Howard tries to flip the vote against Amanda

August 1, 2013

A Recap of Day 41 in the Big Brother 15 House

2:00-3:00 PM: Andy and Amanda were again discussing that Judd needs go, preferably by being backdoored. Andy was slightly concerned that Aaryn and GinaMarie were working with Judd, so Amanda went to Aaryn to clear things up. Aaryn said that Judd thinks she is working with him, but she is just using him and is relaying information back to Amanda/McCrae/Andy. Amanda told Aaryn that Judd is working hard to get Howard out of the house. Aaryn said that Judd has not came to her with anything fishy and really wants Howard to go home this week. As for Jessie, Aaryn continues to pin all of the blame on her when it comes to the short lived plan that she, GinaMarie and Jessie had came up with to evict Candice this week. The majority of the house believes that Jessie was behind it all. Helen told Aaryn that Jessie said that she would spend time in the HoH room and report back everything that Aaryn was saying, which only added fuel to Aaryn's fire.

4:00-5:00 PM: Helen told Elissa that she believes that they are going to have to let go of Candice. Helen said that people don't want both Elissa and Candice in the house. Elissa said that Candice is better for their game, but Helen explained that they are fighting a losing battle cause too many people want her gone. Amanda overheard the conversation and came into the room and let Helen and Elissa know that Candice is staying in the house. She said that it's good for the three of them, Andy and McCrae. Amanda said that Candice can do the dirty work that they can't do. Amanda reassured Helen and Elissa that they need Aaryn to believe that they want Candice out in order to have her do what they want. They agreed that people like Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie need to go first. Amanda reported back to McCrae and Andy, letting them know what she had overheard and told Helen and Elissa. Andy and McCrae agreed that they need Candice there. Amanda said that she will nominate Spencer and Jessie, with a plan to backdoor Judd. Andy agreed that he wants Judd out so badly. Amanda later approached Candice and let her know that while people want her out of the house, she, McCrae, Helen, Elissa and Andy will be protecting her.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jessie was having a breakdown and hid under the covers in her bed, telling everyone that she didn't want to talk. Amanda told people that Jessie realizes that she did a stupid thing, trying to flip the vote against Candice, so she is victimizing herself. Jessie eventually opened up to Elissa, telling her that there was a misunderstanding last night and Amanda interrogated her for almost two hours. Jessie said that she was at Amanda's mercy, answering her endless questions, and it made her look stupid. She was concerned that Amanda would turn the house against her and have everyone vote her out. Jessie and Elissa briefly discussed evicting Amanda. Jessie didn't think that they could get the votes this week. Jessie was frustrated that the decision to evict Howard was not a house decision but rather one made by Amanda and McCrae. Jessie said that she is scared of Amanda. When Elissa asked who Jessie would target next week, she said that she is leaning towards going with the flow and doing what the house wants but may be open to making a big move.

10:00-11:00 PM: Judd reached out to Helen to let her know that he had no part in Jessie's plan to flip the house against Candice. Helen said that she knows that it was Jessie, Aaryn and GinaMarie. Judd tried to express his loyalty to The Knockouts, saying that he would vote Jessie out over Helen in a second. Helen was surprised by that but said that she will be loyal to Judd as long as he is loyal to her. That being said, she is one of the many houseguests pushing for Judd to be backdoored as soon as possible. Judd told Helen that his first allegiance was to her, McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Andy, so that's where his loyalty will remain. As for Jessie, Judd said that he did not try out for the show five times just to have his game ruined by a showmance. Helen advised him that he needs to start separating himself from Jessie then, cause people do associate the two of them.

3:00-4:00 AM: Howard and Candice spoke to Jessie, with Howard letting Jessie know that people have to stop playing it safe to get to jury and make $13,000 when they should be focusing on flipping the house in order to increase their chances of winning $500,000. Howard added that if you aren't one of the four (McCrae/Amanda/Helen/Elissa), you're a nobody. Howard explained that the four of them make up lies about people on the outside so that they will get mad at each other and put each other up, so the four will never be nominated. Jessie was concerned that Andy is with those four and will not flip. She said that Andy will run back to Helen with this plan, cause he is that whipped. Howard believes that Andy is on the outs and knows that he is eventually going to be the odd man out with that group.

Candice told Jessie that Aaryn has to know that she will not come after her. Candice said that their options are to either only go to jury or to work together and make it to the end of the game. She told Jessie to tell Aaryn that they don't have to like each other, they just have to make it to the end of the game. Howard told Jessie that the group of four is eliminating all of the strong people cause they are not strong. He said that they are only mentally strong. Moving forward, Howard explained that it would be 8 against 3, with McCrae, Helen and Elissa being on their own without the schemer, Amanda.

4:00-5:00 AM: Next up, Howard and Candice spoke with GinaMarie. Howard told her that they have 4 votes to evict Amanda. He said that he wants to flip the power in the house and get GinaMarie and Aaryn on the good side. He said that the votes are Spencer, Jessie, Andy and GinaMarie. GinaMarie was skeptical that they had Andy's vote. Candice also said that she is worried about Andy, cause he knows that he is in a good position right now. Howard argued that Andy has always wanted to be a part of something but is on the outside right now. GinaMarie agreed that everyone is just playing it safe to get to jury, failing to look at the big picture and the $500,000. GinaMarie felt that Andy could be lying cause he has already done it once before with the Nick vote. GinaMarie also believed that Aaryn would vote to evict Howard if it came down to a tiebreaker. Candice said that all she can do is offer Aaryn numbers. If not, Candice said that Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa will be going to the Final 4 and will pick them all off. GinaMarie agreed.

Day 42: In the early hours on Thursday, Andy confirmed what many already knew, including Jessie and GinaMarie. He will not be voting to evict Amanda. He told Aaryn about the plan that was in place, adding that he believes that it has already been squashed. He revealed that he had told Jessie that he couldn't do it, so Jessie is no longer on board either. He pointed out that GinaMarie was on board to do it as well, which was no surprise to Aaryn as she believes that GinaMarie genuinely wants Amanda gone. Aaryn said that there was no way that she would ever vote to evict Amanda if it came down to a tiebreaker anyway. Andy told Aaryn that he will let Howard know the truth at some point today, telling him that he can't turn on those that have been loyal to him.

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