Elissa's convo with Kaitlin creates housewide chaos

July 23, 2013

A Recap of Day 33 in the Big Brother 15 House

4:00-5:00 PM: Helen informed Aaryn that her, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Jessie and Andy would be the ones saving her and would be the only ones that could know about the deal that Aaryn made them. Helen told Aaryn that they want her to play for HoH and nominate Howard and Spencer if she wins it. Aaryn was worried that they just wanted her to get the blood on her hands. Helen said that even if she doesn't win HoH, they will still work with her and she will help them get those two out. Helen said that they will tell Howard, Spencer and Candice that Kaitlin is leaving on the day of the vote.

7:00-8:00 PM: After a relatively quiet day, chaos ensued throughout the evening due to a conversation between Elissa and Kaitlin. Elissa approached Kaitlin and asked her if she is working with Howard and Spencer. Kaitlin said that she wouldn't work with them after they betrayed everyone. Kaitlin does indeed have an alliance with Howard, Spencer, Judd and GinaMarie (though it is fake on Judd's part). Elissa told her that people are saying that she is working with them and that people are trying to flip the vote and get her to vote Kaitlin out. Elissa suggested that Kaitlin get to the bottom of it by confronting Aaryn, Howard and Spencer in front of everyone, to find out who is lying. Elissa told Kaitlin that she would rather she stays than Aaryn, but if she working with Howard and Spencer. Elissa said to please not tell anyone who told you this, as I want you to stay and am trying to give you a heads up.

Kaitlin had pulled Andy aside in order to figure out why Elissa was saying these things. Kaitlin said that Elissa is lying to her face and threatening her that she is going home. Andy downplayed it all, saying that he has heard nothing about the vote changing against her. Kaitlin went to Aaryn and informed her of everything that Elissa was saying. Kaitlin said that Elissa had told her that she thinks that Aaryn has been telling people that she has a deal with Howard and Spencer.

Aaryn was in the bathroom area while the Kaitlin and Elissa conversation was taking place in the kitchen. She overheard parts of it for herself as well and decided to approach Helen in order to figure out what was going on. Aaryn said that Elissa wants her out so bad that she will do everything that she can to make it happen. She told Helen that she is NOT after Elissa. Helen reassured her that Kaitlin can still go home, even if things start to come out.

8:00-9:00 PM: Word quickly spread throughout the house, with many people scrambling to do damage control in fear that Elissa had just blown up the whole plan to save Aaryn. Things quickly escalated to a point where the entire house (minus Amanda, McCrae and Candice) were in the bedroom and talking things over. Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard, GinaMarie and Judd all denied that they were in an alliance, time after time. Nothing at all came of the meeting. It turned into an Aaryn vs Elissa battle, with Aaryn feeling that Elissa is stirring things up to get everyone against her and with Elissa feeling that Aaryn was attacking her in front of everyone.

Elissa said that this was not about her in any way. She explained that all that wanted to do was get the answer to a simple question. Elissa said that Kaitlin decided that it was best to bring things up in front of the entire house. Elissa said that she asked Kaitlin if she was working with Howard and Spencer cause she wanted to know how to vote. Aaryn told Elissa that she was dragged into it once Elissa mentioned her name to Kaitlin. Kaitlin confirmed that Elissa said Aaryn's name, but also added that it was only one of many names to be brought up.

The Knockouts were freaking out about Elissa after the meeting had broken up. Andy and Helen discussed that they still have the votes to evict Kaitlin, even without Elissa's support. Andy said that Elissa is a loose cannon and it's freaking him out more and more every day. He went on to say that Elissa is a terrible alliance member, as she pushes her own agenda. Helen filled Amanda and McCrae in on what had happened. She said that Elissa has gone nutty and has got to go. Jessie pointed out that this is all happening because of a personal vendetta against Aaryn. McCrae said that Elissa should have been gone this week. Her alliance then began discussing that it may be necessary to take Elissa out before Howard if she continues to act like this.

Elissa was disappointed that nobody stepped up and backed her up about the Kaitlin/Howard/Spencer alliance rumour. Everyone was keeping quiet as they did not want to rat out their own alliance member, Judd. He was frustrated with Elissa, believing that he now will be targeted by Howard and Spencer. Judd told Elissa that he had mention all of those things in confidence. Elissa said that they are all liars and walked away.

10:00-11:00 PM: Candice believed that Amanda was at the root of everything that had happened tonight, thinking that she made up the alliance between Kaitlin/Howard/Spencer/GinaMarie/Judd and told Elissa about it. Candice said that Amanda likes to throw the grenade and run. Candice told a number of people about this, including Helen and Jessie. Kaitlin was also present for part of the conversation and began to believe the same thing Jessie made her way up to the HoH room and told Amanda that Candice is saying these things. Amanda did not take too kindly to it, saying that she wanted to confront Candice and tell her to keep her name out of her mouth. McCrae and the others told her that she cannot do that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Despite being told not to confront Candice, Amanda made her way outside to do just that. Not only did she call out Candice for talking about her, but she called out Kaitlin as well. Amanda told them that if they believe that she schemed up the entire thing, say it to her face. Both girls denied having been talking about her. Candice asked who had told her that she had been talking. Amanda declined to point people out. Candice told Amanda that if she was not going to bring the people down there that had said it, then she wasn't going to talk about it. Amanda walked away and said that Candice has the balls to say that she is saying something, but won't say a word when she confronts her to her face. Back up in the HoH room, Helen tried to clarify what the girls were talking about. Helen told Amanda that Candice thought that she had caused the drama the other night on McCrae's birthday. They also discussed that Elissa and Amanda had staged a fight in week one, so Candice was unsure of whether or not that one was staged as well.

12:00-1:00 AM: Candice told both Kaitlin and Howard that she had just spoken to Elissa and confirmed that it was Amanda who had started the rumour about the secret alliance. Kaitlin said that it made sense that it was Amanda. Candice told Kaitlin that she really doesn't know what's going on at this point, but that she wants her to stay. Kaitlin said that Elissa does too, so that's why she can't figure out what this is all about. Kaitlin believes that Amanda is going to be, and already has been, fighting to keep Aaryn. Candice told her that she agreed with that thought. Kaitlin told the two that she would nominate McCrae and Amanda if she were to stay and win HoH, cause she would have to get Amanda out. Kaitlin doesn't think that Elissa made everything up, and the only person to get super defensive about it all was Amanda.

1:00-2:00 AM: Candice told Howard that it is more beneficial to them to get rid of Aaryn. She said that Amanda has Aaryn at her side. Howard felt that it was the other way around and that Amanda had Kaitlin, but Candice reassured him that that was not the case. Feeling betrayed by Spencer, thinking that he ratted her out to Amanda tonight, Candice said that she would have to nominate him alongside Amanda if she were to win HoH. She told Howard that there is nothing worse than a disloyal friend. Howard said that he kind of knew it all along about Spencer, but suggested that Candice not nominate him just yet. Candice said that Spencer is his homie, not hers, and that she is telling him what she would have to do.

Spencer told Kaitlin that she is out of her damn mind if she thinks that Aaryn has not been campaigning. Kaitlin said that she feels as though Aaryn has Amanda campaigning for her. Spencer believed that as well. During her conversation with Spencer, a lightbulb went off in Kaitlin's head. She believed that she had figured it all out. She felt as though Amanda had made up the alliance rumour in order to scared Spencer and Howard away from voting for her. Kaitlin figured that Amanda wants Aaryn to stay and would want it to seem like that alliance obviously is true if Spencer and Howard actually end up voting to keep Kaitlin. Throughout the night, Kaitlin told her theory to many people in the house. She mentioned it to Helen, Andy, Spencer, Howard, Judd and GinaMarie. Andy did his best to shoot it down, while the others went along with it whether they believed it or not. Spencer, Howard and GinaMarie did seem to think that it was possible that Kaitlin was correct. Kaitlin told people that she would nominate Amanda and McCrae if she were to stay, with the goal of getting Amanda out of the house.

2:00-3:00 AM: Helen confronted Elissa in hope of finding out why she told Kaitlin that she was going home. Elissa said that Kaitlin was the one that suggested that she would call Howard/Spencer/Aaryn out in front of everyone. Helen explained that she cannot do these things because it has made the entire alliance really upset. Helen said that nobody was able to stick up for her during the whole incident, cause it would have blown Judd's cover. Helen told Elissa that all of this has put a bigger target on her back, making Aaryn look good at the same time. Helen asked Elissa if she was still on board with the alliance. Elissa said that she will go along with the plan to evict Kaitlin if that's what everyone wants. She said that Kaitlin did not handle herself very well with everything that went down tonight.

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