America nominates Amanda, Spencer wins the veto

July 27, 2013

A Recap of Day 37 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Judd warned Andy that Helen and Elissa may be looking to keep Howard safe this week. He said that they both feel really bad for him. Judd was frustrated that this was happening, saying that Howard's strategy is to pull on people's heart strings. Judd mentioned that it had also worked on Jessie, as she was crying last night after nominations. Both Judd and Andy agree that Howard needs to go.

12:00-1:00 PM: A night after Aaryn nominated Howard and Spencer for eviction, it was time for Big Brother to reveal who the MVP, America, had chosen to nominate as the 3rd nominee. America chose to nominate Amanda for eviction. The veto competition will take place later today. The players in the veto competition will be Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, Amanda, Jessie and Candice. The veto competition will take place later today.

The initial thought by most of the houseguests was that Howard was the MVP, while Howard and Candice figured that it must be Elissa. McCrae figured that Howard set it up to look like Elissa was MVP last week, before taking his shot at Amanda this week. Amanda and McCrae were noticeably shaken by Amanda's nomination, even though they kept reassuring each other that she would have the votes to stay. Not only was Amanda concerned about being nominated, but she was also concerned about the possibility of Howard having a coup d'etat and being able to change the nominations to save himself. As for the upcoming veto competition, the main concern of those in the alliance was that Candice would win the veto and save both herself and Howard in the process.

1:00-2:00 PM: Helen met with Elissa and said that she didn't think that this was the week to take out Amanda. Helen said that they still need Amanda and that Aaryn needs to go before her. Helen felt that they owed it to Amanda to show their loyalty seeing as she has been loyal to Elissa. While Elissa didn't seem 100% sold on the idea, she agreed.

Amanda was hard at work, trying to talk Jessie out of going for any luxury prizes in the veto competition if any were to come up. She told Jessie to remember who stood up for her when all of the girls were picking on her the night of the mattress flipping incident. She also advised Jessie to think long term and for the alliance. Amanda told her that she would be a target if she chose not to use the veto on her. Jessie felt the opposite, thinking that the people that she has no beef with would be upset that they would potentially have to go up on the block because of her if she used it. Amanda said that people would know that Jessie is trying to protect Judd if she didn't use the veto, so the two of them would go up together.

2:00-3:00 PM: With the coup d'etat in mind, Amanda felt that it was necessary to keep Elissa off the block as a replacement nominee. If anyone other than Candice won the veto, the plan would be to use her as a replacement nominee if one is needed. If Candice won the veto and saved Howard, Amanda wanted GinaMarie, not Elissa, nominated. Amanda explained this to Aaryn and told her that they need Elissa to be kept off of the block so that she can go up (likely next to McCrae) as one of Howard's nominees if he has a coup d'etat. They would then vote Elissa out over McCrae or one of their other alliance members. Aaryn agreed to the plan and said that she would nominate GinaMarie if Candice won the veto.

Amanda confronted Howard and asked him if he was the MVP. He said no, but Amanda continued to question him and asked why he got called to the DR a million times last week. Howard said that he didn't know. She then went on to ask if he had any special powers. He said none other than those that he walked in with, being an athletic looking black male. Next up, she asked if he was related to anyone that had previously been on the show. Howard laughed and said that there have only been about 10 black people on the show. Amanda let him know that people are thinking that he is related to Danielle Reyes. Finally, Amanda told him that she didn't know that he was going up, as she thought that it would be Elissa and Spencer or Elissa and Candice. When she asked Howard if he had anything to say to her, he replied with "good luck".

3:00-4:00 PM: Andy warned McCrae that Jessie was feeling threatened by Amanda due to her comments about having to use the veto on her if she were to win it. Andy said that he was there and could understand why Jessie felt that way. McCrae agreed that Amanda tends to make threats without even realizing it. McCrae eventually spoke to Jessie and let her know that she doesn't have to use the veto if she wins it, but it's important that she does win it in order to ensure that Howard gets sent home. Jessie said that she would try her best, but could not guarantee that she would use it on Amanda if she won. McCrae was fine with that. Amanda later said that Jessie should be the replacement nominee if she takes a luxury or throws the veto competition.

Aaryn told Andy, in front of Elissa, that GinaMarie will have to go up if Candice wins the veto. She said that her and Elissa are finally finding a common ground, so she doesn't want to put her up and ruin that. Elissa said just tell GinaMarie that she can give Nick a shoutout and she will probably be excited about it. Aaryn asked Elissa if she could keep her safe for a bit if she keeps her safe this week. Elissa agreed not to put Aaryn up if she won anything next week, even as a replacement nominee.

After Elissa exited the room, Aaryn told Andy about her theory that Helen and Elissa may be working to save Howard. She said that it would keep the target off of Elissa, and may hide that she is still the MVP. Aaryn thinks that it is possible that Howard is being framed for being the MVP, while only Elissa and Helen may know that Elissa is the true MVP.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds returned following the veto competition, and we found out that Spencer had won the Power of Veto. As expected, it was being discussed that Candice would be the replacement nominee. Candice was also expecting that to be the case and told Howard that they need to offer people a deal to work with both of them. Candice immediately went to work, seeing if Jessie would vote to evict Amanda. Jessie didn't want to commit to anything, telling Candice to talk to Helen instead. Jessie that it would be a different story if Helen comes to her with a plan to evict Amanda.

9:00-10:00 PM: Helen met up with Elissa again, saying that the better move is to keep Amanda this week. Helen said that someone put her up this week, so hopefully they will do the same next week and they can take her out at that point. Not wanting to upset McCrae is the "only reason" that Helen claims to want to keep Amanda. Helen is growing concerned about the relationship between Amanda and Aaryn, feeling that they are going to try to take over the house. Helen believes Amanda may now have to leave before Aaryn. While Helen thinks that Howard needs to go home this week, she did question how Amanda will ever get back on the block again. Elissa said that Howard is a bigger physical threat, but Amanda is the bigger strategic and game threat. They eventually agreed that Howard needs to go, but Helen said that they cannot let Amanda and Aaryn get to jury together.

11:00-12:00 AM: Candice spoke with Helen and Elissa, telling them that they could get rid of Amanda and make a deal to work with her, Howard and Spencer. Helen said that she was unsure that she would be able to secure the votes. Candice wasn't buying it, feeling that Helen could easily get Jessie, Judd and Andy if she wanted to. Elissa eventually left the room, but Candice continued to push for an answer from Helen. Helen told her that everyone wants Howard out, so it will be tough to change it. Candice then said that clearly Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa are running the house. Helen denied it. Candice then said that they have controlled every person that left the house. Voices were being raised a bit at this point, with Candice telling Helen that she is her ally more than Amanda is. Helen told Candice that she said she would try and she would try, before storming out of the room.

Helen and Jessie discussed their respective conversations with Candice, with Helen saying that this is not the week to get Amanda out of the house. Helen told Jessie that Amanda will be back up on the block again, long before Jessie is up there. Helen explained that she owes it to McCrae to keep Amanda, as she relied on him to keep Elissa over Nick in Week 2. Jessie was concerned that Candice would tell Amanda that the two of them want her out of the house. The girls decided to be proactive and tell Amanda that Candice has been pushing for them to flip the vote, so they were going to "get votes for Howard". They went on to do just that throughout the rest of the night, greatly exaggerating how Candice had been bullying and threatening them in their conversations this evening. Word had spread throughout almost the entire house by the end of the evening.

1:00-2:00 AM: Howard and Candice were chatting when Elissa decided to join them. There was a bit of game talk, with Howard eventually walking out on the conversation. This led to some drama afterwards, as Candice couldn't believe that Howard would walk out when Elissa was clearly giving him a chance explain himself and work something out. Howard felt that lies were being told, so he didn't want to deal with it. Candice was extremely frustrated with him, saying that it looks like he is letting her argue for him in order to appear crazy to a point where she eventually gets no votes to stay.

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