GinaMarie wins HoH, plenty of drama ensues late in the night

August 1, 2013

A Recap of Day 42 in the Big Brother 15 House

6:00-7:00 PM: The live eviction went according to plan, with Howard being evicted by a vote of 7-1-0. Spencer was the lone vote that did not go against Howard. He chose to vote to evict Candice. Julie informed us that next Thursday will be a live double eviction. The HoH competition was an endurance competition and kicked off at 6:51. Julie informed the houseguests that the first three to fall would get to pick a box, one of which contained $5,000.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds returned following the episode and all of the houseguests were still standing in the HoH competition. Once they began to fall, they fell quickly.

7:23 PM: Spencer, Candice and Helen all dropped. Candice won the $5,000. Helen got rewarded with a barbecue and is allowed to bring three people along with her. Finally, Spencer has to speak through a megaphone until the nomination ceremony concludes tomorrow night.

7:24 PM: Amanda and Elissa were next to fall, leaving onlyfive houseguests in the competition.

7:27 PM: Andy and Judd dropped out, bringing us to the Final 3. GinaMarie, McCrae and Jessie were the only ones left standing.

7:48 PM: Jessie fell, leaving only McCrae and GinaMarie in contention for HoH.

7:59 PM: McCrae fell, meaning that GinaMarie was crowned the new HoH.

8:00-9:00 PM: Helen gets to choose three people to go along with her to a barbecue for steaks and drinks, as she won that from the box that she got to pick after dropping out of the HoH competition. She said that one spot would go to Elissa because she has been her closest friend in the house. A second spot was for Aaryn because she held up her end of the deal last week as HoH. The third and final spot is up for grabs. Helen offered it to GinaMarie, but she said that she doesn't eat steak so it would be a waste. GinaMarie suggested some sort of contest to decide it. They settled on a contest for who can do the best GinaMarie impersonation.

9:00-10:00 PM: Aaryn and GinaMarie took some time to discuss nominations. The names that GinaMarie was tossing around were those of Candice and Spence.r Aaryn said that she is more afraid of Candice than Spencer. GinaMarie said that she could nominate Jessie if one of them won the Power of Veto. Aaryn wanted GinaMarie to drill it into Candice that what she did to her was really messed up. Aaryn feels that Candice made the whole house think that she is a monster by calling her a racist and other things. The clear target for the week was Candice.

Aaryn then brought up that it could be best to nominate Jessie with Candice, cause Jessie would have a better shot at beating Spencer in the veto competition. Aaryn also pointed out that Jessie doesn't know that people are against her yet, but she has been telling everyone that she wants Aaryn and GinaMarie out of the house. Aaryn said that Jessie is getting jealous lately. They eventually decided that it would indeed be best to nominate Jessie alongside of Candice. Aaryn was worried that she would now become a bigger target because Helen invited her to the barbecue, so it would look like she is getting in with Helen and Elissa. In particular, Aaryn was concerned that Jessie would be jealous that Helen invited her to the barbecue.

GinaMarie quickly spoke to Jessie and let her know that she plans on getting rid of Candice for her, Jessie and Aaryn. She said that Candice has been bringing too much drama to the house, so she needs to go. Jessie discussed her concerns that GinaMarie will be making deals for herself and Aaryn, leaving her unprotected. After Candice goes, Jessie believes that she will drop even closer to the bottom of the totem pole and will be gone soon.

12:00-1:00 AM: When Helen told Jessie who she was inviting to the barbecue, Jessie questioned "why Aaryn?". Helen explained that she was rewarding Aaryn for holding up her end of the deal last week. Jessie went to Amanda and McCrae and said that she finds it extremely annoying that Helen invited Aaryn. She said that it's a slap in the face to the people that have supported Helen all along. Amanda suggested that Jessie go talk to Helen about it, as she said that Helen is a straight shooter and will explain herself. Jessie was irritated with that response. She said that she wanted to vent and wanted a friend, but Amanda and McCrae were just like "go talk to Helen". She sarcastically said "thanks a lot" and began crying about it.

Shortly thereafter, Amanda confronted Jessie about waking Andy up at 4 AM to see if he wanted to flip the vote and take Amanda out. Amanda believes that Jessie sought out Howard and Candice, looking to bring a proposal that would result in Amanda going home. Amanda took this personally and was not letting Jessie get off easy. She then told Jessie not to sit there like a little girl and cry about not getting invited to the barbecue. Amanda said that maybe Helen didn't invite her because she tried to flip the house against Helen last night. Finally, Amanda told Jessie to go cry in the corner and hide under the sheets.

After she was done with Jessie, Amanda got in a shouting match with Candice. Amanda was mad that Candice tried to flip the house to get her out and get everyone against Elissa, Helen and McCrae. Amanda said that she felt stupid for saying that she wanted Candice to stay in the house longer, cause she really meant it. Candice fought back by saying that Amanda would have tried to do the same thing if it was the other way around and McCrae's game was on the line. Candice said that she can't be faulted for trying to protect her person (Howard). Amanda countered by saying that McCrae actually has her back, while Howard only cared about himself and not Candice. Amanda told Candice that Howard whispered to her that he wants to "f*ck the shit out of her". This clearly upset Candice. To be clear, this comment has NOT been verified as actually being said. Howard has denied it since leaving the house.

1:00-2:00 AM: Helen and Elissa also joined in on the conversation. Helen said that it broke her heart that Candice tried to flip the house on her and Elissa after the two of them had always been there for her. Candice said that she believes that Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa have a Final 4 and will just pluck everyone else off like feathers. Candice said that she is there to win $500,000, not just make it to jury, so she has to make moves too. Candice was irritated that the power players in the house are allowed to take people out, but it's a big deal if anyone decides to come at them. Helen continued to guilt Candice, crying for a good part of the conversation. She and Elissa told Candice again and again that Howard was only looking out for himself and did not have her back from a game point of view.

Things got heated between Amanda and Jessie. They were throwing some personal jabs at each other. Jessie was calling Amanda out for having a boyfriend coming into the house, yet sleeping with McCrae every night. Amanda called Jessie out for trying to get with everyone else's guy in the house, and calling her a slut. Jessie told Amanda that she is a bitch and that's why people are scared to stand up to her. Amanda said that Jessie should be afraid of her cause she will be going home this week. We only heard roughly 5 minutes of the fight, but it went on for well over an hour. Candice eventually got involved as well, with Jessie trying to pin the blame on her according to Aaryn. Aaryn said that Candice was doing a great job standing up for herself.

3:00-6:00 AM: When the fight finally wrapped up, McCrae began to call Amanda out for continuously getting involved in such altercations. Amanda said that she has to stand up for herself when someone personally attacks her. McCrae told her to stop pushing her agenda and getting into it with people. He told her that she playing into what everyone says about her. McCrae told her to realize that they are playing this game together and he cannot have her going out of her way to get into arguments. He felt as though she was going out of her way to look for a fight. Amanda was defensive throughout much of the conversation. She continually said that she has to defend herself. McCrae told her that she needs to learn when to pick her battles.

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