America nominates GinaMarie, the target shifts

July 22, 2013

A Recap of Day 32 in the Big Brother 15 House

9:00-10:00 AM: A night after McCrae "proposed" to Amanda, Jessie voiced her frustrations that this has become the Amanda and McCrae show 24/7. Candice agreed and said that McCrae would be such a powerful player if not for having fallen in love Amanda. The two agreed that they would have to be smart and backdoor Amanda if they were to win HoH.

10:00-11:00 AM: Helen, Andy and Jessie then spoke and discussed that Kaitlin, not Aaryn, needs to be the one to leave this week. Helen said that it's imperative that they get Kaitlin and Howard out before Aaryn. Andy said that he could not agree more. Jessie also said that she was on board, as she believed all along that Kaitlin was the one that needed to go this week.

11:00-12:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Elissa used the Power of Veto on herself. In her place, America nominated GinaMarie for eviction. GinaMarie was upset that someone would nominate her, but telling people that she takes it as a compliment. She felt as though people were too threatened by her to give her a chance to play for veto. She said that people are weak and don't like that she is strong. She also even apologized for eating too much yogurt (in the have-not competition). GinaMarie believes that it was Elissa that nominated her.

Judd let GinaMarie know that she is not going anywhere and that she will have 0 votes cast against her if she lays low and doesn't say anything. Kaitlin explained to her that nominating her seals the fate of Aaryn and was not done with the intent of evicting her. McCrae also talked to GinaMarie, guaranteeing her that both he and Amanda will not be voting to evict her.

12:00-1:00 PM: Spencer and Howard discussed that people are thinking that they are separating a bit, as Howard and Candice get closer, which is a good thing for their games. The two discussed that they need Amanda out of the house as soon as possible. Spencer said that Jessie is also in agreement with them on that. They discussed that McCrae wants to work with them in the event that Amanda leaves the house. It was also said that Amanda would have been voted out this week had she been named the replacement nominee.

2:00-3:00 PM: Helen told Elissa that Howard and Spencer have been making deals with everyone in the house. She said that both Spencer and Candice would be alone and come to them if they were to get rid of Howard. Helen then began to plan the seeds that Kaitlin needs to go this week. She told Elissa that Kaitlin might be the MVP and might have thought that Elissa and GinaMarie were the two people that she had the best chance of staying over. Helen then pointed out that Kaitlin didn't say that she would protect them, even when they told Kaitlin that they would protect her. Finally, Helen explained that Kaitlin and Howard may be working together and that both of them are more dangerous than Aaryn.

Elissa and Helen then spoke with Kaitlin. Helen brought up the fact that people are telling her that Kaitlin is after her. Judd told her yesterday that he had overheard a conversation in which Kaitlin said that Helen needs to be the next to go. Kaitlin said that it's not true at all and that she is not after Helen or Elissa. Kaitlin said that she wouldn't even have the numbers to get them out, so it wouldn't make sense. Elissa asked if they could make a two or three week deal. They would campaign and vote for Kaitlin to stay, while they would additionally keep each other safe for a period of time. Kaitlin said that "of course" she would be willing to do that. Helen later pointed out to Elissa that even if Kaitlin was coming after her before, she is not now.

3:00-4:00 PM: Aaryn went to Judd in order to find out if she is safe this week. Judd told her that she is and that he will be campaigning for her to stay. Aaryn said that she will never put Judd or Jessie up if she stays. She also said that she will never vote against the two of them unless she has no choice. Judd told her to lay low and let him do the work to keep her safe this week, as he doesn't want her to draw any attention to herself.

4:00-5:00 PM: Helen told Judd and Jessie that she has been working on getting Elissa to open up to the idea of evicting Kaitlin. She said that they need to convince her. Elissa then joined the conversation and Judd told her that Kaitlin is loved by everyone and is the stronger competitor. Elissa continued to push for Aaryn to go, saying that Aaryn affects her game cause her derogatory comments upset her so much. Elissa also said that Candice will flip if Aaryn stays. Jessie chimed in and said that they know Aaryn's game, but Kaitlin is a snake in the grass. Helen agreed, saying that they cannot predict what Kaitlin will do. In the end, the conversation did not do much to quiet Elissa's concerns about Aaryn.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jessie told Aaryn that Helen is on board with the plan to evict Kaitlin and that they are working on getting Elissa with them. Aaryn was concerned that Helen will flip back and vote to evict her if Elissa doesn't get on board with them. Aaryn then came up with a deal to try to get Elissa to be okay with evicting Kaitlin. Aaryn told Jessie that she was going to let Helen and Elissa know that she is willing to either throw the next HoH competition or nominate whoever they want, if she stays this week. Aaryn then went ahead with that plan and informed Helen of what she was willing to do to stay. Helen said that she wanted to run it by Elissa and Judd.

9:00-10:00 PM: Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Helen went back to work on trying to convince Elissa to keep Aaryn this week. Amanda brought up that she feels as though Howard is working with Kaitlin. It was also discussed that Howard is getting called to the diary room so much that he must be the MVP. Amanda said that even though Aaryn is annoying, they know where her head is at. Elissa was still concerned that they would lose Candice if they evicted Kaitlin. Amanda said that she honestly feels that Spencer, Howard and Candice have already turned on them. Amanda guaranteed Elissa that Aaryn would not put her on the block if she were to stay.

Amanda went on to say that Kaitlin has a secret alliance and that some of them are her target. Amanda pointed out that Howard is aligned with every single person in the house, having Final 4 deals with her and Mccrae as well as Andy and Judd. Helen then explained that Aaryn is willing to throw HoH or let them pick her nominations. Elissa then said that she does think that Kaitlin is the more dangerous of the two. Everyone agreed and Helen said that Aaryn is willing to make a deal that they cannot pass up.

10:00-11:00 PM: Helen and Elissa then had a one on one, where Elissa asked Helen if she believe that Aaryn was telling the truth. Helen said that she does believe Aaryn. Elissa said that she really wanted Aaryn gone, but it's too risky to keep Kaitlin if she is working with Howard and Spencer. Elissa said that Helen can tell Judd that she's in for taking out Kaitlin this week. They discussed that there is so much going around about Howard and that some of it has to be true. Helen pointed out that Candice cannot be informed of the plan to keep Aaryn until the last minute. Helen said that it's imperative that Candice does not think that they are working with Amanda and McCrae, otherwise she will be upset with them. Before they broke up their conversation, Elissa said that she agrees that Kaitlin needs to go home, but would like a night to think it over.

Elissa spoke with Amanda and said that she feels that Amanda was right about Howard and Spencer trying to flip the house. Elissa said that she just doesn't want Aaryn to get in Amanda's head and turn them against each other. Amanda reassured Elissa that there is no way that that would happen, saying that her loyalty has been to Elissa since the beginning. Amanda pointed out that Aaryn is alone, making it possible for them to use her for now. Elissa agreed, saying that she wants Aaryn gone so bad but that Kaitlin is dangerous.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amanda told Aaryn that she should not throw HoH, but that she would have to nominate Howard and Spencer if she were to win it. Amanda said that this is Aaryn's opportunity to have protection from the group of people that are keeping her in the house. Amanda told Aaryn that Howard and Spencer are aligned with Kaitlin and that's why they want Aaryn out. Amanda said that it's the entire house against Howard, Spencer and Candice now. Amanda and Judd told Aaryn that she cannot let anyone know that she is staying this week, otherwise she will not be.

12:00-1:00 AM: Howard and Spencer went up to the HoH room in order to get a feel for where Judd's head was at. Aaryn, thinking that Spencer and Howard were keeping her, had told the two of them that she thought that she had the votes to stay earlier this evening. Aaryn also told Spencer that she may have to cut a deal to throw HoH in order to get votes. Judd was going back and forth in his discussion with Howard and Spencer, weighing the pros and cons of keeping each Aaryn and Kaitlin. Spencer and Howard said that they were down to do whatever. While plenty was said, not much was decided. Spencer and Howard prefer to take out whichever of the two, Aaryn or Kaitlin, is closer to Amanda. There were discussions amongst The Knockouts that they need to make Spencer and Howard feel as though Aaryn is leaving, as they don't want to give them an opportunity to cut any deals with Aaryn.

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