The plan to evict Jeremy is still in motion

July 17, 2013

A Recap of Day 27 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Jessie and Judd had a brief conversation in which Judd suggested that Jessie throw the HoH competition unless she's up against someone that is going to hurt her. When Jessie asked why, Judd said that they will have the MVP anyway and will still control the votes. Judd said that he has been trying to work GinaMarie in case she pulls out an HoH win, but feels that she still places the blame for Nick's eviction on him. He told Jessie that he has heard that GinaMarie would nominate he and Spencer for eviction.

11:00-12:00 PM: Howard let Judd know that he has his back and would never come after him. He said that same goes for Jessie and that those two were never the targets, even when he was in the Moving Company. Judd said that he has Howard's back and that he and Jessie aren't after Howard and Candice.

12:00-1:00 PM: Judd spoke with Spencer and mentioned that he has been helping Spencer out, but doesn't think that he needs the help. Spencer is concerned that Jeremy has cut a deal with Helen. Judd said that he may have tried, but he doesn't think that Helen will listen. He reassured Spencer that he, McCrae, Amanda and Jessie will be voting to evict Jeremy. Judd is worried that GinaMarie will win HoH and nominate he and Spencer cause she blames them for Nick leaving. He said that he began planting seeds with GinaMarie to throw HoH since the MVP's nominee has been the one leaving anyway, so there's no point in getting your hands dirty.

Judd noted that it is starting to turn into a chick fest in the house. Spencer said that as long as Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie are the next three to go, the guys and girls will be evened up again. Judd said that Aaryn is likely to be the biggest target next week, but he feels that Kaitlin is the more dangerous of the two. He said that he would nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Spencer said that he would likely nominate Kaitlin and Aaryn, but any combo of those three girls would work.

1:00-2:00 PM: Candice and Howard discussed the upcoming vote. Howard asked what the backup plan is for if Jeremy ends up staying. Candice told him that there is no way that Jeremy will be staying. Howard argued that people like keeping someone like that around because he can help you go far but ultimately won't win the game in the end. Candice stood by her belief that Jeremy is gone. She told Howard that he would be wise to win HoH and make some deals, cause he will be the biggest guy left once Jeremy leaves. Howard questioned if that means that the guys are all going to be picked off and it will be an all girl house. Candice said that is not the case, but people will feel threatened by him. As for Spencer, Candice explained that she sees him as untrustworthy due to his actions surrounding the Week 1 eviction vote when he told her to evict Elissa. Howard told her that Spencer can be trusted, but Candice continues to be weary of him.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kaitlin made her pitch to GinaMarie as to why they should push for Aaryn to go home over Jeremy. Kaitlin said that David, Nick and now Jeremy all went home because of Aaryn. She said that Aaryn is bringing all of their games down and they only have a target on their backs because of her. Due to the guilt by association, Kaitlin explained that they will not make it far by being with Aaryn. Kaitlin said that Aaryn is a terrible game player, while Jeremy is someone that can offer more protection to them.

McCrae let Judd know that he has heard about alliance between Jessie, Spencer, Howard and Candice. While they were reluctant to believe that it was actually true, McCrae said that they have to include Jess more and that Judd will have to play up the showmance with her. McCrae said that Howard 100% needs to go home next week cause he's too dangerous. After Howard, then Aaryn can go. He explained that Aaryn is capable of being read and everyone knows what she's doing, while Howard is a snake in the grass. Judd is frustrated that Aaryn continues to go around and tell people that he is smarter than he is letting on.

Judd then let Jess know about the rumoured alliance that she was a part of. Jessie quickly shot it down, saying that it was BS. She said that Candice asked her to work with them, but she never said yes. Judd told her that she can tell them what they want to hear, but that Spencer and Howard are shady. Judd said that they need to work with McCrae. Judd informed Jess that Howard is going to be the big target on all sides for the upcoming week.

5:00-6:00 PM: GinaMarie asked Helen if the plan is still for everyone to vote Jeremy out. Helen confirmed that that was the plan. GinaMarie then asked Helen for advice on what to do with her vote. On one hand, she didn't want to go against the house and be punished for it, while on the other hand she didn't want to appear to be disloyal by voting Jeremy out. Helen told GinaMarie that everyone sees her as being part of that side of the house as it is, so no one would be shocked if she voted to evict Spencer and it was an 8-2 vote. That being said, Helen also added that voting to evict Jeremy, making it a 9-1 vote, could be a step in the right direction to begin distancing herself from that side.

Helen said that she could tell people that GinaMarie came to her and wants to work with the house moving forward. In the event that GinaMarie were to win HoH, Helen said that going after Aaryn would put the house in debt to her cause everyone wants Aaryn out. Helen explained that part of the purpose of her nail party was to show that the girls get along and can work together despite Aaryn's drama. She said that perhaps that would help change the way that Aaryn acts after she sees that. Helen questioned whether or not Aaryn has really been saying that she is going after her and Elissa if she wins HoH. GinaMarie said that Aaryn has not told her that, so it's either a lie or Aaryn has only said it to other people.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jeremy spoke with Helen and Elissa to further sweeten the deal that he had offered them yesterday. Jeremy said that he will guarantee Helen or Elissa his vote in the Final 2 as long as they keep him until jury. Furthermore, he said that, if they get him to jury, he will be fine with them putting him on the block and he will throw the veto competition. He made it clear that he will throw his hands in the air and "white flag it" once he is guaranteed a spot on the jury. Jeremy said that he needs the money and that $13,000 over $4,000 is a big deal to him. Until then, Jeremy vowed to be a soldier for Helen and Elissa and to help them pick people off. Before ending the discussion, Helen asked Jeremy to repeat what Aaryn had said. Jeremy told her that Aaryn said that she will win HoH and go after Helen and Elissa.

Helen and Elissa discussed the deal that Jeremy had offered them. Helen said that it's a very good deal, while Elissa said that there is no way that Jeremy would honour that deal over what he has with Kaitlin, and that he has got to go. Helen said that she may be stupid for believing it, but she actually thinks that Jeremy would stick to his word. Helen asked Elissa if she would be willing to nominate Howard in the event that Aaryn won HoH and nominated the two of them. Elissa said yes. That was the reassurance that Helen needed to stick with the plan to evict Jeremy. Helen mentioned that they are doing this for the house and can't act selfishly by cutting a deal. In the event of a 5-5 tie, Helen asked what she should do. Elissa said that if it's 5-5 between Jeremy and Spencer, evict Jeremy. If it's 5-5 between Jeremy and Aaryn, Elissa said that she would evict Aaryn, cause that means some of their own people turned to evict Aaryn. She later said that Jeremy would be tougher to get out cause Aaryn digs her own grave further each week.

8:00-9:00 PM: Helen confronted Aaryn about the rumours that she had been hearing that Aaryn plans on winning HoH and coming after her and Elissa. Aaryn said that she hasn't even thought about HoH. She said that she is on the block right now and the last thing that is on her mind is HoH and who her targets would be. Aaryn went on to say that Jeremy is obviously throwing her under the bus in hope of saving himself. Aaryn reassured Helen that she is never going after her and Elissa. She explained that even though her and Elissa have beef, she doesn't think that Elissa is after her. Aaryn said that she took her one shot at Elissa last week and now it's time to move on because she doesn't have the votes to get her out anyway. Helen suggested that Aaryn does something that is favourable for the house if she wins HoH, rather than having an "Aaryn HoH". Helen told Aaryn that she didn't believe what she had heard about Aaryn coming after them, but she wanted to hear it from her mouth.

Aaryn reached out to Elissa in order to extend the olive branch and let her know that she will not be after her any longer. Aaryn said that Elissa will see that through her actions if she ends up in power again. Aaryn acknowledged that they have had words between them, but she won't be after her. Elissa said that the words have not been mutual, as she has not said anything to Aaryn. Elissa told Aaryn that she prefers her to be a non-existent entity to her. She said that she neither likes nor dislikes Aaryn. Aaryn then apologized for "whatever" and said that so many misunderstandings have got them to this point. Elissa told Aaryn that she doesn't want to talk to her, that they have nothing in common and that she doesn't feel comfortable speaking with her.

Aaryn was frustrated that Elissa shut her down when she attempted to reach out to her. Aaryn asked GinaMarie how Elissa could make amends with Jeremy but not with her. Aaryn said that she has now tried three times, yet Elissa continues to put this on her and tell everyone in the house that she is the problem. This led Aaryn to believe that it was due to personal reasons. GinaMarie said that she could talk to Elissa for Aaryn, but Aaryn said that she doesn't want her to. Aaryn explained that it's not her job to be the olive branch extender. Elissa also discussed what happened, telling Candice that Aaryn is trouble, scares her, and freaks her out every time that she talks to her. Elissa said that she has had peace for a week and doesn't want to get involved with the cattiness that Aaryn brings. Elissa said that she doesn't care who talks to Aaryn and that she hopes that Aaryn has a good time, as long as she stays away from her.

9:00-10:00 PM: The houseguests held a talk show called "The Roscoe Report". Roscoe is the name that they have given to the pool duck. The host of the show was Helen, who referred to herself as "Helen Chenbot". A variety of topics were covered. Aaryn covered fashion, Elissa covered nutrition, GinaMarie and Howard covered sports, Jessie interviewed the Moving Company and so on. Perhaps the highlight of the show was when Candice asked Amanda if it was love at first sight when she saw McCrae. Amanda replied "umm yes" and said that it was love at first sight. Candice quickly replied back by saying that "it was love at first HoH. That works too." Amanda appeared to be irritated by the comment, but later said that she didn't think that Candice meant it in malicious way.

1:00-2:00 AM: The Goof Troop discussed what they will do tomorrow in the event of a double eviction. McCrae said that he will nominate Kaitlin and Aaryn, Andy said that he will nominate GinaMarie and Aaryn, and Judd said that he will nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie. If anyone were to use the veto, they plan to nominate and evict Howard. Amanda said that they need to tell the other side of the house to nominate Howard along with either Spencer or Candice, with the goal of evicting Howard. Andy said that he knows for a fact that Kaitlin wants Howard, Spencer and Candice out of the house.

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