Elissa wins the veto after being nominated by America

July 20, 2013

A Recap of Day 30 in the Big Brother 15 House

8:00-9:00 AM: Judd informed Jessie that he may have found them another alliance. He said that he is waiting to see what happens with the veto, but thinks that they can work with Howard, Spencer, GinaMarie and Kaitlin. Jessie had been pushing for Kaitlin to go home this week, but Judd said that she is someone that they can work with more easily than Aaryn. He said that there new alliance would have the numbers but wouldn't have the MVP on their side, assuming that Elissa continues to get it. Judd is upset that Amanda threatened him by saying that he will be a target if he doesn't backdoor Howard, which led him to consider this new alliance in the first place.

9:00-10:00 AM: Everyone was still in the dark as to what was going on with the MVP this week. Elissa typically would have received it the night before, leading many to assume that she had it and was just not saying anything. Getting annoyed with Judd's questions about it, Elissa became extremely sarcastic with him. Judd mentioned that he may have to backdoor her if she is not going to take things seriously. Elissa said that maybe Judd will have to backdoor her, cause she would like to be backdoored since she is lying about everything. She went on to hint that she knows something about the twist but just can't say it. She even so far as to say that she gets told everything and that she helps produce the show.

Judd did not take lightly to how Elissa handled the situation. He spoke to Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer about a new plan to backdoor Elissa. Judd said that he would hate to do it, cause he doesn't want to see Elissa go and is friends with her, but she is leaving him no other choice. All of the others agreed that it's what has to be done if Elissa is going to act like that. Judd said that he can take Kaitlin off the block and nominate Elissa in her place. Judd and Spencer also continued their discussions about breaking up Amanda and McCrae. While Judd did not want to nominate them himself, he said that he would be fine with voting them out if someone else were to do it.

10:00-11:00 AM: The feeds went down for the revealing of the 3rd nominee and for the selection of the veto players. It was revealed that America had chosen to nominate Elissa for eviction. In addition to the nominees and HoH, Helen and McCrae were selected to play for veto. There was mass confusion around the house as to who the MVP was and who had nominated Elissa. Amanda's initial reaction was that Elissa nominated herself, Aaryn felt that she was being framed in order to ensure that she went home, and Elissa began questioning GinaMarie. Elissa said that she felt betrayed cause she doesn't know if it was someone that she was working with that nominated her. She suggested that people just vote her out. Helen quickly tried to calm her, telling her that this is a good thing seeing as people don't believe that she is the MVP anymore.

11:00-12:00 PM: There was a wide range of opinions as to how to deal with the situation. Amanda said that they could just get rid of Elissa, but McCrae said that she is needed for a number and that Aaryn has to go home. Judd thought that it may be best to veto Elissa off of the block so that they can see who the MVP would put up next, hopefully allowing them to figure out who the MVP is. McCrae told him that it's dangerous since one of them could go up and they may still not know who the MVP was. The most common belief quickly became that Elissa had nominated herself. The reasoning behind believing that included that Elissa wanted to frame Aaryn, wanted people to stop associating her with the MVP, and wanted to put herself in a position to gain a power from a twist that only she knew about.

12:00-1:00 PM: The new theory, thought of by Helen and Elissa, was that MVP was changed to "Most Villainous Player", leading to Aaryn winning it and nominating Elissa. Aaryn overheard the girls talking about her and said that she isn't stupid enough to put Elissa up even if she got MVP. Candice felt that Aaryn was being honest about that. Aaryn began telling people that she would go so far as to give her jewellery to Helen, looking to prove her innocence, having Helen mail it back to her once she sees on TV that Aaryn was not the MVP.

As the veto competition neared, Amanda pleaded with Helen not to use the veto on Elissa if she were to win it. Amanda was concerned that someone else in the alliance would go up. She told Helen to say that it's too risky to take her off of the block, but let her know that she has the votes anyway. Amanda also said that it puts you in a bad position if you win something that you don't have to. After some debate, Helen eventually gave in and said that she would not use the veto on Elissa.

4:00-5:00 PM: The feeds returned from the veto competition, and we found out that Elissa had won the Power of Veto. As part of the competition, McCrae won $5,000, Elissa was forced to sit out of the next veto competition, Helen was given and 8 PM curfew (she has to sleep at 8 PM and cannot talk to anyone), and Judd was given 24 hours in solitary confinement.

Plenty of talk about the MVP ensued throughout the rest of the day. The most common theory continued to be that Elissa had nominated herself. While others were considered off an on, talks almost always went back to that theory. The houseguests had a hard time believing that America could have been the MVP, seeing as they have been giving Elissa the MVP. Andy was the one that made the most sense out of it, saying that perhaps it was America and they all voted for Aaryn and Kaitlin who were already nominated. He said that the Elissa/Rachel haters may have made her get the third most votes, thus causing Elissa to be nominated.

5:00-6:00 PM: Candice talked to Elissa and tried to cut a deal with her. Assuming she is the MVP, Candice was trying to keep Howard safe. Candice said that she and Howard just want to make it to jury, then anything can happen and it's game on. She told Elissa that the two of them will not be after her as long as she is not after them. Candice then talked to Howard and let him know that she thinks that he will be okay. She explained that Elissa could have nominated him last week if she really wanted to, seeing as that is what the whole alliance had wanted.

Helen, Jessie and Elissa discussed a plan to backdoor Amanda in the near future. Helen explained that Amanda had tried to talk her out of using the veto on Elissa if she were to win it. Helen said that it raised a red flag, cause why would it matter if any of them went up in Elissa's place if the true target this week was really Aaryn? It made Helen question if Amanda is working with the other side. Helen cautioned the girls not to let Andy in on the plan until the last minute, seeing as he has been brainwashed by Amanda. She feels as though Howard and Spencer would back them if and when they decide to take out Amanda. Despite her words about Andy being brainwashed, Helen told him, just a few short minutes later, that everyone wants to get Amanda and McCrae out of the house.

6:00-7:00 PM: Candice and Elissa made their way up to the HoH room, which Amanda had taken over after Judd was sent to solitary, as Candice wanted to confront Amanda about telling Aaryn that she would be safe. Amanda quickly replied by saying that she is not going to tell Aaryn to her face that she is going home. She said that all that she told Aaryn was that it would all depend on who the third nominee was. Candice then turned her attention to the whole Amanda/Howard situation. Amanda admitted that Howard had betrayed her trust last week by voting to evict Elissa. Candice wanted to be sure that neither she nor Howard would be evicted in a week in which the girl that has been dishing out racial slurs is on the block. She said that she is taking this week personally as a black person. McCrae tried to calm Candice's concerns, telling her that he is for sure voting to evict Aaryn.

7:00-8:00 PM: Howard, Spencer and GinaMarie were talking some game and all agreed that they would love to see Amanda go home. GinaMarie and Howard said that they would even rather have Elissa in the house than Amanda. Howard feels as though Amanda is filling people's heads with ideas and is manipulative. Spencer was on board with getting rid of Amanda, but said that he might want McCrae to go first because he is the better competitor of the two.

9:00-10:00 PM: Aaryn looked to Spencer for some advice on how to go about this week. He told her that people now have the mindset of "we want Aaryn gone" and there is no "because" after it. He explained that Elissa, Helen, Amanda and McCrae are calling the shots, making it difficult if you get on their bad side. Spencer let Aaryn know that he has heard that Amanda may potentially go up, which would give Aaryn some room to strike some deals. That being said, Spencer said that Aaryn's best chance of staying is to turn the target on to Kaitlin. He told Aaryn that he and Howard would like to work with her if she stays this week. Aaryn quickly went to work on turning the target to Kaitlin, as she told Amanda that it was Kaitlin who told Candice that Amanda was telling people that Aaryn was safe this week.

Andy made his way up to the HoH room to talk to Amanda. They were still unsure of what was going on with Elissa. Andy said that Elissa is so dangerous if she is lying about the whole MVP situation. Talks then turned to Helen revealing that she is worried about Amanda and McCrae. Andy revealed what Helen had told him earlier in the day. Amanda was puzzled as to why Helen would be worried about her. Andy made it clear that Amanda cannot confront Helen about it. He said that he would calm Helen down and take care of it, but thought that he should let her know.

11:00-12:00 AM: Elissa very briefly spoke with Howard, Spencer and Candice, letting them know that she feels as though the four of them could be an unexpected and amazing power alliance. She said that Howard and Candice have always been her favourites and now she is beginning to become a fan of Spencer as well.

Aaryn and Elissa had a very rare conversation, one lasting over 20 minutes. It started off with talk about parenting, but Aaryn then asked Elissa about the troubles that Rachel faced after leaving the Big Brother house. Elissa said that it was difficult for Rachel for a while, but that it made her stronger. Elissa asked Aaryn if she was worrying. Aaryn said yes. Elissa told Aaryn that she had prayed for her today. Elissa had earlier told Spencer that it breaks her heart that Aaryn might be seen as racist, though she acknowledged that her comments are extremely inappropriate. She expected that Aaryn would be in for a rough time when she gets out of the house, and hoped that she was given the opportunity to redeem herself. Back to her conversation with Aaryn, Elissa advised her to own up to the things that she has done or said, admit that they are wrong and say that she is not proud of them. Elissa told Aaryn that people will respect that.

12:00-1:00 AM: When the clock struck midnight, it was McCrae's 24th birthday. Amanda had dressed up in her bathing suit and put on a little show for McCrae. Elissa and Amanda were both drinking, and Elissa made some comments that Amanda quite upset about. Elissa commented on Amanda's one-piece bathing suit and also made references to stripping. The little comment all got to Amanda, causing her to break down and cry in the bathroom. She said that Elissa was being nasty and hurtful all night and she can't believe the lack of loyalty from someone that she kept in the house for the first couple of weeks. Aaryn was loving the fact that somebody else caught the wrath of Elissa, saying that she was beginning to think that she was the crazy one.

Between Aaryn and Kaitlin, Aaryn appears to be the clear target at thsi time. The replacement nominee will remain a mysteryuntil Monday's veto ceremony. It will be the person that got the next highest numbers of votes from America. Amanda and Howard are the two houseguests whose nomination would likely cause the biggest potential for change in the plan to evict Aaryn.

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