Aaryn nominates Howard and Spencer for eviction

July 26, 2013

A Recap of Day 36 in the Big Brother 15 House

9:00-10:00 AM: First thing this morning, Candice made her pitch to Aaryn. Candice reassured Aaryn that she would have the backing of the house if she were to make a bold move, adding that "people want that (Amanda and McCrae) to be split up". Candice went on to say that if Aaryn felt that this was war time, she would 100% have her support. Candice mentioned that people like Howard, Spencer, GinaMarie and would too, and possibly even Helen as well. Aaryn let Candice know that a lot of people are upset with Howard and that she has to do whatever will make the greatest number of people happy. Aaryn clarified that she doesn't want to nominate Howard and, if she does, she would be fine with him winning the veto. She said that she will not backdoor anyone.

Candice again went back to pushing for Amanda and McCrae to be broken up. This time, she specifically said their names rather than referring to them as "they or them", making it totally clear who she is after. Candice said that they will run this game until the end if they are not broken up. Aaryn said that the reason that she is not considering nominating them is because she feels as though Amanda was a big part of the reason why she is safe. Aaryn explained that she would be screwed if she bit the hand that fed her and Amanda didn't go home. Candice was not ready to let up just yet. She told Aaryn that, while Amanda may have kept her safe, Amanda will be the first to say that she has to go up again. Aaryn said that Amanda had already told her that they would be trying to get her out again. Candice said that Amanda is the one that is running the show. Aaryn finally chose to tell Candice that she cut a deal with Helen and Elissa, allowing them to choose her nominations if they helped her stay this past week. Aaryn suggested that Candice talk to those two in order to see what their plans are.

10:00-11:00 AM: Candice briefed Howard on her conversation with Aaryn. She said that Aaryn is completely oblivious to Amanda and McCrae, so there is nothing that they can do. She told him that Aaryn feels as though Amanda is the only one that kept her safe. Candice felt as though she would now be targeted by Aaryn for throwing Amanda's name out there. She said that Aaryn doesn't see that Amanda and McCrae are running the house, thinking that it's Helen and Elissa. Candice believes that her comments were misinterpreted by Aaryn at the start, leading Aaryn to believe that she wanted to get Helen and Elissa nominated. Candice is concerned that Aaryn will "her people", Helen and Elissa, that she tried to get them nominated, when she really didn't.

Feeling that she had potentially burned bridges with Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae by going to Aaryn in order to pitch that she target Amanda and McCrae, Candice questioned if it was a setup. Howard had helped her out with what to say the night before, so she asked him if he and Spencer had planned this all out in order to get the target on to her. Howard denied that and said that he is loyal to Candice and would even use the PoV on her over himself. Candice said that she only sees loyalty to Spencer and that her intuitive spirit is telling her that there is something wrong. She said that she had clearly taken someone's bait by going up there to talk to Aaryn, and now she will likely go home as a result of it. Howard continued to reassure Candice that he has her back and is loyal to her. He said that there is still a whole week to figure things out. Candice said that she didn't want to talk about it anymore until after nominations. Candice later told Helen, Andy and Elissa that she and Howard have decided to play separate games.

12:00-1:00 PM: Elissa again expressed her desire for a girls alliance, telling Candice and Helen that she just wants to work with girls. Helen said that it will never happen as long as Amanda is in the house, suggesting that Elissa would have to win HoH and backdoor Amanda in order to make it a legit possibility. The three then began discussing that it's possible that Amanda was the MVP last week. Candice said that Amanda had made a comment about asking the DR if they had something waiting for her under the chair. Candice then asked Elissa if that's how she gets notified of MVP. Elissa confirmed that, leading the Helen and Candice to further speculate that Amanda was MVP since that's the only way that she would have known that detail.

4:00-5:00 PM: The feeds returned from the have-not competition. The have-nots for the week are Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie and Judd. America voted for them to receive ramen and raisins. As for the game talk, Howard wasted no time having a chat with Aaryn. Aaryn said that she heard that Howard, along with Spencer/Candice/Elissa, had tried to flip the vote at the last minute in order to get her out last night. Howard explained that the consensus was to get her out at first, but that changed after the house meeting. He said that Elissa was trying to set him up by having him vote for her, but he didn't.

Aaryn informed Howard that people are trying to have him backdoored, but she will not be backdoor him if she puts him up. Aaryn explained that the house wants him nominated, but she doesn't feel the same as the house. Aaryn said that Howard is one of the few people in the house that she really respects, but she will have to do what is good for the most people. She said that she will understand if he puts her up if he stays next week. Howard said that he would not nominate Aaryn if he stays, opting rather to "shake the game up". Howard said that he would not talk to anyone about his nominations and would not be scared when making them. He told her that he will be going after those that are running the house and puppeteering everything.

Amanda checked in with Aaryn to make sure that she was still going through with the plan to nominate Howard and Spencer. Aaryn told Amanda that she is concerned that she will go home before Elissa. Amanda swore on everything that Elissa will go home over her (Aaryn). On top of that, Amanda added that Aaryn trumps all of the other girls in the house in her mind. She told Aaryn that she wants to bring her further than any other girl. Aaryn said that she will nominate Howard and Spencer, but made it clear that she is doing it for the group. She said that her nominations would be Elissa and Candice if it were up to her. Aaryn asked that Amanda tell that to Helen, so that she can make it clear to Elissa that she is doing her a favour. Amanda eventually did just that.

5:00-6:00 PM: Next up, it was Spencer's turn to talk to Aaryn. She reiterated that she had to make some deals in order to stay last week. Spencer asked if he would be the target if he were put up on the block. Aaryn said no. Next, he asked if Howard was the target this week. Aaryn said yes and apologized. Spencer said that it's fine and that Howard is playing his own game. Aaryn said that it will likely be an 8-0 vote to evict Howard. Spencer questioned why he, not Candice, had to be the other nominee. Aaryn explained that she made the deal with Helen, and Candice and Elissa are besties now. Aaryn said that Candice would likely be the replacement nominee if the veto were to be used. Spencer urged Aaryn to consider her other options, saying that there are people out there that can offer he more protection that she is currently getting. Aaryn understood his thoughts, but said that she respects Helen and is not going to go back on her deal.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds returned following the nomination ceremony, and we found out that Aaryn went ahead with the plan. Howard and Spencer were nominated for eviction. Howard is the target. Members of the Goof Troop celebrated the fact that they are the only four houseguests that have yet to be nominated for eviction. Amanda was also celebrating the fact that Howard and Spencer were nominated, telling Aaryn and GinaMarie that she has been trying to get them on the block for weeks.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jessie expressed a bit of concern to Aaryn about the nominees. Her concern was that they are going to be put up against each other eventually if they simply take out all of those on the outside looking in. Aaryn said that there is a solid six, so she will need to win HoH at Final 7 in order to avoid going home. She believes that the pairings of Andy/Helen, McCrae/Amanda and Judd/Jessie are all solid. In order to force her way into that, Aaryn feels that she would need to be HoH in order to leave one of them partnerless.

As for the short term, Jessie felt that she will need to win HoH next week cause she does not trust that Elissa would keep Aaryn safe. Aaryn believes that Elissa will refrain from using her as an initial nominee, saying that Elissa came up to her twice to hug her and thank her for not putting her on the block. Meanwhile, downstairs, Helen was telling Elissa that they can use Aaryn to take out some people that they wouldn't want to take out themselves, such as Jessie, Judd and Candice. Helen also told Elissa that they would take out Aaryn if there was an opportunity to backdoor her but, for now, they need to be nice to her. Elissa agreed.

9:00-10:00 PM: McCrae reassured Spencer that he is not the target this week. He told Spencer that he will use the veto on him if he wins it. Spencer asked if it would be possible to save Spencer in the even that GinaMarie was nominated by the MVP. McCrae said that he didn't know, later adding that it would likely have to be someone bigger nominated as the 3rd nominee in order for Howard to have a chance of staying. Spencer said that Howard trusts McCrae and Amanda, and would be indebted to them if they were to save him. McCrae didn't commit to anything, but said that maybe people would bite on the offer if there was a chance to evict Elissa.

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