Jeremy makes his final pitch

July 16, 2013

A Recap of Day 26 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Judd and Jessie discussed that Kaitlin is their number one target. Judd said that it's not cause he hates her, but because of her strength in competitions. Jessie added that she thinks that Kaitlin would nominate them in a heartbeat. Jessie mentioned that Aaryn had said that Kaitlin is likely after Spencer and Howard. She told Judd that it may be beneficial to leak that info to the guys, then word would spread and it would get people to target Kaitlin.

Jessie told Judd that they need to get Amanda and McCrae on their side before Jeremy leaves, cause she believes that Kaitlin will start hanging out with them once he is gone. Jessie wants to let Amanda and McCrae know that it's imperative that they stick together in order to get Kaitlin, Aaryn and GinaMarie out of the house. Jessie and Judd discussed that they want to get to the Final 2 together and there is no one else that they would rather have a Final 2 with.

12:00-1:00 PM: Judd spoke with Aaryn to let her know that she is off of people's radar right now. He told her that he thinks that she will be okay next week even if she doesn't win HoH. Judd suggested that Kaitlin may go first, but Aaryn said that Kaitlin has a Final 4 with Andy, Helen and Elissa. Judd mentioned that Helen had told him not to put up Kaitlin, but he didn't guarantee anything and was not happy that people are making deals on his behalf.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessie continued to voice her opinion that Kaitlin needs to go before Aaryn, this time telling it to Spencer and Howard. Jessie said that she has less of a relationship with Kaitlin than the other, cause Kaitlin is always hanging around with Jeremy. Jessie feels that Kaitlin would be wise to start hanging out with other people. Howard doesn't understand how Kaitlin can acknowledge that Jeremy is an ass, but continue to be all over him. Spencer thinks that GinaMarie should be last to go, following Aaryn and Kaitlin, cause she is the least likely to win a competition.

2:00-3:00 PM: Judd told Aaryn that he is tired of GinaMarie mourning over someone that she just met. He said that it has been a week now since Nick left. Aaryn agreed. Aaryn is frustrated that she is continually trying to play the game, while GinaMarie is focused on Nick. Judd said that GinaMarie is someone that doesn't need to be in jury, cause she will be an extremely bitter jury member. Aaryn said that is something to keep in mind down the line when forced to make a decision between keeping her or GinaMarie.

4:00-5:00 PM: Elissa and Andy discussed that they are enjoying their time in the house and are looking forward to sticking around for a while. Elissa said that they need a name for the alliance. Amanda came into the room and suggested "The Knockouts". Elissa and Helen were both happy with the name. Amanda had came up with name yesterday, but only McCrae, Andy and Judd knew about it. The Knockouts alliance consists of Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Elissa, Helen and Andy. There is also a Final 4 alliance within that alliance called the Goof Troop. The members of the Goof Troop are Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy.

The Knockouts had a group meeting and discussed that, if anyone them win HoH, they all need to gather together and figure everything out. They agreed that the decisions need to be made together. Amanda said that they can branch out around the house to control the rest of the houseguests. Elissa said that she can manage Candice, Judd said that he can manage Jessie, and Helen said that Amanda can manage Aaryn. Helen feels that Spencer and Howard are devoted enough to them at this point, but thought that they could hold some group meetings that included them at times.

5:00-6:00 PM: Aaryn approached Kaitlin to tell her that they need to stick together if they want to do anything in this game. Aaryn said that the rest of the house is going to try to tear them apart, but they need to stick together with GinaMarie as well. Kaitlin agreed and said that she will not turn on Aaryn. Aaryn is unsure if Helen and the others will actually protect them. She revealed to Kaitlin that Helen offered her the same deal that she offered Kaitlin, minus involving Elissa in it. Aaryn said that she and Helen are going to pretend to not like each other, but are going to do what they can to keep each other safe.

Aaryn told Jeremy that she fears that the house will pin her and Kaitlin against each other. Jeremy said that they likely will, but the girls need to remain strong and communicate with each other. Jeremy said that Aaryn and Kaitlin are the strongest people in the house. Aaryn said that she cannot understand why Amanda and McCrae would not be on board to get rid of Spencer and make a powerful alliance with them. She said that they could then have six of the strongest people (including Kaitlin and GinaMarie) in the house working together. Jeremy is convinced that he is 100% gone this week, but told Aaryn to talk to Amanda and McCrae about it.

6:00-7:00 PM: After speaking with Jeremy, Aaryn tried to talk to Kaitlin about making a plan to take control of the game. Kaitlin said that they will never have any control as long as Elissa is in the house. She said that everyone will be kissing Elissa's ass. Aaryn said that there is always a way and she wants to figure out a plan to keep both her and Jeremy in the house. Kaitlin remained pessimistic, telling Aaryn that she doesn't want to talk any game until there is a new HoH. Aaryn said that she feels as though Kaitlin is either giving up or knows that she is going home. Kaitlin told her that she accepted that Jeremy is leaving.

Jeremy pulled Andy aside to make a final pitch to him. He told Andy that he already has Amanda, McCrae and Judd on board to keep him, but they don't want to do it unless they have the numbers. Jeremy told Andy that he has been straight up with everyone and that he would protect whoever kept him just as much as he protects Kaitlin. He also said that his group has the stronger players, so it's a move that makes sense. Andy told Jeremy that he does trust him more than some others, such as Howard and Spencer, cause he has always been straight up. Andy went on to say that he is on board with doing whatever the house wants, cause he doesn't want to make himself a target. Jeremy said that while everyone is afraid to go against Elissa, they would have the numbers if they chose to keep him. Andy told Jeremy that keeping him is not something that he's totally opposed to, so they can talk about it.

Andy told McCrae and Amanda about his chat with Jeremy. Both laughed it off and gave no indication that they have any interest in keeping Jeremy around. Andy then turned the focus to Elissa. He said that she is emotionless and robotic. Andy said that once Elissa gets it into her head that she's after you, there's nothing that will change it. That concerns him. McCrae said that the ideal time to get rid of Elissa would be during a double eviction.

Andy mentioned to McCrae that he wouldn't mind stringing Jeremy along and making him think that they are keeping him. Helen overheard this and said that doesn't want to do so, otherwise Kaitlin, Aaryn and GinaMarie will be after them for giving them a false sense of hope. Talked then turned to Howard. McCrae said that Howard is a dangerous player. Helen asked whether they should get rid of Howard before Aaryn. Both McCrae and Andy agreed that Howard needs to go next, even before Aaryn.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jeremy made his way up to the HoH room for one last ditch effort to campaign to both Helen and Elissa. Jeremy said that he would be targeting the same people as they are, Spencer and Howard. Helen told him that before she would even consider it, she would need Jeremy's attitude to change. Helen is not a fan of the cockiness or the drama that Jeremy brings. Jeremy said that he has been getting better in terms of that and would like the opportunity to continue to grow as a person.

Helen wanted safety for herself, Elissa and Andy. Jeremy told her that he would not ever go against them, unless it came down to the four of them in the Final 4. Elissa asked if he would take out Kaitlin and Aaryn before them. Jeremy said that if that's the deal that needs to be made to keep him there, he would. He even said that he would bring Kaitlin up there right now and tell her that he will be choosing Helen and Elissa over her at Final 4 if it comes down to it. He later told Kaitlin that he made that deal, but said that he would not stick to it.

Elissa and Helen agreed that if they kept Jeremy, Aaryn would have to be the one to go. Jeremy was fine with that, acknowledging that Aaryn has ruined his game. Helen told Jeremy that if he would have acted the way he is now when he came into the house, he would have won this game. Elissa then said that she would be buying this if she were Helen, but Jeremy looked her in the eyes before and said the same things when he wiped his butt with her hat and he didn't change. Jeremy said that he has a better social game than he has shown and would like the opportunity to prove it. Before ending the discussion, Helen also mentioned that Jeremy would be protecting McCrae, Amanda and Judd as well.

8:00-9:00 PM: After Jeremy left, Helen and Elissa discussed what they had just heard from him. Both agreed that he cannot be trusted and that he still needs to go. Helen said that while Jeremy made a compelling argument, they don't need him at this point. Elissa said that they can win the competitions on their own once Jeremy is out of the picture. Andy then joined in on the discussion and said that this is why Jeremy is so dangerous. Andy said that Jeremy goes from being a tyrant to being like this and almost winning them over. Andy also agreed that it's Jeremy's time to go. Helen later said that so many people would be disappointed in them if they kept Jeremy and that Jeremy doesn't deserve to be there anymore.

Helen and Andy then spoke with Kaitlin to let her know that whatever she is hearing from Aaryn about them is untrue. They reassured her that they plan on protecting her moving forward. Kaitlin said that Aaryn is probably scared that she is going to turn her back on her, but doesn't know that she already kind of has. Kaitlin also feels that Aaryn is upset that she beat her in the veto competition. Kaitlin said that Howard needs to go. She feels that Howard is playing Candice and it's sad.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jeremy spoke with Amanda and McCrae to let them know that Helen is considering his offer. He said that they will be targeting Aaryn this week if they choose to work with him, so he wanted to give them a heads up. Jeremy told Amanda and McCrae that Helen specifically mentioned them as two people that she would want Jeremy to protect. He commented that he didn't know that they were that tight. Amanda said that they are not.

After Jeremy left the room, Amanda voiced her frustration with Helen. She asked McCrae if Helen is retarded, cause she named the whole alliance (The Knockouts) as people that she wants Jeremy to protect. Both agreed that Helen needs to keep her mouth shut and not talk. While McCrae said that the one positive of keeping Jeremy is that you always know where he's at, both he and Amanda agreed that Jeremy needs to be the one to go this week. McCrae and Amanda are set on getting Howard out of the house next week. McCrae said that there is no way that he would have left Howard in the house over Jeremy even.

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