GinaMarie nominates Candice and Jessie

August 2, 2013

A Recap of Day 43 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Helen and Candice spoke about the differences that they have had recently. Helen explained that she doesn't feel as though Amanda's time to go is far away. She said "I think it's imminent". She explained that both her and Elissa feel the same way about it, but didn't think that last week was the time do make the move. Helen also made it clear that there is no Final 4 deal between herself, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae.

12:00-1:00 PM: Next up, it was Jessie's turn to hear from Helen. Jessie had said that there are people in the house, like Helen and Elissa, that don't need the money. Helen was crying to Jessie over that comment. She said that she left two kids and her dream job to be there and that the money would make a difference in her life. Helen continued to sob and asked "why do you hate me so much?", telling Jessie that she loves her and it hurts that she is sabotaging her game. Helen told Jessie that everything she has done in this game has been to protect her, including not making a big deal out of Jessie leaking the deal with Aaryn to Candice. Jessie said that that specific comment about Helen not needing the money, thus having no need to be there, is the one that she regrets the most.

As for why she was upset about not being invited to the barbecue, Jessie said that she was having a rough time and something like that would have lifted her spirits. She also noted that she felt as though Helen was replacing her with Aaryn, someone that she had only befriended a short while ago. Jessie said that it made her feel insecure about her relationship with Helen. Helen was quick to point out that it's not Jessie vs Aaryn, and that they can all be friends. Many of the houseguests were poking fun at the situation throughout the day, including Judd who said that he felt embarrassed because of the way that Jessie acted when she found out that Helen chose Aaryn for the barbecue. Jessie was also upset that Helen is close to Amanda. Helen explained that it helps her keep Jessie's name out of Amanda's mouth. She also reminded Jessie that the two of them have had conversations about taking Amanda out and that she eventually wants it to be the two of them, Elissa, Judd and Andy vs McCrae and Amanda. Jessie later asked Helen, Andy and Judd for a second chance. All of them said that they would give her one.

1:00-4:00 PM: GinaMarie held individual meetings with the houseguests in the HoH room. Her message was consistent and clear, for the most part. She intends on nominating Candice and asked that people vote to evict Candice. GinaMarie cut a deal with Spencer, asking that he not nominate her or Aaryn if she kept him off of the block this week. As for Jessie, the expected second nominee, GinaMarie told her to know that Candice is the target. Jessie sensed that she may be in trouble and told GinaMarie that if her goal really is to evict Candice this week, it would not be smart to nominate her next to Candice. Jessie explained that Amanda is likely trying to get her out and typically gets what she wants.

While GinaMarie may want Candice out, Jessie was right to believe that Amanda has other plans. Amanda told Andy and McCrae that they should cut a deal with Candice, offering to save her this week and evict Jessie, if she would nominate GinaMarie and Spencer if she gets HoH. Amanda said that they would then vote out GinaMarie. Amanda later asked GinaMarie who would go up and who would be the target if Candice were to win the veto. GinaMarie said that Spencer would likely be the replacement nominee and that the decision on who goes home would be up to those with the votes, but she would lean towards sending Jessie home.

5:00-6:00 PM: The feeds returned following the nomination ceremony. GinaMarie went through with her plan to nominate Candice and Jessie. After the nomination ceremony, GinaMarie spoke with Jessie and let her know that she is not going home. GinaMarie said that she specifically talked to each person and made it clear that she wants Candice to go home. GinaMarie promised that Jessie would not go home, even saying that she would give Jessie whatever money she makes in the house if she were to go home.

6:00-7:00 PM: Aaryn also spoke with Jessie, reiterating what GinaMarie had just told her. Aaryn said that everyone wants Candice out so bad, so they didn't want to give her a better chance at winning veto by putting Spencer up next to her. Aaryn told Jessie that Spencer will go up and become the target if Candice happens to win the veto. Aaryn said that she would not be able to use the veto on Jessie, cause it would get more blood on her hands, but said that she will not be going anywhere if nominations stay the same. Andy spoke with McCrae and Helen, letting them know that he feels as though they either have to genuinely convince GinaMarie that Jessie needs to go home, or else they have to vote out Candice. Aaryn began to worry when people were saying that they don''t care who goes home this week, as she really wants Candice to leave. They all reassured her that Candice can go if that's what people want.

7:00 PM-8:00 PM: Aaryn spoke to Andy about her concerns that Candice may not go home. Aaryn said that she is getting nervous. Andy said Candice will be going home. He added that it won't even matter who goes on the block as the MVP nominee. Aaryn asked Andy if she can truly trust Amanda and McCrae. Andy told her that he really believes that she can. He said that he trusts the two of them the most. Andy also said that it will be tough when he has to betray Helen and Elissa for the, but he will. Aaryn said that she will trust Amanda and McCrae then, only being loyal to those two and Andy until the end.

9:00-10:00 PM: The houseguests had a competition to see who could do the best GinaMarie impersonation, with the winner getting the final spot at the barbecue that Helen won. Spencer, Amanda, Helen, Elissa, Jessie and McCrae competed. GinaMarie decided that it came down to two finalists, Jessie and McCrae. GinaMarie said that the winner will get the final barbecue spot and the runner up will get a night in the HoH room. They played rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner. McCrae won, but Amanda pleaded with him to trade with Jessie so that they could have another night in the HoH. McCrae did end up trading, meaning that Helen, Aaryn, Elissa and Jessie will be going to the barbecue.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae were discussing who should go home. McCrae said that Jessie won't be able to find anyone that wants to work with her, while Candice can easily pick up Elissa and Helen. Amanda felt that Candice wouldn't go against either her or McCrae next week if she stayed. McCrae said that that's not true. Amanda said that she is cool with whatever he wants to do. Amanda eventually said that she thinks that Candice is the safer bet as long as they make a deal with Jessie for next week.

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