Jeremy is evicted, Judd wins HoH

July 18, 2013

A Recap of Day 28 in the Big Brother 15 House

1:00-2:00 PM: Following the HoH lockdown, Helen spoke to Kaitlin and informed her that Jeremy would be the one going home tonight. Helen explained that she strongly considered Jeremy's offer, but the house really wants him out and Elissa doesn't want to take the deal. Helen said that she is leaning toward keeping Jeremy in the event of a tie, given that a tie would mean that people from her side voted to keep him. Kaitlin said that she is not expecting a 5-5 vote anyway. Helen let her know that she would talk to Jeremy and tell him the same thing so that he is not blindsided by the eviction. She told Kaitlin that she wanted her to be able to know in advance so that she could spend whatever time she had left with Jeremy.

2:00-3:00 PM: Helen eventually caught up with Jeremy and broke the news to him. She told him that she will break the tie in his favour if it's a 5-5 vote, but that it doesn't appear to be headed that way. Helen let Jeremy know that he has been awesome to be around for the past 48 hours. She appreciated the way that he cleaned up his act, telling him that if he continues on that way he will be a successful young man. Jeremy let her know that there are no hard feelings. He said that he played the best came that he could and would leave the house with his head held high.

Not ready to give up just yet, Jeremy had a few words with McCrae. Jeremy offered the same deal to McCrae (and Amanda) that he had previously offered to Helen and Elissa. Jeremy said that he just wants to make it to the jury house. Once he makes it to that point, he says that he will not fight for the veto and will accept his eviction. He also said that he will guarantee his vote in the Final 2 to either McCrae or Amanda if they were to make it. McCrae said that he would have to speak with Amanda about it. Jeremy understood and told McCrae to let Judd know if they are switching their votes at the last minute. McCrae then asked if there is anything that Jeremy would like him to do in the event that he goes home tonight. Jeremy replied by saying to take out Spencer and Howard cause they turned on them. McCrae said that he would have Kaitlin's back for him.

6:00-7:00 PM: The live eviction went down as expect, with Jeremy leaving in a near unanimous voted. The vote was 9-1-0, with Kaitlin being the lone vote to evict Spencer. Following the eviction the HoH competition was held and came down to a tiebreaker between McCrae, Kaitlin and Judd. The eventual winner was Judd. We later found out that both McCrae and Judd had tried to throw the competition once it got down to the tiebreaker question. It was announced that this week's BBMVP would America. The viewers will be given the power to select the third nominee.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned immediately after the episode, and the houseguests were discussing what the twist could possibly be. McCrae and Amanda were discussing that perhaps Elissa isn't allowed to get MVP again. Amanda immediately began pushing for Howard to be backdoored. She told Judd that he needs to let Aaryn and Kaitlin know that they are not the targets if he nominates them. Elissa wants Aaryn to leave before Howard, but Amanda told her that Aaryn has no power and will be going home soon anyway. Amanda felt strongly that Judd needs to nominate Aaryn so that Elissa cannot, cause she thinks that they need Elissa to nominate Spencer. Amanda told Judd that they can't put Elissa in a situation where she has to backdoor Howard when the option is there to backdoor Aaryn as well, otherwise she will likely opt for the latter.

Judd told Elissa that they will talk later tonight. He said that they have to agree 100% on what they are doing, cause she has as much power as he does. Judd said that he is not going to do what somebody tells him to do, but rather he is going to do what he wants to do. Judd said that they may have to vote out Kaitlin or Aaryn if they cannot backdoor Howard. Judd began his push for Aaryn to stay safe, telling Elissa that he does not want her to nominate Aaryn.

10:00-11:00 PM: Aaryn told Kaitlin that she knows 100% that Judd will not put her up cause he owes her. Aaryn said that they need to be mediocre at competitions and stay quiet in order to get far in the game. She said that everyone is going to try to make the two of them turn on each other at the first chance that they get. Kaitlin agreed, but felt that the house has other targets right now so it won't be just yet.

11:00-12:00 AM: Judd, Elissa, Howard and Spencer discussed nominations. Judd said that it may seem crazy, but he's considering going after GinaMarie. Howard said that you can't go wrong with nominating Aaryn and that, if it was him, he would nominate Kaitlin because she's a competitor. Spencer said that the are three girls that are potential targets (Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie) and there are three slots for nominations, so Judd should put them up in whichever order he feels like. Elissa was still pushing for Aaryn to go up, but Judd said that she has nobody back her in the game. When Elissa eventually got Judd alone, she asked who his target was. Judd said that it's either Kaitlin or GinaMarie. Elissa mentioned that she had thought that the target for this week was always Aaryn, Spencer or Howard. Judd explained that he had said that he would not nominate Aaryn, but it's fine if Elissa does it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Andy told Elissa and Judd that he is totally cool with getting Aaryn out, but that he feels that Howard can do some damage with Spencer and Candice at his side. Jessie then got her chance to speak with Judd alone, telling him that he does not want Howard's blood on his hands if something goes wrong. Judd agreed and said that he does not even want Howard to go home. Judd said that it's time for one of the girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin or GinaMarie) to go. Jessie said that Elissa wants Aaryn to go home, but she personally wants Kaitlin to be the one to go.

1:00-2:00 AM: Judd pulled Aaryn aside and told her that he is afraid to put her up as a pawn, so he's not going to do it no matter what anybody says. Aaryn was still concerned that she would go up as the MVP nominee and would be voted out over GinaMarie and Kaitlin. She suggested that GinaMarie be the one that they target. Judd let Aaryn know that GinaMarie is the person that he wants out, out of everybody in the house. He said that he will likely target GinaMarie if they can't backdoor somebody.

When asked what happened to the plan of getting Howard out, Judd responded by saying that he think that Howard would have to be backdoored but prefers that a girl goes home. Judd said that Howard and Spencer stabbed him in the back, but he doesn't think that they would go after him right now. Talk then turned to Elissa. Judd said that if Elissa works with him, she is valuable. If not, Judd said that there is no point in keeping her. Judd said that he would even backdoor Elissa before he would backdoor Howard. Furthermore, Judd told Aaryn that he would veto somebody and nominate Elissa if she used the MVP nomination to nominate Aaryn.

Aaryn made her way back to the bedroom and told Kaitlin and GinaMarie that she believes that all three of them will end up on the block this week. Kaitlin quickly shot that idea down, saying that Spencer and Howard are the targets. Kaitlin said that the entire house wants Howard out, so Judd will do what they want. Aaryn explained that Judd is not doing what the house wants. She said that she didn't believe that she was a target until five minutes ago when Judd said that he would not be nominating Spencer and Howard. Kaitlin still wasn't buying it and told Aaryn that she heard from Helen, Elissa and Andy that Howard is who they want gone. Kaitlin also added that Helen told her that she was safe immediately after the HoH competition. Aaryn threw one more piece of info out there, saying that she doesn't believe that McCrae actually got MVP last week. She said that her belief is that McCrae just said that to take the heat off of Elissa.

2:00-3:00 AM: Amanda continued her push for Aaryn to be nominated, but Judd held firm with his stance that he cannot nominate her. He said that he will tell Kaitlin that she is a pawn. He said that GinaMarie will go batshit crazy no matter what, so it doesn't matter what he tells her. Aaryn again spoke with Judd and said that everybody would be happier if GinaMarie were to leave this week. Judd said that he thinks that they need to reunite GinaMarie and Nick. He told Aaryn that he will do whatever it takes to keep her there, cause it would be a travesty if GinaMarie stayed over her.

3:00-4:00 AM: Jessie is becoming concerned with Amanda. Jessie explained that Amanda is running the house, is running McCrae and is playing all sides. Jessie feels that Amanda is doing things for her own good rather than for the good of the alliance. Judd agreed that Amanda is running things, but said that it would be too dangerous to go after her. Judd said that he trusts McCrae most after Jessie. After that, he said that he trusts Helen, Andy and Elissa about the same. He said that he used to trust Spencer, but that Spencer has given him so many reasons not to trust him.

4:00-5:00 AM: Judd told Amanda and McCrae that he will nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie. He said that he is going to tell her that he had a vision last night that Nick needs her back home. Amanda told Judd that Howard is going to be gunning after all of them. Amanda said that Judd needs to think of what's better for the alliance, not just him, cause he will stay in the game longer if he has the alliance behind him. She said that Spencer, Howard and Candice are together, so they need to weaken them by removing Howard. McCrae told Judd to assume that Elissa will nominate Aaryn.

Amanda said that Aaryn and Spencer are interchangeable, so it doesn't matter who Elissa puts up as long as it's one of those two. Judd again voiced his concerns over Elissa. He does not want to keep Elissa around if she is going to go off and do something with MVP that isn't best for the group. Judd told McCrae that he doesn't want Aaryn to go this week cause she may be able to help his game. McCrae said that the dangerous thing about Aaryn is that she runs around telling everything to everyone. McCrae said that he wont vote Aaryn out if that's not what Judd wants, but he feels that Aaryn is going to screw up his game.

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