Candice calls a house meeting

July 30, 2013

A Recap of Day 40 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Amanda confronted Spencer about him trying to get her out of the house this week. Spencer continually denied that he had any plans of turning the house on Amanda. Amanda tried to make it sound as though she has been willing to work with Spencer and that she would even have helped him in evicting Candice if he had chosen to work with her. Spencer wasn't having any of that, as he continuously pointed out that Amanda says she wants to work with him yet she targets him and says that he can't be trusted. Spencer eventually pointed out that it's odd how he came out of the Moving Company smelling like shit, but McCrae was smelling like a rose. He said that if not for him turning, Elissa would have been gone over Nick. Amanda tried to say that they would have had the votes anyway, but McCrae stepped up in Spencer's defence and told Amanda that they did indeed have the votes to evict Elissa.

Amanda eventually began to back down to some extent, telling Spencer that as long as there are no votes against her on Thursday, she doesn't care. She told Spencer that she would not nominate him next week as long as there were no votes against her. Spencer explained that his target is Candice. He said that Howard has made it clear that he wants to go home over Candice, so he hasn't been able to campaign against Candice. Amanda wasn't buying it, figuring that it was all part of Howard's master plan. Spencer said that Amanda is giving Howard too much credit and that Howard feels that it would be wrong to let Candice go home over him after all that she has done for him the past couple of weeks. Amanda again began pushing Spencer, saying that she knows that he thinks that he has the numbers to evict her. She knew everything about his plan, including who was involved and what he intended on doing in the event of a tie (he planned to call out Aaryn on the live show). Spencer didn't back down at all, telling Amanda that there were no plans to evict her. He said that he is targeting Candice and is just waiting for Howard to give him the green light to campaign against her. Spencer said that he will be voting to evict Candice.

2:00-3:00 PM: Helen informed Candice that Spencer is trying to get people to vote her out of the house. Helen said that it will not work, but she wanted her to know. Helen told Candice that she feels as though Howard will be leaving this week. She told Candice that she figures that Candice will hate her for having a part in Howard's eviction, but she loves her and will be there for her. Candice said that she might have a "Keeping it Real with Candi" moment in the backyard and put the spotlight on Spencer. Helen encouraged Candice to do so.

3:00-4:00 PM: As she said she would, Candice gathered everyone in the backyard for a house meeting. Candice opened her meeting by saying that she woke up this morning and was bombarded with people telling her that Spencer wants her to go. She then revealed that Spencer came to her and said that he wants to rally an army to get Amanda out. Candice mentioned that Spencer had even said that he hopes that Amanda chokes on her spit and dies. Despite Amanda having made plenty of comments of similar nature about Candice in the past, she continually brought that up throughout the rest of the night. She couldn't believe that anyone would ever say something like that about another houseguest. Candice told Spencer to keep her name out of his mouth. She also advised him to hang on all night if it's an endurance competition this week, as she promised that he will be gone next week if not.

It was then Howard's turn to speak. He told everyone that he would appreciate it if they would vote him out over Candice if they are going to continue to resort to spreading malicious lies. He said that it will be a boring season if the same few people are going to manipulate everyone each week. Howard said that there are a few "chiefs" that are controlling the show, while the rest are just "indians". Howard then pointed out that they aren't even playing the game, but rather a soap opera. He said that he will go home being him any day, rather than being something that he's not for some money. Amanda then raised her voice at Howard, saying that he is in an alliance to flip the house against McCrae, Helen and Elissa by voting her out, so don't play the victim. She then said that Howard has called Candice cancerous to his game. Howard denied all of Amanda's allegations.

8:00-9:00 PM: The fallout from Candice's house meeting continued on throughout the night. Andy was concerned about being accused of having leaked Spencer's plan to evict Amanda. He told McCrae and Amanda that they all had to be on the same page in terms of pinning the blame on Judd if it comes down to it. The three of them have been skeptical of Judd in recent days, even appearing to have replaced Judd with Aaryn in their Final 4 deal the night before. Andy also said that he plans to backdoor Judd next week if he wins HoH. As for Aaryn, she had a different concern. Aaryn was quite upset that Candice had appeared to have gotten back on the good side of many people in the house after her meeting. Aaryn said that Candice had already turned the house against her once, so what's stopping her from doing it again? Candice told multiple people that they need to remember how manipulative and dangerous Candice is. Aaryn was also worried about Candice ruining the relationship that she worked hard to finally build up with both Helen and Elissa.

10:00-11:00 PM: Helen had a brief game talk with Elissa, pointing out that not a lot of people want Candice in jury. Helen said that she wants Candice there. Elissa prefers to have Candice there over GinaMarie, which is something that Helen was in agreement with. Helen said that the two of them, Andy, McCrae and Amanda can go through the entire house. When it gets down to the five of them, she believes that Helen will join their side to take on Amanda and McCrae. Helen also informed Elissa that she is concerned with Judd. She told Elissa not to say anything to anybody, even if it gets brought up, but she wants Judd gone.

Aaryn continued to voice her frustrations with Candice, this time talking to Jessie and GinaMarie. Aaryn said that Candice needs to go. She told the girls that they would not go home if they were on the block next to Howard or Spencer, but they would go home over Candice. They they began discussing that they only need 4 votes to evict Candice in order for Aaryn to be the tiebreaker. Jessie, GinaMarie and Spencer would be 3, but they didn't know who they could get as 4th vote. GinaMarie then discussed that Amanda really wants Howard gone, but it should come down to what everyone wants rather than what one person wants.

GinaMarie said that the others got their way in every eviction thus far, so it's time for a change. Aaryn was concerned that she would be the next target if she did this without consulting Amanda and the others. GinaMarie told Aaryn to just tell them at the last minute so that she can say that she told them. The three of them agreed not to say anything to anyone, as they needed more time to think things over. Aaryn and Jessie then made their way up to Aaryn's HoH room. They quickly realized that they wouldn't be able to get the 4th vote that they needed, so they decided that Howard needs to go this week.

11:00-12:00 AM: Candice went to Helen and Elissa to tell them that she believes that Aaryn and Jessie are intimidated to play the game with her there. She believed that Jessie, Judd, GinaMarie and Spencer would vote to evict her, with Aaryn making the tie breaking vote to send her out of the house. Helen said that she needed to go talk to Amanda and Andy in order to save Candice. Helen pulled Andy aside first. Andy questioned how Candice would know about a plan to evict her. He said that he believes that GinaMarie is more solid than that and also that Aaryn is genuinely on their side. He wrote it off as Candice trying to stir the pot. When Amanda heard of the plan, her first question was "who told her (Candice) this?". Helen said that Candice didn't name any names. Amanda said to go get her cause they can't help her if they don't know where she heard of this plan.

Candice joined in on the conversation and told Amanda that she is intuitive, so she just knows what's happening. Amanda said that Aaryn wouldn't vote her out. In the event of a tie, Amanda said that they would then have some more people to target and also that she would make damn sure that Aaryn would vote out Howard. After talks broke up, Helen told Andy that Judd is working with Aaryn. She said that Judd saved Aaryn last week with a plan that Jessie came up with. Andy wasn't buying it and didn't think that Judd was actually going to evict Candice this week.

Judd asked Andy what was going on cause he saw everyone was gathering and talking. Andy informed him that Candice has developed some conspiracy theories that people are trying to get her out. Judd told Andy that there is no way that he will keep Howard in the house. He also said that he is getting concerned with Jessie cause she is continually coming up with scenarios and including him in them without even talking to him about it. He said that he may need to nominate Jessie as a pawn so that people will stop thinking that they are together.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda went up to the HoH room to discuss that Candice has a conspiracy theory that she is going home on Thursday. Aaryn and GinaMarie were quick to dismiss that theory, saying that Howard needs to go. Aaryn told McCrae and Amanda that her, GinaMarie and Jessie were saying that they hate Candice and wish that she would go this week, even though they knew that it's not happening. Aaryn said that Candice must have overheard this and assumed that they were trying to take her out. She eventually admitted that they did discuss taking Candice out, but it was quickly squashed. Aaryn has since told her allies (McCrae/Amanda/Andy) that she believes Jessie was trying to set her up and lure her into something by discussing evicting Candice. Aaryn said that she never should have talked about it. Judd told everyone that Howard is simply trying to create chaos cause he knows that he is going home and wants to go out with a bang. Judd said that Howard would be gunning for him, so there is no chance that he will be keeping him over Candice.

Helen had a long conversation with Spencer. She told him that she felt really bad for him being called out by Candice, as it's going to be awful for Spencer's family to watch that on TV. She also said that she is over everything that she was holding against Spencer. She said that she is moving on from all of the Moving Company stuff. Helen told Spencer that he has more than paid the price for his association with the Moving Company and that she will no longer be targeting him. Helen told the same thing to Elissa. Helen admitted that she has lost focus in the game, trying to kill off the Moving Company. She told Elissa that someone else can go after Spencer, but she won't be doing it. When asked who she would nominate if she won HoH, Elissa said probably GinaMarie and Spencer. When Helen said that she's not sure that she wants Spencer going up, Elissa says that is has to be Spencer or Aaryn for her.

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