Amanda pushes for Howard to be backdoored

July 19, 2013

A Recap of Day 29 in the Big Brother 15 House

2:00-3:00 PM: The feeds came back after being down for the have-not competition. The have-nots for the week are Andy, Candice, Jessie and Spencer. America voted for the have-nots to receive macaroni and mangoes. On a game front, Judd began holding his meetings in preparation for the nomination ceremony. Kaitlin was first up. Judd informed Kaitlin that she would be going up, but only as a pawn. Judd told her that he wants to work with her in this game and will use the veto on her if he wins it. Judd later told his closer allies that he does not want to win the veto. Kaitlin said that she is not working with Aaryn anymore because Aaryn has awful gameplay and brings people down. Kaitlin told Judd that she will have his back if he keeps her safe.

Judd then spoke with Spencer and McCrae (individually). He told Spencer that Kaitlin is no longer necessarily his target. He wasn't sure if it was going to be Aaryn either, but would be okay with her leaving. Judd told McCrae the same thing, saying that Kaitlin and GinaMarie will likely go up as pawns. Judd said that Aaryn is making up a lot of shit and spreading it across the house. McCrae agreed. Judd told him that he would prefer a girl to leave this week, even though everyone is saying Howard. McCrae advised Judd to keep the whole Howard thing in mind, but said that he would not push for it.

McCrae warned Judd that Amanda would be vocal, as always, when she spoke with him. Amanda immediately began pushing for Howard to be the target this week. She said that Aaryn is just one person and has no allies, while Howard is together in an alliance of three with Spencer and Candice. Amanda also told Judd that GinaMarie will be after him for the rest of the game if he nominates her. Amanda suggested that he nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin and explain to both that they are not the targets.

Judd spoke with GinaMarie and let her know that he is considering using her as a pawn. GinaMarie was not happy to hear this. Judd explained that he needs people up there that he can trust and work with, cause they don't know what this twist will bring. He said that it's possible that the nominees will get some kind of power. GinaMarie told Judd to nominate Jessie if he really feels that he needs someone that he can trust on the block. Judd told her to get the Jessie stuff out of her head, cause they aren't as close as people are making them out to be.

3:00-4:00 PM: Judd told Aaryn that he is trying to figure out if it's best for him to nominate her, cause Elissa will nominate her anyway. He told her that he feels as though she would be safer if he nominated her. Aaryn wasn't convinced that Elissa would actually nominate her, seeing as she has been saying that she wants to get all of the guys out of the house. If she was to be nominated, Aaryn prefers it be against GinaMarie instead of Kaitlin. Aaryn said that Kaitlin cut a deal with Andy, Helen and Elissa, so she would stay over her. Judd told Aaryn that not everyone in the house thinks that it's a good move to get her out. He suggested that she be nice to Helen and Elissa. Like he did with Kaitlin, Judd told Aaryn that he would use the veto on her if he were to win it.

Next up, it was Elissa's turn to speak with Judd. He asked her if she would nominate GinaMarie if he were to nominate Aaryn and Kaitlin. Elissa said that it would be either GinaMarie or Spencer. Judd asked Elissa not to nominate GinaMarie. He feels that he can control her for the rest of the game if she doesn't go on the block this week. Elissa told Judd that everyone wants Aaryn to go before Kaitlin. Judd said that they must want to be beaten in competitions then, cause Kaitlin is a beast in them. Elissa cautioned Judd not to listen to Jessie when it comes to Kaitlin, cause she has a personal vendetta due to the whole Jeremy thing.

Jessie, Helen and Candice are becoming concerned about Amanda. Helen doesn't like that Amanda is close with Aaryn, feeling that Amanda is liable to go run off with Aaryn and tell her everything at any time. Jessie said that Amanda is going to set this game up to work in her best interests if everyone keeps listening to her. Jessie pointed out that Amanda and McCrae have no blood on their hands up to this point and everyone listens to her. Candice said that Amanda has positioned herself in such a way that she can go to whatever side ends up having control.

Jessie also feels that McCrae and Amanda are pushing for Kaitlin to stay because they want to use her as a secret weapon in their back pocket. Jessie is concerned that they will meet resistance from Amanda if they push for Kaitlin to go home over Aaryn this week. Despite her personal issues with Aaryn, Candice acknowledged that Kaitlin is a bigger comp threat and needs to be the one to go. All three girls agreed that they need to backdoor Amanda in the near future. Helen emphasized that they cannot let McCrae have any idea that it is going down, whenever they choose to do it. The three of them agreed to keep this between themselves for the time being, in order to prevent Amanda from using it against them.

Judd let Amanda know that he is likely nominating Aaryn and Kaitlin. Amanda was happy with those nominations, but she continued to strongly push her backdoor Howard agenda. Amanda had earlier told McCrae that there will be big issues if Judd passes up on the opportunity to backdoor Howard. She told Judd that he has to do it and that everyone in the house wants Howard out. She said that he will become a target if he goes against the wishes of the house and fails to backdoor Howard if given the opportunity.

Amanda told Judd that the only people that would be upset if Howard was backdoored are Spencer and Candice. Andy pointed out that those two are likely to be scrambling and would run to their side. Judd expressed some concern about another guy being evicted. Amanda didn't understand why that matters. She swore to God that there is not a girls' alliance. She said that Howard has made an alliance with every single person in the house, so you have no idea where he stands and he is the most dangerous player in the game. Amanda told Judd that Howard will come after the alliances like Amanda/McCrae, Judd/Jess and Andy/Helen, not Kaitlin/Aaryn/GinaMarie, if he stays in the game. Judd finally gave in and went along with what Amanda was saying, but it seems as though not even Judd knows who his true target is going to be this week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned and we found out that Judd had nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction. Aaryn spoke with Judd and was upset over something that he said in his nomination speech. She knew that she was very likely being nominated, but Judd called her the "Texas Tornado" and said that she twists words. She asked Judd if he really thought that. Judd told her that it's not true, but other people feel that way. He told Aaryn to trust him and that he would use the veto on her if he won it. He said that he has a plan but is keeping it secret in case in backfires.

8:00-9:00 PM: The past two weeks, Elissa was notified about getting the MVP on Friday nights. This week was different. Elissa had not yet been informed that she was the MVP, and it was getting to her. Whenever someone went to the diary room, Elissa was getting suspicious that they had received the MVP. Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Andy all felt that Elissa was acting really weird throughout the night. Amanda told Judd that Elissa knows that her only value in this game is as the MVP and that they don't need her if she doesn't get it.

10:00-11:00 PM: Kaitlin spoke with Elissa and let her know that she doesn't want to be on Aaryn's side any longer. Kaitlin said that Aaryn is very young and catty. Kaitlin is irritated that Aaryn is continually coming up with crazy scenarios, saying that it stresses her out that Aaryn is always so negative. She said that GinaMarie has the same thoughts about Aaryn. McCrae joined in on the conversation and let Kaitlin know that Aaryn is the target. Kaitlin asked what would happen in the event that Aaryn were to win the veto. McCrae said that somebody else would go up and go home. Kaitlin was still worried because she feels that she is guilty by association with Aaryn. She noted that she doesn't know how to just stop being friends with Aaryn.

11:00-12:00 AM: Meanwhile, Jessie was outside trying to encourage Aaryn. Jessie would like to see Kaitlin go home this week. She told Aaryn that Kaitlin has already turned on her and that her only chance of staying is to make Kaitlin look like a bigger target. Jessie cautioned Aaryn to be careful with how she goes about doing that. Jessie said that the people that would control Kaitlin if she wins HoH would be Helen, Elissa, Andy, McCrae and Amanda. She told Aaryn that it would be a huge help to her chances of staying if she could do something to break the trust between Kaitlin and Amanda.

Howard sat down with McCrae and Amanda in order to find out where their heads were at. He was concerned and said that if people aren't talking game with you, that usually means that they aren't with you. McCrae said that they definitely want to work with him and that they can go far together. Amanda added that nobody would foresee them being in an alliance together. She said that as long he and Spencer have their backs, they will look after the two of them. Amanda and McCWhile they agreed to work together, there was plenty of awkwardness throughout the conversation that made it seem like it was insincere on both ends. After Howard left the room, Amanda told McCrae that they just can't get in power. She said that they need to let others do it for them.

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