if he thinks that Jessie was the one that flipped. Andy said yes. Spencer was concerned that people would blame him since he has been getting questioned so much recently. Howard then went to Andy and said that they know who they can trust. He said that he doesn't want Spencer taking any blame cause he knows for a fact that he voted to evict Nick. Howard said that he trusts Helen and Andy the most. Howard has some concerns with Amanda but pointed out that she voted the way that she needed to. Spencer told Howard that they will tell Jeremy that he is now easier to protect, seeing as he looks weaker. Spencer said that it was the two of them and Jeremy from the beginning and that they can still keep that intact. Jeremy asked McCrae what happened to the Moving Company. McCrae placed the blame on Spencer and Howard, saying that they came to him and had been acting real shady.

8:00-9:00 PM: McCrae told Amanda that he is so pissed off at Howard and Spencer. He called them scum and said that there is no way that Jessie would have flipped. Amanda agreed completely. Andy joined in on the conversation and said that Howard and Spencer think that they are all idiots if they expect them to believe that Jessie flipped. Amanda said that she is thrilled that Howard and Spencer did this, as now they have reason to go against them. Amanda told McCrae and Andy that Jeremy needs to be the main target this week. Amanda believed that Jeremy needs to be backdoored. She felt that they should nominate strong players like Aaryn, Kaitlin and Howard. Andy thought that it may be risk to nominate Howard if they want to have any hope of keeping him on their side. Andy, Amanda and McCrae agreed that they have 100% trust in each other.

Andy told Helen that the only people that they can trust are Amanda, McCrae and Judd. Helen pointed out Elissa and Candice as well. Andy said that he agreed about Elissa but added that they cannot trust Candice. Helen then mentioned Jessie. Andy said that they can trust her but she may flip if she feels that she is the low man on the totem pole.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jessie entered the bedroom where GinaMarie, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy were. Jessie apologized to GinaMarie. GinaMarie said that Jessie is not sorry, seeing as this happened because of her. The girls told Jessie that it really sucked that she turned on them and essentially blamed her for Nick leaving. Jessie exited the room. GinaMarie then gave a speech to the remainder of the houseguests to clarify what happened. GinaMarie said that when she looks people in the eyes and shakes on something, it means something to her. GinaMarie said that she gave her whole heart to Nick and she feels heartbroken. GinaMarie went on to say that she hasn't felt this upset since she broke up with her fiancé. She explained that she and Nick had such a connection and that he made her feel smart. GinaMarie told them that there are no hard feelings but she is not going to be fake.

Judd told Amanda that Elissa is going to jury whether she likes it or not. He too was annoyed with Howard and Spencer for trying to frame Jessie. Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy agreed that they trust Jessie more than they trust both Howard and Spencer. Amanda told Judd that the Final 5 will be her, Judd, McCrae, Andy and Helen, while the Final 3 will be her, Judd and McCrae. She said that they will take Elissa as far as they can.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jessie again went back to her bedroom, where Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aaryn were. Jessie pointed out that Kaitlin and Jeremy were on the bed that has been hers the whole time. Jessie proceeded to sit down on it with the two of them. Kaitlin asked why Jessie called her immature for backing out of the alliance. Jessie said that she is just playing the game and that it's nothing personal. Aaryn questioned if Jessie would jump back to their side if they win HoH. Jessie said no and that she was treated poorly by them. Jessie felt that she was at the bottom of the totem pole and that they did not even talk to her until David got evicted. Jessie said that Elissa at least has respect and that maybe Aaryn should get to know her instead of going after her from week one. Kaitlin and Aaryn continued to go at Jessie until Judd came into the room and got Jessie out of there.

Aaryn flipped the mattress off of Candice and Howard's bed. Minutes later, it was time for Helen's HoH room reveal. Jessie snuck downstairs quickly after in order to reclaim her bed. Candice then came into the bedroom to find her mattress flipped. She was not happy and began asking who did it. Aaryn entered the room and Candice said that if someone flips her bed one more time there will be hell in the house. Aaryn began taunting her and repeatedly said "whatchu gonna do girl?" in a voice that was meant to mock Candice. Howard entered the room and Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie continued to go after Candice. GinaMarie said that Howard isn't going to protect her. Candice then brought up that Nick was no longer there, which led to GinaMarie getting up and getting in Candice's face. GinaMarie kept repeating "what are you going to say?" and asked if Candice wanted the black to come out. Howard picked Candice up and carried her out of the room.

Howard told Candice that they will not be sleeping in that room. Candice argued with him and said that they are just letting the girls win then. Candice then pointed out that racist remarks have been made against her, she was made a have-not by Aaryn, she had her bed flipped over and then Aaryn started talking "ghetto talk" to her. Howard said that they are not being weak by not sleeping in the room. He said that they are being the bigger people. Howard pointed out that if Big Brother is not saying anything to the others about their words and actions, they must want it to happen. It was clear that the comments were breaking Candice and Howard down. Howard engaged in a lengthy prayer session, asking God to help them and make them strong enough to get through it. Candice was crying throughout the whole thing. Once she left, Howard began to cry and appeared to have reached a breaking point. The two eventually slept in the have-not room, even though they are not have-nots.

11:00-12:00 AM: Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie continued to go after Jessie. Jessie pointed out that she was done aligning with them because all they do is talk shit. The girls said that the others talk shit about her too. Jessie said that she wants to be around positive people. She explained that Aaryn brings out the worst in her. Jessie said that she is now part of a side of the house that respects her. Kaitlin said that they talk shit about her all the time. Amanda overheard this and entered the room. Kaitlin said that Amanda has talked shit about Jessie.

Amanda said if they want to clear the air, they can clear the air. Amanda proceeded to call out each of the girls for talking shit about the other girls. She had Jessie's back and stuck up for her for flipping due to being treated so poorly. Amanda then told Aaryn that "they are picturing you on this show very racist…everybody knows". Amanda said that she has been trying to help Aaryn. Aaryn told Amanda that it was fucked up that she said that and that she has not said anything racist. Amanda said that they are asking everyone questions about her racism, so that's how she is being portrayed. Aaryn said that they would not do that to her. Aaryn said that Amanda can come back to her and let her know what she said when she watches the show. Amanda told Aaryn to sit there with her four people while she goes and hangs out with the rest of the house.

Candice went up to the HoH room to tell Andy, Elissa and Helen about what was going on. She explained that the girl that has been making racist comments towards her decided to flip her mattress, not anybody else's. Everyone agreed that things have gone too far. Helen tried to calm Candice and told her that Aaryn and Kaitlin will be nominated and that Aaryn will be gone in the next two weeks depending on if Jeremy wins veto.

12:00-1:00 AM: Aaryn was crying about Amanda having said that she is being portrayed as racist. Jeremy told her not to worry and that her friends back home know that she is not racist. Aaryn said that she has not said one derogatory name. Aaryn went on to say that coming from Texas and having blonde hair, blue eyes and being a white Southern girl, people just assume these things about her. Aaryn believes that the things that she says are taken the wrong way and are twisted. Jeremy advised her to be strong and fight through it, as nobody important thinks that she is a racist.

Andy spoke to Helen and told her that Howard and Spencer were planning on flipping and keeping Nick, thinking that they had Jessie on their side. He said that they would then pin the blame on McCrae and Amanda for their two votes. When they realized that Jessie was no longer voting to evict Nick, Andy believes that Howard and Spencer conspired together to frame Jessie. Andy said that they cannot trust a word that Howard says. Andy said that he, Helen, Amanda, McCrae and Judd are rock solid and need to go to the Final 5. Andy said that he wants to take Helen to the end. Helen agreed. Helen said that Judd has surprised her and that he is extremely loyal. Andy suggested that Helen makes the least waves and goes through with nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin, looking to backdoor Jeremy. Helen and Andy agreed that they were fully ready to work with Aaryn until she continued to act inappropriately.

Amanda and Aaryn attempted to clear the air on their earlier discussion. Aaryn said that Amanda was talking to her in a malicious and condescending manner. Amanda said that she does not see it. McCrae backed her up and said that it was not condescending. Aaryn believed that Amanda was trying to one up her and would not listen to anything that she said. Amanda told Aaryn that she is victimizing herself. Amanda told Aaryn that she is in the position that she is in because of conversations like this. Aaryn said that people feel the same way about Amanda and that she is only in a good spot because she lies. Amanda fired back by saying that this is Big Brother and that people lie. Amanda explained that David and Nick went home because of Aaryn's actions and how she got Elissa against them. Amanda told Aaryn that flipping people's mattresses and getting into fights isn't the smartest thing to be doing. Aaryn told her that she will never get along with Candice no matter what. McCrae quickly jumped and said "that's where your gameplay sucks!" Aaryn walked away and went to her bedroom.

1:00-2:00 AM: McCrae told Amanda that he had a secret to tell her. He then went on to reveal the Moving Company to her. He said that they came to him on night two and that he didn't want to be with them at all. McCrae told her that Spencer spearheaded getting David out because he was not part of the Moving Company. He said that he knew that the Moving Company wanted to take Elissa out and that they wanted him to cut Amanda, so he was so nervous all week until they got Jessie on board with evicting Nick. McCrae explained that he felt bullied the whole time and that he had no say in anything. McCrae then revealed it all to Andy.

2:00-3:00 AM: Amanda, McCrae and Judd were discussing nominations. Amanda suggested that they nominate Howard, Spencer and Aaryn, with the goal of backdooring Jeremy or evicting Aaryn. Amanda said that it may be best to get rid of Jeremy, Howard and Spencer out before Aaryn since those three guys are all aligned. Helen and Elissa were upstairs discussing nominations as well. Helen explained that her plan is to backdoor Jeremy. She also had a theory that Spencer was the one that voted to evict Elissa. She said that she will get that info out of Jeremy and that Spencer will eventually have to be backdoored if he does not fess up to it.

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