Confusion over this week's MVP

July 21, 2013

A Recap of Day 31 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Helen and Elissa discussed their concerns about Amanda. Helen said that Candice and Jessie are more trustworthy and she would like to replace Amanda with one of them in their alliance. Elissa thinks that Amanda is the one that nominated her with the MVP nomination. Helen said that it would be messed up if that were true. Helen added that they need to be careful of Amanda and have to backdoor her next week if they get HoH. Helen told Elissa and Andy that Amanda and McCrae need to win HoH if they want to get Howard out. Helen feels that it is unfair of them to try to get everyone else to do their dirty work. Helen pointed out that both she and Judd were pressured to backdoor Howard.

Helen informed Andy that there are people in the house that are planning to backdoor Amanda, specifically Jessie, Candice and Elissa. Andy promised not to say a word about it to Amanda. Andy asked if Helen thought that Amanda needed to go over Aaryn. Helen said no and that it was for later down the line. Helen explained that it would be best if they are not caught in the middle when Amanda gets backdoored. She said that Candice or Jessie will have to win HoH and do it.

11:00-12:00 PM: Helen told Elissa, Andy and Jessie that Aaryn needs to go home no matter who the replacement nominee is. Helen said that they cannot forget about all of the things that Aaryn has done and that she is trying to get Elissa out. Jessie later told Helen that Elissa needs to be careful about what she says, as Amanda, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie were talking about her comments last night. Jessie told Helen and Andy that she felt as though Amanda completely overreacted to Elissa's comments. Jessie told Andy that in addition to Helen, Candice and herself talking about getting Amanda out, Elissa is now in on it too. Jessie explained that it is not that they don't like Amanda but that they don't like Amanda using them, which is what she is doing.

12:00-1:00 PM: Candice also spoke with Elissa about her comments, filling her in on everything that had happened when Elissa was in the diary room and asleep. Helen told Candice that it makes her sad that Amanda was crying. Candice said that it may have been waterworks and that she wouldn't put it past Amanda and Elissa to have staged another fake fight.

1:00-2:00 PM: Elissa believes that Howard may be the MVP. Helen agreed and said that she had told Elissa about that the other night. Elissa said that it's odd that Howard has been in the diary room so much, so there is not much else that he could be talking about in there. Candice again went to Elissa to talk to her about what happened last night. Candice explained that Amanda is insecure about her body and that she felt as though Elissa was taking about her after she had kept Elissa safe for three weeks. Candice also pointed out that the "real Aaryn" returned last night and was talking about Elissa to all of the girls. Elissa said that Amanda didn't keep her safe, everyone did. Elissa also said that she is offended that she had nothing to do with Amanda's little strip show but now it's all about her.

McCrae told Amanda that they are going to need Elissa for numbers. Amanda agreed, said that she will not be holding a grudge, and pointed out that her feelings were hurt. Elissa confronted Amanda about being upset with her last night. Amanda said that she woke up and was over it, adding that last night was wine induced. Amanda explained that she is conscious about her body. Amanda apologized to Elissa for being that upset and opening the door for the other girls to rant about Elissa. Elissa said that she apologizes for anything that she said that offended Amanda. Meanwhile, Helen was speaking to Howard in order to let him know that she is letting go of everything and is forgiving him for voting to evict Elissa. Helen said that she was mad and Howard and Spencer but she has now calmed down and is ready to move forward. Howard told Helen that he will stand up for those that he loves, those people being Helen, Andy, Judd and Spencer.

6:00-7:00 PM: Amanda told Judd that she now has Aaryn under her wing and that Aaryn will do whatever she tells her to if she saves her this week. Spencer then went to Judd and said that he feels that there is a plan in the works to save Aaryn. Spencer believes that Elissa is trying to pin the MVP on Howard and will nominate Amanda, then cut a deal with Aaryn in order to evict Amanda.

Spencer spoke with Amanda, letting her know that he and Howard and cool with her and that Howard is not the MVP. Spencer warned Amanda that the two people that the house wants out are her and Elissa. Spencer said that everyone has compared notes and feels as though McCrae and Amanda have made side deals with everyone. Amanda was curious why she was being targeted over McCrae. Spencer explained that it is due to her being viewed as the schemer. McCrae let Amanda in on Spencer's theory that Elissa is the MVP and that she will nominate one of them tomorrow. McCrae warned Amanda that she needs to stop talking game completely, as she is viewed as someone that is always going around whispering and scheming. McCrae said that he has more trust in Howard and Spencer than he does in Elissa. Amanda said that she trusts Aaryn more than Howard, Spencer and Kaitlin.

7:00-8:00 PM: Judd told Helen and McCrae that while he was locked up in solitary confinement, he heard Kaitlin talking to someone and saying that "Helen needs to go next". They all began discussing that Kaitlin may indeed need to go home before Aaryn now. Judd later told Jessie that he is thinking that Kaitlin needs to go. He said that Kaitlin talks so much more game than Aaryn. Jessie said that she had been telling Judd that since the first day of his HoH reign.

9:00-10:00 PM: Andy told McCrae and Judd that their #1 priority needs to be to get Amanda off of the radar, cause she is currently on it. Judd said that Elissa is freaking him out. Andy agreed, as did McCrae who said that Elissa is the other big issue that they need to deal with. Judd then told the guys that he would prefer to have Kaitlin leave over Aaryn. Andy said that he kind of wants that too. McCrae said that he is on board as well.

11:00-12:00 AM: Judd told Elissa that if Kaitlin is after Helen, she will be after her too. Elissa agreed but noted that Kaitlin will not have the votes if Aaryn leaves. Aaryn then asked Judd if he thinks that she is going home. Judd said that he doesn't think so and advised Aaryn to lay low and be nice to Elissa.

Howard told Elissa that he really appreciates that she did not nominate him last week. He said that he would let her know if he was the MVP and that he doesn't want her to worry about him going to the diary room. Howard said that it would be a waste of time to nominate her, seeing as they have an easy three weeks if they take out Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Both Howard and Elissa agreed not to nominate each other if they get MVP.

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