Houseguests question whether or not Judd framed Kaitlin

July 24, 2013

A Recap of Day 34 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Helen told Andy that they can tell Howard and Spencer that they are voting to evict Kaitlin now because of the fake alliance (The Grasshoppers). Helen said that they could tell Howard and Spencer to do the same if they are with them. Helen told Andy that she threatened Elissa that she needs to play the game with her and with the alliance or else she will be on her own. Helen went on to say that she needs Elissa to go far in the game but will cut her if she sabotages anything that they do.

Andy told Helen that the heat is on Amanda once again, as Kaitlin believes that Amanda masterminded this whole plan to get her out. Helen told Judd that Elissa realizes that she messed up and has apologized for it. Helen told Judd that Elissa did not throw either of them under the bus, seeing as she said that Amanda started it all. Helen told Andy and Judd that Elissa will be voting to evict Kaitlin and that she has no problem nominating Howard. Helen made it clear that Aaryn needs to leave after Howard and Spencer go and that they need Jessie to know that. Helen eventually told Aaryn to stay calm and quiet today, while Kaitlin goes on a rampage. Helen said that they need to make feel Kaitlin safe. Helen explained that she would not have went back on her word and would have protected Kaitlin if not for hearing that Kaitlin is after her.

11:00-12:00 PM: Andy told Amanda that he feels as though Judd may have made everything up, such as the Grasshoppers alliance and that Kaitlin was targeting Helen, in order to ensure that Aaryn stayed. Andy said that Judd may have thought that it was an easy way to get the blood off of his hands and to get Aaryn on their side. Amanda expressed concern that Elissa may have told Candice that she was behind everything, including saving Aaryn.

12:00-1:00 PM: Helen reassured Jessie that Aaryn is only needed for next week and that they no longer need her after that. Helen said that she would reiterate this to Andy and told Jessie to reiterate it to Judd. Both agreed that Aaryn needs to go before jury. Helen said that Elissa needs to get MVP or win HoH so that she can send Aaryn packing.

Andy went to McCrae and let him in on his theory that Judd made everything up while he was in solitary. McCrae said that he immediately thought the same thing when he heard it from Judd. Both agreed that Judd wanted to ensure that Aaryn stayed. Andy said that he doesn't even give a shit if Judd made it all up, seeing as it works out better for them in the end. Andy told McCrae that they need to fight hard for HoH, because Amanda is going to be a big target. McCrae was annoyed that everything always comes back to Amanda.

1:00-2:00 PM: Amanda swore to Candice that she does not say Howard's name no matter what. Candice explained that she thought that Amanda had been making everything up. Amanda denied it and Candice said that it's fine. Amanda told Candice that she and Howard are a strong pair, just like her and McCrae are. Amanda said that she will not be targeting them and hopes that they will not be targeting her. Amanda promised to keep Candice and Howard around until it's necessary to turn on them. They shook on a truce, agreeing to keep each other, Howard and McCrae safe until jury at minimum.

6:00-7:00 PM: Kaitlin went to Howard to campaign. Kaitlin said that Aaryn has a deal with McCrae and Amanda, while she would put them both up if she is kept over Aaryn. Howard told Kaitlin that Elissa and Helen don't like Aaryn, which is why Kaitlin was confused as to how Elissa could not know which way she is voting. Howard said that he and Spencer will vote to keep her if it's what the house wants.

7:00-8:00 PM: Kaitlin told GinaMarie that Amanda seems to be trying to cover her tracks even though nobody is pointing fingers at her. This made Kaitlin feel as though Amanda had planned everything last night in order to save Aaryn. Kaitlin said that everybody is going to keep Aaryn if she made a deal with McCrae and Amanda. Kaitlin believes that she has Andy, Jessie, Howard and Candice, meaning that she only needs to get Helen's vote. Kaitlin told GinaMarie that she is going to put Helen on a guilt trip. When Kaitlin asked Judd if she was going home, Judd said that he didn't know and that it was 50/50. Kaitlin said that she only went up because Judd need a pawn, so she will be so mad at him if she leaves. Aaryn was also concerned about leaving. She went to Judd and said that it's obvious that Kaitlin is working with Howard and Spencer, seeing as they have been campaigning for her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kaitlin told Candice that she is now hearing that Elissa, Helen and Andy are planning on voting for Aaryn to stay. Therefore, Kaitlin feels as though she doesn't have the votes to stay. Kaitlin was frustrated that she could possibly be going home over a rumour about an alliance that is non-existent. Candice told Kaitlin that she would talk to Elissa for her.

Helen and Elissa were discussing that the good thing about keeping Aaryn around is that Howard, Spencer and Candice will all target Aaryn before they target either of them. Candice then got in on the conversation in order to figure out what is going on. Candice pointed out that Kaitlin is the stronger competitor. Helen agreed and said that they are all safer with Kaitlin out of the house. Candice understood but noted that Aaryn and Amanda are working together, so that will be two girls that are against her. Candice admitted that Aaryn is likely staying no matter what. Elissa said that she wants Aaryn gone so bad but they have to be smart. Candice asked Helen and Elissa if they have a Final 4 deal with McCrae and Amanda. Both Helen and Elissa said that they do not.

10:00-11:00 PM: Andy and Helen reassured Elissa that Aaryn will not go back on her word. They said that Aaryn will follow through with giving them her nominations if she stays and wins HoH. Helen then told Elissa that they have to act like they completely support Amanda, because there is safety in numbers. Helen said that this is not the time to go rogue, otherwise they put a huge target on their backs. Helen noted that Jessie, Candice, Howard, Spencer and even Judd, to some extent, are looking to get Amanda out. Helen said that it will need to be a blindside whenever it happens. Once Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer are gone, Helen said that she would be willing to go after Amanda. She explained that she did not want to work with McCrae late in the game unless Amanda is gone.

11:00-12:00 AM: Elissa and Jessie discussed that Kaitlin is the bigger threat than Aaryn and that she needs to go tomorrow. Elissa said that the way that Kaitlin handled things last night made her feel as though she needed to leave. Judd told Elissa that he likes Kaitlin way more than Aaryn but she needs to go. He assured her that Aaryn does not need to make it to jury though.

1:00-2:00 AM: Spencer told McCrae and Andy that it makes no sense that people have a preference as to who should go first, Aaryn or Kaitlin. Spencer said that it makes him believe that deals are being made. Andy said that it's because Kaitlin has more of a fire under her. Spencer mentioned that he heard that there was a deal made with Aaryn in which she will throw HoH. Spencer said that that's bullshit, especially given that the HoH is a crapshoot (they had a chance to practice for it). Amanda later asked Spencer what he wanted to do. Spencer said that if they feel that Kaitlin is coming after them, he is fine with taking her out. Elissa went to Howard and suggested that they push for Aaryn to go home. Howard said that he will check in with everyone again tomorrow to find out what the plan is.

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